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Summary of Season 04: Part II of II
(Episodes 4.20 - 4.38)

Episode 4.20, "Flashpoint, pt. II"

Danielle offered Beth and Chelsea positions with a Brazilian design firm hoping to increase its US presence. Fragile Beth slipped away from the meeting, while Chelsea tried to take focus away from Beth's eccentricities by talking about the opera gala. When conversation turned to Tristan, a noise from the bathroom caught their attention -- Beth had fainted.

Mike pondered accepting an invitation to a law enforcement benefit down in NYC, but changed his mind quickly when Martina called to reveal that her attacker, Rick Henderson, had been granted parole. Meanwhile, this news was met with satisfaction by Adele Nichols, who discussed the scheme to steal the Fiore necklace with her associate and revealed that she'd hired an attorney to gain parole for Marty's attacker. But why?

While Becca prepared for her date with a jock named Dylan (whom she's seeing behind the back of another student named Gaia), Simon entered to clarify the terms of their bet, betting $5K that Becca couldn't seduce Jason into changing from a hopeless nerd to a member of their stylish "crew." Becca raised the stakes to $25,000, and cockily suggested that she'll take churchgoing Jason and manipulate him into doing things that no church would ever approve of...

At the hospital, Chelsea waited for news about Beth's condition. After Greg calmed Chelsea down, she asked him whether neurological syndromes could mimic schizophrenic catatonia. Greg guessed that this didn't relate to a hypothetical case, and Chelsea finally admitted that she was talking about her own mother. Touched, Greg promised to do what he can to help.

After a battery of tests still produced no results, a frustrated Beth left the hospital. But when she arrived home, a call from a doctor shocked her with a request for a follow-up appointment and news that her condition is serious, but treatable. One word in particular stunned Beth, who refused to believe the diagnosis.

Rena arrived to escort a jittery Martina home from work, and Marty announced her engagement to Mike. The close friends were able to take each other's mind of her problems by wedding talk, but the joy was short-lived when they arrived at Martina's house to discover that the place had been ransacked. Martina was horrified to realize that her attacker had been in her home.

Episode 4.21, "Back to the Grindstone, Part I"

Jason and Julie wrote notes in social studies and planned to prep for a Latin test together, but Becca slyly startled Jason and caused him fall out of his chair. He worried about looking like a dweeb in front of the class and getting in trouble with the teacher ... but he was reluctantly tickled by Becca's attention.

Martina, frustrated because her attacker/burglar is still on the loose, kept busy at the lawfirm until Clark and Rena showed up for lunch. Rena invited her to continue staying at her apartment, but Martina decided it was time to reclaim her home. Conversation turned to Rena's strange friendship with Jem ... whom Clark plans to sue for negligence regarding the newspaper fire.

A desperate Jem showed up for a last-ditch meeting at OmniCorp. Though he tried to charm Olivia, who still resents his publicizing all of her family's scandals, she didn't hide her cynicism when Jem finally revealed his purpose for visiting her: he wants Olivia to invest in his troubled newspaper.

Mike investigated David's murder by asking the mysterious Noah about his relationship with David, and wondered how an art salesman got enough combat expertise to beat up a mugger. Noah kept cool about everything -- until Mike strategically spilled the beans about Clark and David's romantic evening.

At the police station, Frank called the district attorney's office and took Ross to task for not sharing murder victim Ossie Kessleman 's connection to the Nichols family with Mike. Ross revealed that Mike can't be brought "inside" due to his brother 's romance with Laurie Nichols. The call was interrupted when Frank's own dangerous brother Del walked into the station.

Episode 4.22, "Back to the Grindstone, Parts I and II"

Beth arrived at the hospital for her follow-up appointment, struggling with the decision to go through with the physical examination. She forced herself forward, and convinced that the doctor's earlier diagnosis was obviously wrong.

Cameron tried to discover the cause of his mother 's distraction over the past few days, wishing she'd share her schemes with him. Adele turned the discussion to improving Cam's business practices -- and making digs at his loyalty to his wife. Adele's mood improved when she finally received the call she's been waiting for: according to her source, the 'leak has been plugged.'

Frank was hostile during his brother Del's visit, demanding to know what Del was doing in town. Del claimed to have changed after prison, but soon made veilled threats if Frank didn't "lend" him some money. Frank warned him to stay away from Olivia. Del mocked Frank's romantic life, making light of his grief over the deaths of late wife Natalie and girlfriend Camilla, and ominously asked if Olivia knows she's living on borrowed time...

Noah refused to believe that David had cheated on him with Clark, and asked Mike to reveal his source. Mike, unwilling to give his brother Tom's name to a murder suspect, ignored the question. Things grew heated until the interrogation was interrupted by a call to Mike's phone. Mike was astonished to learn that Martina's attacker had been found in an alley -- dead.

Episode 4.24, "Shadow Boxing"

Before Chelsea finished her volunteering hours at the psychiatry department, Dr. Kalid Behar asked her to run down to Doug's room and hand him a pamphlet on post-traumatic stress disorders. Kalid also told her that the disturbed, pregnant patient he'd gone downstairs to see had disappeared. Chelsea, of course, didn't realize that he was talking about Beth.

Beth, meanwhile, was in the elevator -- but the person in charge of her body was her youngest alter, Lizzie. Meanwhile, inside her mind, the other alters argued with one another. Amanda begged Molly to be let out, afraid of what Bitsy had planned for the baby. Samantha accused Molly of secretly being jealous of her and Amanda's relationship with Tristan.

Bitsy finally manipulated Lizzie into letting her take over control. Bitsy was about to leave to "take care" of things, but was distracted by a familiar scent and the sight of someone else entering another elevator. She switched her plans and decided to follow this mysterious person back into the hospital.

Jonnie and Dean met with the leaders of the Vaughan family, a nasty group of rivals to the Nichols organization. Jonnie warned Hugh Vaughan, the father, of Ross's "mousetrap" plan -- that the D.A.'s office is planning a sting of criminal operations near the Schuyler River docks on the 15th of the month. Vaughan didn't trust anything that someone working for Nick would tell him, and made a crude comment about Hannah.

Later, Jonnie relayed this information to Nick, who was enraged at the remark. Jonnie was under the impression that the double-cross of the Vaughans was intended to fool them into getting trapped by the D.A.'s office. Dean privately revealed to Jonnie that Vaughan is the man who set up the assassination attempt on Nick and Hannah three years ago, which resulted in Hannah's paralysis. Jonnie then guessed that Nick's real plan isn't to get the Vaughans stung by the cops, but to get a more lethal form of revenge.

Chelsea's trip to Doug was interrupted by a desperate Jem, who stopped her in the elevator and pushily requested that she ask her father for some money -- to hand over to Jem. Chelsea refused, reminding Jem that he'd dumped her for Rena and thus didn't deserve any favors, even if she was inclined to ask her dad for a loan.

Jem, whose time is running out regarding the money he owes the Nichols family, escalated the argument and finally grabbed her in a passionate kiss. Chelsea returned the fervor, suddenly aware of how incredibly attracted she was to Jem ... until she noticed Greg was heading her way. She quickly ended things by giving Jem's face a harsh slap.

Episode 4.25, "Wages of Sin," Part I

Greg discovered that a hospital management consultant is snooping around his past medical cases, and worried that she might uncover some ugly secrets. His concerns were interrupted when he discovered Chelsea being kissed by Jem -- and then saw her slap him. Already blaming Jem for the accident that nearly killed Doug, Greg blew his top at seeing Jem's apparent 'assault' of Chelsea.

Greg pushed Jem away to rescue Chelsea, who was thrilled at Greg's protectiveness. An argument ensued, in which Jem continued to beseech Chelsea to ask her father for money. She refused, and Greg finally lost his patience once and for all. He forcefully shoved Jem over to Elaine's hospital room, and demanded to know whether Jem felt any responsibility for her and Doug's injuries.

Frank was wondering something similar as he received a visit from Maxine, who insinuated that she knew of a possible motive for someone to set the newspaper building on fire. Meanwhile, Mike was pressured by the DA's office into agreeing to attend tomorrow night's law enforcement benefit in Manhattan. He wished Martina was able to attend, but knew that she's still too emotionally drained to travel.

Tristan took pleasure in the near-completion of his new revamp of Boondoggles, and hired Susan, his former assistant at OmniCorp, to work at the iCafe. He seemed to encourage her feelings of resentment towards Olivia, who recently fired Susan.

Daphne watched as Doug's breathing tube was removed, and at last the father and daughter were able to talk to one another. John, his sponsor, was also glad and supportive. Meanwhile, Daphne hoped that the next step in reclaiming her family would mean getting back her baby sister Hope.

Meanwhile, Ian accepted Hannah's request for a visit, although he feared the reason that lay behind this unusual invitation. Sure enough, his suspicions were confirmed when Hannah reluctantly revealed that she thought Daphne was the teen who kidnapped young Hope. Ian contemplated lying, but finally admitted the truth -- yes, Daphne was responsible.

Shocked that Ian already knew, Hannah accused him of lying to her all this time. Ian claimed that Daphne had only told him recently. He defended Daphne and insisted that Hannah give his 'girlfriend' a chance to explain herself. Though still angry, Hannah agreed to wait for an explanation before talking to Nick -- if Ian really loved and trusted Daphne enough to vouch for her. Ian claimed to love her deeply ... a claim overheard by a cool Danielle. Ian ignored her comments, leaving for Schuyler Falls and hoping to get in touch with Daphne -- determined to convince her to tell her story to Hannah.

Episode 4.26, "Wages of Sin," Part II

Greg continued to demand that Jem take responsibility for the accident at the newspaper. Chelsea tried to stop Greg's forceful behavior, although she was secretly impressed at the passion of his argument. Jem asked Chelsea one more time to help him out by asking for a loan from her father , but she refused. Jem sarcastically thanked her for ruining his life and left.

Nick and Cameron met before dinner and talked about the DA's upcoming "Mousetrap" operation, which the Nichols family plans to use to catch the Vaughan family in a trap. Cameron then asked Nick to 'lend' him the use of Dean for tomorrow. He revealed that he plans on ending things once and for all as far as Jem is concerned.

Rena spotted the miserable Jem and instantly knew something was wrong. Moved by her genuine concern, Jem kissed her tenderly -- a kiss that was seen by a jealous Greg and Chelsea, who only moments earlier had implied that Jem and Rena seemed to be getting very close.

At the police station, Frank warned Maxine that he knew what she was up to, trying to further her own insurance investigation by putting the blame on Jem for arson. He was reluctant to go after a man who'd lost his business, but Maxine's insinuations made him curious. Finally he agreed to hear her out.

Tristan overheard an argument between his construction foreman and a blunt, honest stranger who was looking (unsuccessfully) for a job at the worksite. When Tristan learned the ex-con's name was Del Gabriel , he realized that Del was related to Frank. He also guessed that the Gabriels had bad blood between them. To Del's surprise, a scheming Tristan was only too happy to invite him for a job interview tomorrow.

Daphne pressed Doug to fight for custody of Hope, but her father wasn't nearly ready to contemplate such a battle. Daphne accused him of not caring about their family, but John, his sponsor, warned her not to put too much pressure on Doug too soon. He called her on her selfishness, but told her that he understood her need to have a family ... he'd messed up his own family life. Daphne didn't listen, and privately planned to continue her struggle to reclaim her baby sister.

Ian tried unsuccessfully to get in touch with Daphne to let her know that he'd told Hannah about the kidnapping. When he couldn't reach her, he ended up at Boondoggles. He and Tristan bonded a bit, and the conversation turned to families. Tristan admitted that he had no children of his own yet, and dryly commented that he doubted he'd make much of a father.

At the hospital, Chelsea was about to leave when she ran into Beth, who was actually being controlled by her Bitsy personality. Bitsy's hostility surprised and confused Chelsea. Psychiatrist Kalid Behar arrived and identified Beth as the patient he'd been called down to see earlier -- the one who refused to accept her pregnancy diagnosis.

Chelsea was stunned by this development, and was further dismayed to see Beth disintegrate into a trembling, hysterical mass of fear -- Lizzie, who was terrified of being caught by a 'mean man.' As Chelsea watched in horror, Kalid and a pair of nurses took the distraught young woman up to the psychiatry department.

Episode 4.27, "In the Shadow of the Sun"

Before breakfast, Danielle overheard Adele and Becca's conversation, in which Adele tried to give advice regarding Becca's seduction of Jason. Danny interrupted and changed the topic of conversation, after which the two older women started sniping.

Rena and Clark shared breakfast at the Red Flame diner, and made plans to meet later tonight for Rena to attend Clark's play rehearsal. Clark shared his worries about Beth, who didn't come home last night, and then conversation turned to Rena and Greg -- in particular, whether Chelsea was trying to come between them. The discussion ended when a snarky Tom showed up.

At the DA's office, Ross spoke with Lynn on the phone and looked forward to traveling downstate for the Law Enforcement Workers benefit gala in Manhattan. Later Alex showed up, trying unsuccessfully to get some details from Ross about the Mousetrap scheme involving the Nichols family. Alex blew up when Ross deflected his questions, revealing his bitterness over not being in a better political position with DA Mitchell -- he's not even going to tonight's gala. Ross tried to sympathize, but couldn't help being pleased that he's now the top dog.

Adele pointedly asked Danielle to join her for dinner with Laurie and Victor. Danielle claimed to have other plans with another couple, but Adele was suspicious of her daughter-in-law. In private, Danny quickly called the couple and asked them to give her an alibi for the evening -- just in case Adele checked up on her.

Beth awoke in the hospital, not remembering anything since learning of her mysterious and alarming pregnancy. When Kalid arrived and tried to get more information about her mental symptoms, Beth hid her memory lapses and agreed to everything he said, hoping to leave the hospital as soon as possible. She was shocked when he told her that she'd mentioned someone named Bitsy. Later, after making an appointment for a follow-up session, Kalid informed her that Chelsea had offered to drive her home from the hospital. Though she was embarrassed to be seen like an invalid, Beth numbly agreed.

Episode 4.28, "The Devil You Know"

Greg received a phone call from his ex-girlfriend Kaitlin, who playfully informed him that he was getting a reputation as someone tamed by meek nurse Rena. Her real reason for calling: warning him that the hospital's 'management consultant' Maxine was doing lots of digging into his past cases...including his work in finding a cure for Olivia Ortiz's blood syndrome. Realizing the danger he was in, Greg started to panic.

Tom joined Clark at the Red Flame diner uninvited, hoping to smooth things over. The conversation between the two ex-lovers turned ugly, with Tom expressing his anger physically by twisting Clark's arm. When Tom apologized again -- only to blame Clark for getting him upset in the first place -- Clark finally realized the similarity between his relationship with Tom and his childhood abuse at the hands of his father. He crushed Tom's hopes of a reconciliation once and for all.

Frank arrived at Olivia's with a peace offering of breakfast after their argument over Del. He apologized for keeping her in the dark about the rift between him and his brother, but insisted it was in the past. Not pleased, Olivia still accepted his apology. The two romanced one another until Olivia's morning appointment arrived -- Maxine, claiming to be a magazine reporter.

Frank refused to let Maxine get away with her lie to Olivia, and the detective reluctantly admitted the truth: she needed to interview Olivia about her experiences with the hospital and its staff during her illness. Just as questions began, a nervous Greg called Olivia hoping to get to her in time...

At the restaurant formerly known as Boondoggles, Tristan interviewed Del for a position, learning of Del's past as a drug dealer and convicted killer. Del claimed that the death occured during self defense, but Tristan wasn't convinced. Still, when he learned that Del is Frank's brother, Tristan focused on his desire for revenge, ignoring his doubts long enough to offer Del a job.

Chelsea drove a shamed Beth home from the hospital and sought answers to the mystery of Beth's pregnancy -- in particular, who's the father? Beth shocked her by revealing that his identity is a mystery to her as well. When Chelsea kept pressing her, Beth erupted with defensive anger that led to Bitsy's emergence. Fleeing the car while still in traffic, Bitsy was fiercely determined to end the bizarre pregnancy situation at last. She headed straight to a women's clinic to demand an abortion.

Episode 4.29, "Date with Destiny"

Maxine prodded Olivia to get details about exactly when and how Greg treated her inherited blood syndrome, privately suspecting that Greg may have ignored safety concerns. Olivia, still grateful for the cure, kept silent out of loyalty to her former doctor. Realizing she was getting nowhere, Maxine skillfully wore away some of Olivia's coldness by showing sympathy for the loss of her father.

Greg was stressed beyond belief, knowing that he's being investigated for some reason, and took his anger out on Rena, of whom he was still jealous after seeing her get kissed by Jem the other day. He demanded to know why she was always pulling away from him. When she tried to explain herself, the argument only escalated until Greg accused her of being a tease, toying with his emotions until he was properly 'tame'. When he blurted a nasty insinuation about her and Jem, she fled before he could apologize.

Julie and Jason bonded during study hall as Julie worried about an upcoming audition for the cello section of the school orchestra. They learned more about each other, and Jason was pleased to find that Julie remembered some of his hobbies and family details.

With Nick away with Cameron in Atlantic City, Hannah was distracted from thoughts of tonight's meeting with Daphne and Ian by Laurie, who tried on a few different wedding dresses in preparation for the big event in a couple of weeks. Laurie expressed her fervant desire to be married, noting that only married women have any power in the Nichols family.

Jonnie stopped by, looking for Dean, and noticed Hannah's 'off' demeanor. Hannah deflected his questions by asking him about his work with Dean, and revealed that she knows about the plans to destroy the Vaughan family. Hannah didn't approve of the plan at all, believing it based on revenge, not self-protection. Jonnie defended Nick's decision, but Hannah -- still privately thinking about Daphne -- wondered if one should really be willing to destroy anyone to protect the people you love. Laurie re-entered the room and flatly agreed with Jonnie's take on the matter.

Daphne continued her habit of truancy and called up Tyler to join her at her uncle's hotel suite. Tyler claimed he couldn't miss school, but Daphne suspected that he was really holding a grudge about her attending the opera with Ian. Daphne finally got Tyler's attention by revealing that she was wearing a very sexy piece of lingerie left behind by one of her uncle Greg's girlfriends.

Ty couldn't resist the temptation and agreed to show up after his first few classes. Looking forward to some romantic fun after ages of worry and fear, Daphne waited for him by posing seductively on the sofa -- not realizing that the person to enter the hotel suite was not the young man she was expecting.

Doug looked forward to a wheelchair ride down the hall, his first venture out of his hospital room since the elevator accident. But his mood was low due to withdrawal from the painkillers. His NA sponsor and friend John Drake arrived to offer encouragement, but conversation soon turned to John's conversation with Daphne yesterday. Unusually distracted, John wondered if Doug ever worried about his daughter's stability.

At the women's clinic, a desperate Bitsy -- still controlling Beth's mind/body -- pleaded for an immediate abortion, despite the rules requiring counseling prior to the procedure. The staff at the clinic tried to calm her and refused to give her the insta-operation she was demanding. Growing more and more angry about the delays (and fearing that one of the other alters would retake control of the household), the irrational Bitsy fled the clinic, deciding to put the matter back into her own hands ... literally.

Episode 4.30, "On Second Thought..."

Ian visited Daphne and caught her in a nearly undressed state, due to Daphne having invited Tyler over for an afternoon in bed. Ian ignored his attraction to her and focused on giving Daphne the bad news: his aunt Hannah knows about Daphne kidnapping Hope. Daphne was furious and frightened when Ian told her they must confront Hannah tonight to explain what happened. Tyler walked in on the compromosing situation and blew up at Daphne and Ian. When Daphne revealed why Ian was there, Tyler apologized and vowed to support Daphne ... who was torn between her feelings for both young men.

Jonnie was impressed by Laurie's beauty as she tried on a potential wedding dress, but the two sparred as usual thanks to Laurie's cynicism about Hannah's feelings towards her foster daughter Hope. Jonnie defended Hannah and Laurie dryly observed that Jonnie's always surprising her. Laurie's feelings towards her upcoming wedding to Victor seemed ambivalent, though she was determined to go through with things.

At a dairy farm just outside town, Mike and Bill investigated a routine annoyance call for an abandoned car, but Mike discovered evidence (a torn piece of stained material) that could link the vehicle to David Reilly's murder.

Bored at her purchasing job as usual, Chelsea left dozens of phone messages to Beth, hoping to find her tormented friend (who'd fled her car after Chelsea admitted she knew Beth was pregnant). Then Chelsea decided to call Danielle to thank her for the recommendation as Laurie's wedding photographer. Unbeknownst to Chelsea, Danielle was in the middle of having sex with Alex, who forced Danielle to pay attention to him instead. Danielle again taunted Alex with threats of Cameron discovering about their affair, and reminded Alex that Martina's knowledge of their relationship could be his downfall. She threatened to have Martina killed. Afraid, Alex promised he'd keep Martina quiet. When Danielle demanded to know how, Alex revealed the existence of a certain videotape...

When Danielle left Alex's suite, she ran into Ian, who wasn't surprised to find his stepmother having an afternoon tryst. She goaded him for a while and finally issued a challenge invitation for a tryst of their own. Not wanting to acknowledge feelings for Daphne and still undeniably attracted to Danielle, Ian wavered...

Chelsea, meanwhile, wasn't upset by her cut-short conversation with Danielle. In fact, another photography job opportunity presented itself, much to Chelsea's delight, when a stranger called and asked her to photograph his kid's birthday party later that afternoon at an amusement park. But when Chelsea arrived, the park was closed and empty. Before she could leave, a hand slapped a chloroform-soaked rag over her face, sending her into unconsciousness.

Episode 4.31, "Once More Into the Breach"

Chelsea awoke in a storage room within the abandoned amusement park PlayCity. Tied up and unable to move, she was shocked to discover she'd been kidnapped. She grew ill, still feeling the effects of the chloroform, and fell unconscious praying for rescue.

Upset from her argument with Greg, Rena headed to Jem's house, hoping for distraction and to see how he was feeling. Jem feared she'd arrived to tell him that she'd informed the cops about his having hired an arsonist to torch the newspaper building, but he realized Rena's promises were still intact. He enjoyed hearing that Rena and Greg were having problems. Rena guessed that Greg might have seen Jem's innocent kiss the other day at the hospital, but before she could take comfort in understanding Greg's jealousy, Jem spotted a pair of dangerous visitors in his driveway: Dean and his bodyguard Lou.

Adele spoke with her assistant, Edward, who told her that his overseas contact was unable to identify the other person searching for the Fiore necklace. Adele warned Edward to keep their eyes on the prize: the important thing is finding the necklace, she told him, although eliminating their rival should also be a priority. Edward reminded Adele that Mike Fiore was heading out of town for the evening, possibly leaving Martina alone and vulnerable.

At the Cliffside Caverns hotel, Danielle invited Ian to join her for an afternoon tryst, but Ian -- though sorely tempted -- refused, buoyed by warm thoughts of Daphne. Later, when Danielle returned home, she ran into Adele and herself refused Adele's invitation to dinner, saying she had plans for the evening. Adele, suspicious, decided it's time to investigate Danny's activities.

At her law office, Martina was thrilled by a visit from her oldest friend, Tristan, who had heard about the attack in the hospital parking lot. Though things were awkward at first, the pair embraced and apologized for their estrangement. Tristan regretted his bitterness towards her and Mike's relationship -- but was still taken aback to discover their engagement. When Martina received a beautiful, romantic rose with a promise of a special evening, Martina explained that Mike was trying to get Marty to agree to attend a benefit gala down in NYC. Noting the gesture made Martina very happy, Tristan seemed to find inspiration for his own romantic life.

Jem had some difficulty pushing Rena out the back way -- she was pleading with him to join her and avoid the goons -- but managed to get rid of her before answering the door. Dean told Jem that his debt was due now, no more procrastinating. Jem tried to stall, but Dean revealed that they'd already taken collateral. Jem didn't understand until Dean handed him a small plastic bag with proof -- Chelsea's shorn hair. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Jem, Rena had remained on his back porch and listened in, horrified.

Episode 4.32, "Collateral Damage"

Beth’s alter Bitsy arrived at home, intending to self-abort the baby. Her warped plan was interrupted by Tristan’s voice on the answering machine. Subdued by his voice, Bitsy let other alter Amanda recall a night with Tris at the Lighthouse.  Later, Clark returned and was shocked and angered to hear the end of Tristan’s somewhat bitter message.  When Clark started to replay the message, Bitsy quickly deleted it.

At the police station, Frank and Mike discussed the Reilly investigation, including Noah and Clark as suspects. Mike shared his concerns about investigating Clark, considering the latter's relationship with his brother Tom. Frank offered to take a larger role in the investigation. Meanwhile, Mike prepared to make a last-ditch effort to get out of attending the Law Enforcement Workers of New York conference. He again Martina to go with him, to no avail.

Martina met with Noah, who asked for her help as a suspect in the murder of his boyfriend, David Reilly. Martina wished she could help the man who saved her life, but had to turn down Noah's request (since she's already representing Clark). Noah didn't seem upset, though he did make pointed reference to his having saved her from the mugger -- and also turned the conversation to the jewelry she nearly lost in the attack, particularly the Fiore heirloom necklace.

Dean threatened Jem with dire information about Chelsea's kidnapping, including the fact that she's still unconscious. Jem tried to bargain by reminding Dean about his upcoming insurance settlement, but Dean refused to wait longer than 48 hours for the $50,000 Jem owes. Rena listened in and started to call for help, but realized she'd left her cellphone and bag in Jem's house. Suspecting that Chelsea's illness might be due to chloroform poisoning, and fearing that the cops might not get to her in time, Rena worried that Chelsea might not even last two days. Rena made an impulsive decision to sneak into Dean's limo and ride along to see where Chelsea's being kept.

Back at Clark’s house, Clark demanded to know why Beth was acting so strangely. Bitsy snapped at him but finally ceded control back to Beth, who collapsed in Clark's arms. Clark was shaken by how sickly Beth looked, but his frustration with her behavior led to an argument that led to him revealing that he knows about her and her 'boyfriend'. Denying this, Beth finally told him she’s been at the hospital and had received disturbing medical results. A hysterical Beth shocked Clark by revealing that she’s pregnant -- but she doesn't know how. Clark realized Tristan's probably to blame, and wondered if Tristan had taken advantage -- or even assaulted -- the all-too-vulnerable Beth.

Episode 4.33, "The Best-Laid Plans"

Maxine visited Charles at his office to report on her investigation into Greg's past. She asked him for more details about why he suspectsGreg of helping his brother Doug steal medication from the hospital, and learned that Doug was addicted to Fiorinal. The medication sounded familiar to her, and later Maxine realized that Fiorinal is what Nora White used to poison one of her victims. A visit down to the morgue and an interview with Clark confirmed her suspicions.

Doug had his first excursion in a wheelchair, pushed by his sponsor John. John expressed his worry that Daphne is obsessing over Hope; Doug privately wondered if he should start fighting to get Hope back.  When they came upon Elaine’s room, Doug wanted to visit, but a nurse told him that Elaine’s restricting visitors. Finally she relented, when John explained that Doug saved Elaine's life.

Daphne arrived at the hospital, still torn after her argument with Tyler this morning – and dreading tonight’s meeting with Ian and Hannah. She was alarmed when Doug wasn’t in his room and ran off to find him.   Meanwhile Elaine and Doug shared some warm moments and also their fears about being back on drugs, but vowed to get through this together.  Daphne begged a nurse to tell her where her father is, and was surprised that Doug was visiting someone else. When Doug was taken back to his room, Daphne felt confused by his unusually understanding demeanor.

A desperate Jem paced at home trying to think of a way to save Chelsea and come up with the money he owes Dean. Suddenly an idea struck him. Later, Charles was preparing to leave his office when he received a frightening, threatening call announcing Chelsea's kidnapping and asking for $150,000.

Dean and his bodyguard Lou visited PlayCity to check on Chelsea's condition, not realizing a stowaway -- Rena -- was hiding in their limo's back seat. Chelsea, in bad shape, overheard the men talking about killing her. After the thugs left, Rena sneaked over to a hysterical Chelsea and tried to calm her and lower her fever. When Rena left to find an escape, she was horrified to discover herself locked inside! 

Charles receiveed a call telling him Chelsea's been kidnapped – and the kidnapper wanted $150,000.  The kidnapper said that he sent proof of Chelsea's kidnapping to 'her boyfriend'. Unbeknownst to him, the caller was actually Jem, whose plan was to use Charles's money for his debt. Jem rushed to the hospital to meet with Charles. Meanwhile, Charles hurried to contact the man he believes is Chelsea's boyfriend: Greg White.

Episode 4.34, "Ransom Notes"

Ian and a very nervous Daphne arrived at Hannah's house, where Ian's aunt wasn't as forgiving as Daphne hoped. Daphne explained her relationship to Hope, while still pretending that she and Ian are girlfriend/boyfriend. Hannah blamed Ian for lying to her. When Ian explained to Hannah that he was trying to protect Daphne's life, Daphne finally realized the criminally dangerous tendencies of his family. At last Hannah said she'd try to forgive Daphne for kidnapping her foster child. Daphne was so happy that she embraced Ian, leading to a searingly passionate kiss.

A desperate Charles called Greg up to his office and demanded to know whether Chelsea's kidnappers had contacted Greg -- explaining that the man who called had said he'd show proof to 'Chelsea's boyfriend'. Confused, Greg disavowed a serious relationship with Chelsea, but Charles refused to believe him. Their argument was interrupted when Jem burst into the office, following through on his underhanded scheme to pry a ransom (and a profit) from Charles.

Jem was horrified to learn that Charles had gotten Greg involved, especially since Greg immediately suspected Jem did something to cause Chelsea's situation. Greg had nothing more than dislike behind his suspicion, however, and Jem successfully wove a story that had the kidnappers calling him about his beloved girlfriend Chelsea. Jem's lies convinced Charles, who vowed to get the ransom money together and do whatever the kidnappers want -- including avoid telling the police. Despite their mutual contempt for one another, Jem and Greg promised to cooperate to keep Chelsea safe.

After a long day at the office, Martina headed for her car and was surprised by a trail of more beautiful roses, which she guessed were from Mike (just like the one she received earlier today). A limo and driver were waiting for her outside the law firm building, together with a note from Mike announcing that this was a 'kidnapping' -- following through on the romantic Chanukah present he'd promised her. Martina told her assistant that Mike must have gotten out of attending the Law Enforcement benefit/convention down in NYC after all. Amused at having been fooled by his complaints -- and enchanted by the grand gesture (not to mention the exquisite champagne -- Marty let the limo drive her to the pier, where the driver directed her toward a luxurious yacht.

Martina sat in the yacht's salon, enjoying more roses and champagne, and was surprised when the boat engine started up, taking them out to sea. At last the yacht stopped, and footsteps announced the arrival of her 'kidnapper'. Martina, who was feeling extremely relaxed and aroused, couldn't wait to get started on the romantic night ahead with Mike.

Meanwhile, nearly a hundred and fifty miles south in Manhattan's Plaza Hotel, Ross and his girlfriend Lynn listened to speeches by various politicos and law enforcement officials. Sitting next to them, checking on his voice mail and wondering how Martina's doing, was Mike Fiore.

Episode 4.35, "Women in Jeopardy"

In the PlayCity warehouse, Rena searched for an escape as Chelsea wondered what was really behind her kidnapping. Rena, trying to keep Jem's involvement a secret, just said it was money. Chelsea guessed her dad Charles was the target, and her weakened state left her depressed enough to think Charles wouldn't pay a ransom. Rena tried to reassure her that anyone who cares will do all he can to save her. Chelsea started to think about Greg and privately vowed that if she survives, she'll be honest and tell Greg how she feels. Later, Rena shared a granola bar with Chelsea and the women formed a tentative bond.

Ian spoke to his aunt Hannah privately about Nick as Daphne visited with her sister Hope.  Hannah wasn't thrilled with the idea of not telling Nick the truth about Daphne's role in Hope's kidnapping. Ian wondered if she's gotten too attached to Hope to let the child bond with her real family. Hannah retorted that maybe Ian's too blinded with love that he can't be objective. Ian privately realized with growing concern that he is starting to feel for Daphne.

Later, Ian took Daphne home. Daphne wanted to talk about their kiss -- like Ian, she'd secretly acknowledged her growing attraction -- but Ian cut her off and laughed it off dismissively. Insulted and embarrassed, Daphne changed directions and claimed that she knows Tyler is way better for her.  When they arrived at her home, Tyler was waiting for her. She pulled her boyfriend into a passionate kiss, stubbornly determined to show Ian she feels nothing for him.

On the yacht, Martina was shocked to see Alex, who had used his knowledge of Mike's "kidnapping" getaway plans in order to lure Marty to his boat. Marty started feeling ill, and assumed that she was drunk, but kept her cool. She blasted Alex for the deception and demanded to be taken home.  He promised he would, claiming that he just wanted a chance to talk with her about her knowledge of his illicit affair with Danielle.  Marty refused to discuss anything under physical coersion; Alex assured her that he does. He then showed her the tape of them having sex -- the result of their deal back during Tristan's trial. Martina was horrified that he'd recorded them. Alex threatened to bring the tape public if she didn't agree to keep silent about his affair.

She defiantly told Alex to show the damn thing, which is embarrassing but was made long before she was even involved with Mike.  Alex was surprised by her lack of fear and grew desperate. Panic turned to rage when he spotted her engagement ring. The argument escalated until Alex grabbed Martina and she suddenly lost consciousness. Confused, Alex tried to revive her, but Danielle appeared -- she'd been watching the whole confrontation on the security cameras. She told Alex to drop Martina off the side of the boat. Alex refused to murder his ex-fiancee. Then Danielle offered an alternate plan: since the old videotape didn't work, a new recording--one clearly made recently--would have far more power. She revealed that she'd drugged Martina with Oblivion, a derivative of Ecstasy, which causes extreme physical stimulation, compliance and memory loss. Though uneasy, Alex found the thought of having sex with Martina again was too tempting. He agreed to Danielle's nefarious plan.

Episode 4.36, "Communication Breakdown"

Greg went to Jem's to wait for news of Chelsea.  Jem worried that the doctor might be seen by the kidnappers, but Greg insisted on staying, reminding Jem that Charles wanted them to work together. Later, Greg was astonished and angered to find Rena's pocketbook and cellphone in Jem's apartment.

Dean and Lou arrived at the PlayCity warehouse, planning to record Chelsea for an intimidating phone call to Jem. They found Chelsea unbound and defiant.  When she claimed to have freed herself, Dean slapped her around. Meanwhile, Rena hid in a corner of the outer room, eventually finding an air vent just as Dean ordered a search of the warehouse. After Dean made his recording, Chelsea mouthed off and Dean lost patience. Lou smacked Chelsea and left her unconscious. He then pointed the gun at her head.

Unable to contact Martina by phone, Mike raced home from the police convention early. He was taken aback to discover Martina apparently merely hungover. Marty could remember nothing from the night before due to the Oblivion drug still fogging her memory. She continued feeling groggy and uneasy into the night, when Mike brought her soup and a surprise bouquet of her favorite flowers. The roses disturbed her, resulting in a flash of memory involving Alex. Frightened and confused, Marty fled from Mike to try to decipher her strange visions. Meanwhile, Mike discovered a new DVD on their dresser labeled FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, not realizing its significance...

Greg jealously demanded to know why Rena's bag was in Jem's house. Jem was more concerned that Greg hadn't seen Rena all day, and privately began to worry about Rena's safety. When Dean called, playing a tape of Chelsea screaming for help, Jem promised that he was gathering the money, and Dean claimed he'd call later with instructions -- and informed Jem that he'd left some visual proof of Chelsea's status. Greg and Jem found a grisly photograph of Chelsea, bound, unconscious and bruised.

Rena crawled through the air vent and ended up in an old office, where the door was locked from the outside. But she was thrilled to find a barely working phone. She called Jem and started to explain that she'd found Chelsea at the old PlayCity building, but the phone died.  And then Rena heard a gunshot.

At the hospital, a miserable Charles waited with the $150,000 ransom, having been visited earlier by Greg and shown the terrifying photograph of Chelsea. At last Charles received a call from the 'kidnapper' (really Jem) who told him to leave the briefcase of money in a certain parking lot. Once Charles drove away again as ordered, Jem emerged unseen. Thrilled to have successfully pulled off this part of his scheme, Jem took the money and ran.

Episode 4.37, "Mixed Messages"

After dropping off the ransom, Charles hoped in vain to hear from the kidnappers. As he waited, he was beset by memories of his past with Chelsea -- and he saw that throughout her childhood, he'd missed countless opportunities to connect with his troubled daughter in any meaningful way. Guilt-ridden, he realized he'd lost Chelsea long ago, and now he feared he'd never have a chance to get her back into his life.

Jason was pleased when Julie initiated a chat over AIM. They shared thoughts on their new school and an upcoming social studies project. Julie started to ask if they could partner on the project, but Charles interrupted and yelled at Jason for listening to music too loudly. Unaware that his father's worried about his half-sister's life, Jason resented the interruption but grew concerned about his dad's health. Returning to his chat with Julie, Jason was explaining his family problems when he received a surprise IM from a stranger ... who claimed to know him.

When his mystery chatter sent him a sexy picture, Jason couldn't help himself and -- against Julie's advice -- opened the attachment, revealing a barely-clad Becca. Caught up and aroused despite himself, Jason forgot about Julie, who eventually had to go back to work and told a distracted Jason she'd see him at their regular lunch period on Monday. Meanwhile, Becca teased Jason and claimed to find him 'hot'. When she asked him to meet her for lunch on Monday, Jason couldn't refuse.

Jem returned from picking up Charles's money, happy with life for once but still nervous that he wasn't hearing from Dean yet about a dropoff.  Later Greg showed up, increasingly concerned about Rena's absence. Jem was secretly worried also, but brushed Greg's concerns aside. Greg pointed out that Jem's answering machine had some unheard messages on it, and though Jem tried to push him away, Greg played the message -- revealing Rena's call for help from earlier that afternoon. Shocked, Jem and Greg finally realized Rena was somehow caught up in Chelsea's kidnapping -- but had no idea how to decipher the garbled message.

Jonnie brought his boss Nick and Nick's brother Cameron home from their trip and overheard Dean reporting to Nick about Lou shooting Chelsea. Horrified, Jonnie rushed into the room and demanded to know whether Chelsea was still alive. Cam grew suspicious over Jonnie's interest in the matter. Dean confirmed that Chelsea isn't dead -- he'd pushed Lou's hand away before the gun went off. But Jonnie's relief was shortlived when Cam said that while the gunshot had been a mistake, Jem needs to learn a lesson, and thus Chelsea wouldn't be returned alive; they'll just be using an entirely different method for disposing of Chelsea Stanford.

Annoyed by Cam going over his head, Nick asserted that in the unlikely event Jem comes up with the money,  he'll have fulfilled his obligation to Nick. Cam wasn't impressed and privately told Dean that even if Jem does come up with the money, Dean should bring the money straight to him.  Dean wasn't thrilled with the idea of disobeying Nick, but Cam told him Chelsea's fate was decided the moment they put her in PlayCity. 

Charles halfheartedly watched a newscast and noticed that an old local landmark was being demolished tomorrow. Since it was a place he'd always promised to take Chelsea as a child, he took it as a bad sign and yet another reason to deepen his regret. Of course, Charles had no idea that the PlayCity Amusement Park was destined to be Chelsea's final grave.

Episode 4.38, Fourth Season Finale: "Before Dawn"

As the demolition crew prepared for the destruction of the PlayCity complex, worker Del Gabriel noticed that the standard precautions - such as searching for any trespassers or others on the premisis - were being ignored. Meanwhile, Rena and Chelsea crawled through the warehouse airducts searching for escape. Chelsea vowed that if she survives, she'll redouble her efforts to win Greg's heart. Rena regretted her own mistakes where Greg is concerned and feared she wouldn't have a chance to rectify things.

Jem and Greg tried to decipher Rena's phone message but seemed to get nowhere. Greg insisted on giving the message to the police, but Jem refused, claiming to disobey the kidnappers would put Chelsea and Rena's lives at risk. Finally Jem recognized a train horn in the background of the message, and together the men researched possible warehouse locations that were near a railroad. They drove off and, using a map, came across PlayCity. To their horror, they saw that it was soon to be demolished.

Alone in his apartment, Alex remembered having sex with Martina, with Danielle recording them. He recalled Danielle mocking Martina's 'performance', as well as Alex's subsequent defense of a woman he'd basically just raped. Alex knew Martina had been delusional from the drug Oblivion -- thinking Alex was Mike -- but he couldn't help feeling satisfied by having been with Martina, even under these circumstances. He was disturbed by his feelings of guilt for his role in the despicable act ...as well as an undeniable longing for more.

Meanwhile, Martina couldn't sleep and went to watch a Netflix movie in her home office. Seeing the disk labeled For Your Eyes Only, she popped the DVD in, only to see herself and Alex having sex. Worse, she saw that in the video, she was wearing Mike's engagement ring, which meant this had been recent. This explained her drunken hangover and flashes of sexual memories over the past two days. As she watched in horror, Martina didn't hear Mike walk in and see the video himself.

At PlayCity, Rena and Chelsea found an old engineer's office with a broken skylight. As Rena tried to find a way to climb out, Chelsea recognized the wires surrounding the support pillars -- and realized the building was due to be destroyed. The two women cried for help in vain, and then frantically tried to tear down the wires in hopes that the demolition team would be forced to investigate.

Greg and Jem arrived at PlayCity and tried to convince the security guard (and Del, who was with him) to halt the countdown. The guard didn't believe their story, and with only seconds to go, Jem made a fateful, last-ditch effort to stop the proceedings. With Greg in the car, Jem drove it into the complex, crashing past the fence. As they did, the guard tried to cancel the countdown -- but it was too late. The first phase of demolition began, destroying the warehouse buildings -- and crushing the car with Jem and Greg inside.


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