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Last Time on ASF...
[Episode 6.06, "Via Dolorosa" (Part 2)]

After his release from captivity, Ian managed to stagger home and collapsed in his father's arms, battered but relieved that much of what Taggart Vaughan had told him of his family's fate were lies. Cameron immediately contacted the family doctor to see to Ian's multitude of injuries. When Ian saw Becca dressed for a funeral, however, he learned that his cousin Justin had been killed.

Despite his desire to go to the service, Ian was forced to stay home by his father, while the doctor treated his almost destroyed leg, dislocated shoulder, and congested lungs, among other wounds. Thinking he was alone, Ian fell asleep, but was shocked to be woken up by Danielle, who had convinced Cameron she should stay with Ian to 'take care' of him. To Danny, apparently that meant crawling in bed and attempting to fellate the injured young man.

Horrified, Ian got free of his stepmother and forced himself into clothes so he could get out of the house and attend the funeral. Danny insisted she was merely trying to make him feel whole again, but Ian was sickened and refused even to sit in the same car with her.

At the cemetery, Ian started limping toward his family when he discovered a stranger following him--an old man who claimed he was visiting his own lost loved one. Though he seemed friendly, Ian was spooked by the encounter, and he suspected that the stranger had something to do with the Vaughans. Ian told his father but by the time they searched the cemetary, the man was gone.

A week later, Ian tried to visit Daphne in the hospital, and first ran into Tristan Campbell, who was there for a follow-up on his own head and shoulder wounds from the wedding. The two discussed the necessity of delaying the opening of iCafe/Sorcery, their business venture, and settled on an approximate date in April.

Meanwhile, that same day, Daphne was receiving an unwelcome visit from Jason, whose attitude toward Daphne has significantly changed since the shooting and his brother's own stabbing. Jason was upset that Daphne hadn't yet tried to see Tyler, and angrily revealed that she wouldn't be alive it not for Tyler's efforts at keeping her from bleeding out. Shocked and guilty, Daphne promised that she'd see Ty before she left the hospital. She wondered privately why Ian hadn't visited or even texted her, and Jason pointed out that Tyler would never have ignored her all this time.

Outside her door, Ian heard this argument and silently backed away. Later, he went with his father to a gift shop and picked up a basket of dried flowers with laurel leaves--a reference to the meaning behind Daphne's name, and a farewell card. Ian vowed to avoid Daphne, deciding that he'd already jeopardized her life enough.

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