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Summary of Season 03: Part III of III

(Episodes 3.27 - 3.40)

Episode #3.27:

Olivia stopped by to surprise Frank with a holiday dinner ... but got her own surprise when another woman answered the door. Alarmed by her own jealousy, Olivia was also taken aback by her relief when Frank introduced her to his sister, Ellie. Frank assured her she had nothing to worry about, but contrary Olivia was suddenly afraid that was getting too emotionally attached, too soon.

Ian Nichols avoided his stepmother's questions about his 'girlfriend,' Daphne, who was impressed at his ability to lie. Still acting the role, Daphne kissed him goodbye, and felt the stirrings of attraction. But just as the Nichols family left, Tyler appeared and demanded to know just who the hell she'd been kissing.

Ross and Ronald shared preparations for their family gathering, and greeted Maxine when she arrived home. Ronald broached the subject of his daughter taking a lucrative job here in Schuyler Falls. Max suspected there was something behind the offer.

Jem reacted to the appearance of a wrapped box he wasn't expecting with obvious fear. He begged Rena to get him out of the room before the bomb exploded. Annoyed that her surprise had flopped, Rena admitted that she had bought him the present. Jem relaxed, but privately knew that his days were numbered if he couldn't find a way to pay back his gambling debts.

Laurie went to speak to Nick about Jonnie. Nick and his righthand man, Dean, were busy talking about Jem, and Dean revealed that he has plans for taking care of the situation before the new year. Laurie suddenly wondered if the brutish Dean might not be a better way to get to the truth about Nick's mysterious young employee.



Episode #3.28:

At the Nichols' party, Laurie refused to tell Cameron her suspicions about Jonnie, even when Cam grew more forceful in his demands. Later, Laurie told Hannah she was secretly thrilled by Danielle's adulterous behavior -- betrayal is exactly what Cam deserves.

Frank's sister Ellie didn't approve of Olivia, worrying that Frank is blind to Olivia's faults due to her resemblence to his late wife.

Before leaving the hospital, Chelsea told Rena that Greg had spent the night with her thanks to Rena's posessive anger. She claimed that Greg's sexual interests were far beyond prim Rena's scope of knowledge. Later, Tristan noticed that something was bothering Rena. Meanwhile, Ronald was pleased when Maxine agreed to meet with Charles, who wants to hire her to investigate Greg.

Tyler resented Daphne's continuing pretense of a relationship with Ian, and Daphne blew up at him for his accusations. A present from her incarcerated mother made Daphne ashamed for her own selfish behavior with Tyler, and she assured him that Ian means nothing to her.

Dean and Nick discussed forcing Jem to repay his gambling debt, including sending a violent 'message' via Chelsea. Cameron overheard and was pleased to hear of Jem's situation. He ordered Nick to ensure that no matter what, Jem should not be able to pay off the debt.


Episode #3.29:

Olivia asked Frank why Ellie disliked her, a fact that Frank denied. Later, things turned passionate and Olivia threw away her earlier worries about moving slowly. Olivia and Frank made love for the first time, and Livvy was surprised at how moved she was by the experience.

Rena told Tristan about her argument with Chelsea, although she didn't mention that it was about Greg. She wondered why people (i.e., Greg) always disappoint you. Tristan warned her that trusting meant taking a risk in being disappointed.

At the Nichols house, Jonnie received a vague threat from Laurie, who reminded him how important loyalty is to her family. Aware that she was referring to her having heard his conversation with Ross Granger, Jonnie made a quick decision. Before she could tell Nick about what she'd heard, Jonnie asked Nick for a moment of his time...because he had something to tell him.

Jonnie 'revealed' to Nick that he'd refused the DA's demands for him to spy on Nick. Nick was angry that Jonnie had waited to tell him. Laurie confirmed Jonnie's version of the story, since she had overheard him refusing Ross's request. (She didn't realize Ross's actual request had been to get closer to Hannah.) Laurie's research on Ross revealed the ADA's ambition to find an explosive case to further his career. Nick told Laurie that if Ross Granger wants something explosive, he'll get it.

Meanwhile, Ross and Maxine caught up with each other's lives, as Ross told Max how happy he was with Lynn and his improved career, and Maxine talking about the end of her marriage to an obsessive man.

Dean and Nick guessed that someone working with the cops set Jonnie up inside the operation, knowing that Jonnie might be exploited by the cops. But Nick remained trusting of Jonnie himself; instead, he turned his anger on the man who'd brought Jonnie to their attention.

Hannah noticed Jonnie's agitation and worried that he's getting too involved with the business. She revealed that Danielle had left the party for a 'social' event. Meanwhile, Tristan's romantic encounter at Boondoggles left him free of Camilla's ghost at last.


Episode #3.30:

Clark warned Rena about letting vulnerability and fear transfer her affections from Greg back to Tristan -- who, Clark knows, has been the secret object of Rena's unrequited crush since their college days. Rena denied everything Clark said. Beth interrupted the argument and told Clark to mind his own business. She warned Clark that he was spending too much time worrying about her life and not enough concentrating on his own; she demanded that he stop blaming her for his putting his life on hold. Clark was called away to the hospital before he could respond.

Meanwhile, Mike's holiday was cancelled by an emergency call from the station, and he was sent off to investigate an alleged burglary attempt. Marty was aghast to discover that Mike's victim was her client, bookie (and secret mob informant) Ossie Kessleman. A clash occured when Mike tried to get some background on Ossie, and Marty refused to divulge her privileged information.

Ross arrived at the hospital thanks to Martina's having informed him of Kessleman's death. They shared their concerns that their investigation might be responsible for the crime, and wondered if Jonnie was in danger. Dean spoke with Jonnie and warned him that he was on thin ice as far as Dean is concerned. He also revealed Kessleman's murder, which shocked a guilt-ridden Jonnie, who hadn't thought about the consequences of his admission.

Elaine was surprised by Doug in the parking lot outside the Narcotics Anonymous meeting place. Doug performed the difficult task of apologizing to her for trying to turn their relationship into something sexual. Impressed by his sincerity, Elaine forgave him.

Clark shared the results of Kessleman's autopsy to Mike, Martina and Ross. Mike still wasn't certain if the crime was due to a botched burglary or not. But Ross privately told Martina that he was now certain that the bagman had been killed in retribution for speaking to the police.

Later, Ross asked Jonnie how the Nichols crew knew that Kessleman was an informant; he added that if Jonnie's cover had been compromised in any way, the investigation would have to cease at once. Jonnie knew that quitting would be a sure sign of having betrayed Nick -- and would be a quick way to an early grave. So Jonnie lied and claimed that Nick knew nothing about Jonnie's talks with Ross.

Relieved, Ross shocked Jonnie by insisting that the younger man agree to whatever criminal task Nick requires of him, if it will help prove Jonnie's loyalty. Jonnie privately dreaded having to obey Dean's latest assignment, something even worse than the attack on Jem Van Doren...

Episode #3.31:

Danielle went shoe shopping and was accompanied by Beth, who was uncomfortable when Danny invited her to the Arts Center gala. Both Danielle and Elaine pressured Beth to attend. When Beth panicked, one of her alters appeared to accept against her will.

Jason and Chelsea shared brunch and caught up on their lives. Chelsea tried to convince a lonely Jason that he's attractive and a good catch. She privately remembered that she'd promised Jem a welcome home assignation.

At the hospital, Tristan visited his cousin. Jem mistook Tris's new confidence for wealth, and asked the other man to invest in the Record. Tristan said he had no money to invest, much less invest in a tabloid that had treated his family shabbily. Left alone, Jem wondered whether his own murder by the mob would make any headlines.

Beth went for a walk, but her alternate personalities were the ones in charge. A vivacious and somewhat callous alter named Samantha looked forward to exciting plans, while judgmental Molly warned her against causing more trouble. Meanwhile, Clark apologized to Rena for butting into her life, and revealed his plans for a fun evening at "men-only" night at the Lighthouse.

Tristan arrived at Danielle's room in the Lighthouse Inn, and was surprised when his lover revealed a new emotional side. She wondered if Tristan knows or cares anything about having sex with her. Tristan convinced her that he cares about her for more than just sex. She said she was sorry, but didn't explain why she was apologizing. Despite his earlier decision to keep things light between them, Tristan found himself drawn to her vulnerability.

Chelsea invited Jason to work the opera gala with her (in her role as a society photographer), and he accepted. Later, as Jason waited in the car, Chelsea went into her building and found a grim-faced Jonnie waiting for her. She didn't realize that Jonnie was there to perform a deadly assignment for NIck -- with Chelsea as the target.

Jonnie tried to think of a way out of killing Chelsea, and came up with a plan. He wrote a secret note and instructed her to give the message directly to Jem. He privately prayed that this would work....

Episode #3.32:

Ian received a call from his jetsetting grandmother, who was planning to meet Cameron in London prior to her return home. His half-sister Becca, an over-developed sixteen-year-old, flirted with Ian and wondered why Ian's not as 'close' with Danielle as he used to be. Ian was annoyed to hear that Danielle had described Daphne as an ignorant bimbo he was dating. He found himself defending Daphne to Becca.

Jem arrived home from the hospital at last, accompanied by a more-patient-than-he-deserves Rena. When he revealed that his insurance lapsed and he couldn't afford home nursing care, Rena offered to cash in a CD. Jem agreed, planning on using the $2,000 to pay back some of his debt to Nick. Later, when Chelsea arrived to welcome him home, she was jealous to see Rena's gift, although Jem claimed that it was actually Rena's paying him back for a loan. Chelsea handed him the sealed note Jonnie had given her. Jem was frightened by the simple message, which implied that he'd been close enough to kill Chelsea -- and would, next time.

At Danielle's room at the Lighthouse, Tristan was astonished when his lover had yet another change of mood and claimed she had to leave. He wondered if she'd ever get in touch with him again, but she claimed she could no longer control her actions where Tris was concerned.

Clark went dancing with a friend from work, David, who was attracted to him despite being involved with another man. Tom showed up at the club and wanted to speak to Clark, but Clark refused and spent the rest of the night dancing with David.

Beth found herself in a taxi driving to an unknown destination, not sure how she got there. When her panic got too intense, Molly took over and promised to keep her safe from her fears.

Jem wasn't as lucky, and when he finally got the phone call he was expecting from Jonnie, he was aghast to learn that his gambling debts would soon increase thanks to a doubling of his interest rate. Jem offered the $2,000 from Rena, but Jonnie warned him that if he didn't pay the full amount, Jonnie would have no choice but to kill Chelsea as originally planned.

At a suite at the Cliffside Cavern hotel, Alex Eckhert embraced a reckless redhead ... but which one?

Episode #3.33:

Hannah learned of Nick's ordering Ossie Kessleman's death. Jonnie hoped to talk to Nick and explain his refusal to kill Chelsea as ordered, but Dean beat him to the punch. Hannah noted privately that Jonnie's becoming more like the rest of the mob employees. Later, Nick threatened Jonnie after learning that the younger man didn't obey orders regarding Jem's debt, but Jonnie's truthful explanation appeased Nick's anger. After Jonnie left, Nick asked Dean to do the job Jonnie had refused -- kill Chelsea.

Ian warned Danielle that her nights out could be dangerous, but his stepmother refused to be afraid. Danielle suspected that Ian's not really interested in Daphne, and goaded him by wondering if his warning was less due to concern than jealousy of the new lover in Danielle's life.

Clark woke up and found Beth sleeping downstairs, wearing an unusually revealing dress. Beth claimed she didn't go anywhere last night. Clark shared details of his night at the club, revealing his affection for David Reilly -- if only the other man wasn't seeing someone else. Later Rena called and informed a shocked Clark that David was dead. After Clark left for the hospital, Beth tried to understand why she'd gone out last night wearing such a revealing dress, panicking when an intimate phone call from a man indicated that she may have spent the evening with him.

Around town: Charles told Maxine that he wanted her to investigate Greg White and find a reason -- any reason -- for Charles to fire him. At OmniCorp, Ronald convinced Olivia to reconsider Bert Brooke's idea of creating a Web-based fashion magazine. She agreed, and reluctantly agreed to give Bertram a second chance.

Daphne was surprised by a visit from Ian, who added to the shock by inviting her to attend the opening night of the opera. Not telling her that his interest is primarily in getting Danielle off his back, Ian goaded her into agreeing, and charmed Daphne with a kiss.


Episode #3.34:

Jem couldn't get a loan at the bank, and took his anger out on Elaine. His anger turned to dismay when he learned that his bookie, Kessleman, had been killed.

Martina ran into Alex, who goaded her about causing Kessleman's mob hit by arranging his plea bargain. Though she tried not to rise to his bait, Marty was disturbed by guilt feelings. Later, Martina told her boss, Lee Ashton, that she was willing to ditch her lower-paying clients and pro bono cases for a chance at high-profile clients.

Rena was bothered by David's death, but Greg cared only about getting her to forgive him for missing their date. An argument led to his blurting out that he might be falling in love with her, an admission that shocked Rena into kissing him passionately.

Clark learned that David had been run over after passing out in the middle of the street. Mike questioned Clark, who revealed that his friend had been drunk before leaving the Lighthouse. Later, Clark visited David's house, trying to figure out what might have happened. When he found David's dog, he brought her inside -- and was violently accosted by a man with a gun. The stranger turned out to be Noah, David's boyfriend. The violent man was suspicious and somewhat jealous at Clark's being in David's house, but his reaction to the news of David's death was strangely unemotional ... almost relieved ... and he left the house abruptly as soon as he heard.

Greg and Rena's kiss grew even more heated, and Greg was pleased to get Rena's admission of her desire for him. Greg then cut things short, claiming that this was the wrong time and place. After asking Rena to the opera gala, Greg secretly planned to romance Rena right into bed.

At the police station, Tom invited himself to lunch with his brother Mike, giving Mike a surprise by 'helpfully' revealing that Clark and David were acting very amorous at the Lighthouse. Mike wondered why Clark had told him otherwise.

Episode #3.35:

Ian took a suspicious message from the manager of the Lighthouse, who said Danielle left her keys in her room last night. He confronted Danny, but she claimed one of her friends must have left them there instead. Ian warned her to watch her step, but she laughed him off. She teased him with a kiss, and Ian privately vowed to convince her that he doesn't want her anymore.

Chelsea watched Kalid help a catatonic patient, and was reminded of her mother, Roberta, whose mental illness eventually lapsed into catatonia. Her disturbing memories took her back to a terrible argument between her divorced parents.

Greg flirted with Chelsea but asked her to be discreet about the night they 'fooled around' after his argument with Rena. She agreed, knowing the cat was already out of the bag. Maxine overheard the conversation and realized that Charles has another reason to dislike Greg.

Clark gave Rena a lift after leaving work at the hospital, driving her to the mall to buy a dress for the opera. She was aghast to learn that Clark had been held at gunpoint and told him to tell the police about Noah, but Clark said that his involvement in this case was over.

Meanwhile, Mike asked for another test on the injuries that killed David Reilly; the autopsy photos proved that David was fatally struck by a blunt instrument before the car ran him over. Mike realized he now had a murder investigation on his hands.

Clark and Ross enjoyed each other's company at the play rehearsal, but the evening soured for Clark when Mike called asking him to come down to the police station.

Episode #3.36:

Mike cooked dinner for Martina, but his frustration over his two unsolved cases spoiled their evening. Martina's attempts to share her decision about her career path clashed against Mike's cynicism about criminals and their defenders.

At the theater, Hannah observed the play rehearsal. During a break Ryan struck up a conversation, eventually asking her to explain her need for Jonnie's protection. Hannah wasn't certain he could understand her lifestyle and didn't trust him. Finally she surprised him by telling him that she'd speak with him in the confidentiality of a confessional. Hannah privately remembered what it was like to have freedom of movement before her accident, and the pleasure she got from dancing with Ryan. Dean arrived and seemed unusually interested in the play rehearsal.

While waiting in the car, Nick told Jonnie more about Cameron's involvement in the Jem situation. Jonnie apologized again about his screw-ups and hoped Nick knew that he is loyal. To his horror, Nick bluntly said that he knows Jonnie will betray him.

Shopping for a gala dress, Rena ran into Beth, whose friendliness (actually due to one of her alters, Amanda) made Rena privately question Clark's description of his sister. Amanda "talked" with fellow alter Molly about her longing for a relationship, but Molly chastized her for giving their phone number to an unsuitable partner -- a man who, according to judgmental Molly, has questionable ethics. Later, when Beth had control of her body once more, she arrived home and was shocked to find a strange man waiting for her.

The stranger turned out to be Noah Morgan. Claiming to be a friend of Clark's, Noah asked to wait for Clark inside the house. Beth didn't trust him at first, but when he revealed that he was David's boyfriend, Beth's sympathy made it easy for Noah to manipulate her. The dangerous man was very pleased when she invited him inside...

Tristan called Danielle at home, thinking that Cameron was still in Europe. Danny was surprised, but before either said anything, Cam arrived and assumed that Tristan was calling for him. Tris tried to back out of attending the gala with the Nichols family, but Cam insisted on his appearance.

Jonnie braced himself for the worst when Nick called him in for a meeting, thinking that Nick had discovered his betrayal. But Jonnie was astonished when Nick asked him to "accept" Ross's undercover assignment -- in other words, Jonnie would become Nick's agent in the DA's office!

Clark arrived home and was horrified to discover Noah bending over Beth's sleeping form. Frightened at seeing the man who held a gun to his head, Clark demanded to know what Noah wanted. Noah revealed that he gave Beth a sleeping pill to 'calm her down.' He commented about Beth's vulnerability, and then told Clark it would be 'best for everyone' if Clark didn't tell the cops about the incident in David's house.

Episode #3.37:

Beth awoke, groggy after the sleeping pill Noah gave her. Clark blasted her for letting Noah talk his way into the house, and revealed that Noah lied to her about being Clark's friend. Beth panicked at having been duped, and apologized for being so spacey and irresponsible. She tried to admitl her secret blackouts to Clark, but her brother didn't want to hear it. He told her to grow up and get her act together.

Nichols family matriarch Adele Nichols spent breakfast with her son's family, as well as Laurie, whom no one treated very well. But later, Adele had a talk with Laurie, which revealed that the Fiore family heirloom brooch that Victor gave Laurie was part of a set -- and Adele has a special interest in getting the necklace. Adele threatened Laurie if the younger woman doesn't get the jewelry somehow

Rena visited Jem and learned he hadn't hired a home nurse with the money she lent him. Jem apologized and promised he'd make the call; when she left, however, he nervously phone someone definitely not in the health care industry. When the rough-speaking man asked what he wanted, Jem claimed he wanted to do some business...

Frank returned to work, looking forward to helping out even when restricted to desk duty. He revealed to Mike that he's been seeing Olivia. Mike wasn't thrilled, but encouraged his friend to seek happiness.

At OmniCorp, Olivia interviewed Bertram, whose apology and humble demeanor met with her favor. After she hired him back, he privately made a phone call and told someone that he'd have Olivia eating out of his hands.

Back at the police station, Mike interrogated Clark about his relationship with David. Clark was shocked to learn that Tom had told Mike about the romantic scene he'd witnessed at the Lighthouse. Frank agreed with Mike that Clark's apparent lies were suspicious.

Hannah's visit to Ryan's church led Ryan to remember a steamy day from their past life in Manhattan. In a flashback, 18-year-old Ryan felt hopeless about the lack of a successful audition, and frustrated at Hannah's having quit a waitressing job when their money was running out. Hannah promised him something would turn up. Later, Hannah confessed to Ryan about her connection to a variety of criminal activities, but refused to blame Nick for getting her involved. Ryan advised her to leave her husband if she wants absolution. Taken aback, Hannah accused Ryan of not being objective.

When Tristan heard from Cam that Danielle was being forced to rescind her opera invitation to Beth, he insisted on giving up his own box seat -- mainly because he wanted to avoid sitting with Danny. Meanwhile, Cameron showed up on Jem's doorstep with a secret plan in mind.

Cameron astonished Jem by reciting details about Jem's past -- including his extensive money problems -- and offered to buy the newspaper. Jem refused his paltry sum, but Cam revealed that he knows Jem's days are numbered if he can't pay his gambling debt. After a not-so-veilled threat against the people in Jem's life, Cameron left Jem to think about the offer.

Episode #3.38 (Season Finale, Part I):

Clark stormed over to Tom's house and blasted him for telling lies about Clark and David to the police. Tom claimed that he was telling the truth. Clark warned Tom to stay out of his life, but this only made things worse. Meanwhile, his friend Rena was in heaven as she and Greg arrived at the gala; Rena felt like the lead in a fairy tale as the night started out perfectly, with Greg very attentive indeed...

Doug was suprised to find Daphne back at his home, but she was only there to get dressed for the opera. She treated him with contempt as usual, even in front of John (Doug's NA sponsor). After she left, Doug spoke John about mending the rift with Daphne. John advised him that his relationship with his daughter is the most important of his life. Doug reluctantly agreed, but also wondered about another female in his life.

An increasingly worried Jem got a call from Elaine, who was still at work but planning on leaving on time for once. Jem half-heartedly tried to behave like his usual self by making her feel guilty for leaving, but later changed his tune and told Elaine to expect some major changes at the newspaper. He asked her to meet with him tomorrow, and meantime to have fun tonight. This surprised Elaine, to put it mildly.

When Chelsea visited Jem on her way to the opera, she noticed that he was too distracted to see how gorgeous she was looking. Annoyed, she tried to make him jealous by talk of Greg, but Jem was more worried about Cameron and the rest of the Nichols family, and what they might do to him -- or Chelsea and Rena -- or all of them -- if he doesn't pay what they owe. Overwhelmed with fear, he passionately kissed Chelsea, asking her to stay with him. She was shaken but refused, insisting on showing up at the concert hall for her photo shoot.

Jason, who accompanied Chelsea at her invitation, enjoyed himself while she snapped pictures, at least until he spotted Daphne arm-in-arm with Ian. He wondered why Daphne told Tyler that she was going with her uncle. Chelsea didn't much care that Daphne was apparently cheating on her half-brother (whom she's not very close with), and commented that Ian's a 'hottie' who's way out of Daphne's league.

Daphne noticed Jason's reaction, and was embarrassed to see him -- as if she didn't have enough problems worrying about Hannah Nichols recognizing her as Hope's kidnapper. Though upset, Daphne defended him when Ian's twin siblings made fun of him behind his back. Still, Becca agreed that Jason's very cute, but Simon correctly noted that Jason's too straight-arrow for Becca.

A lonely Doug visited Elaine, who decided last minute to work late at the Record. A serious talk developed regarding Doug's choice to delay divorcing Nora for the sake of his children. Elaine told him she was proud of his growth over the past few months, impressed that he hasn't had an affair (something previously second nature to him) despite his loneliness. Doug revealed sadly that the only woman he wants now is Elaine -- and he knows she won't reciprocate while he's married. Elaine agreed, but kissed him out of compassion. Both wanted more, but they agreed to just hold one another.

As they embraced in the supposedly empty newspaper building, a stranger with unknown intentions waited downstairs.

Episode #3.39 (Season Finale, Part II):

In the concert hall's patron lounge prior to the start of the opera, Danielle told Ian that Beth was the person to leave her keys at the Lighthouse, and an annoyed Ian used Daphne to forget about his stepmother. Later, Daphne was introduced to Hannah, who was friendly but wondered if she'd seen Daphne before.

Jonnie promised Nick that he'd never harm Nick or Hannah, and privately realized that his loyalties have shifted from the DA's office to the Nichols family.

Olivia was disappointed at realizing that Frank didn't fit in with her society friends, but then discovered that he was willing to suffer physical discomfort (from his injury) to attend the opera with her, since he knew it meant a lot to her. Later, she also sacrificed for him, and pretended to get a migraine so that they could leave early.

Down in the Orchestra section, Tristan dreaded seeing Cameron and Danielle Nichols together, and wondered if he could stand seeing the married couple in love. He couldn't help staring up towards the Nichols family, hoping to meet Danielle's gaze.

Within the Nichols family box, Danielle teased Ian regarding the story of Carmen, and the family members each had their own opinion about the meaning behind the drama. Meanwhile, Cameron pointed out Alex Eckhert to Laurie, and implied that she'll soon be required to get 'friendly' with the assistant district attorney. Laurie vowed not to allow Cameron and Adele to treat her like a whore any longer.

Beth's alters argued about who should be in control tonight, and the distress made Beth weak. This reaction was nothing compared to the shock of catching sight of a disturbingly familiar male face, and hearing Samantha's voice describe him as someone who has ravaged her body countless times...

Episode #3.40 (Season Finale, Part III):

During the second Carmen intermission, Greg told Rena how important she was to him. A glowing Rena shared this information with Marty during a ladies' room break. Martina, who was happy for her friend, still wondered if Rena had been honest to Greg about her "situation" .. which might mean she's unprepared for Greg's plans for tonight.

Cameron told Nick that he had spoken to Dean earlier about the Jem Van Doren job. Nick wasn't happy that Cameron was usurping his authority with his employees. Cam warned his brother not to start a civil war that he can't win. Temporarily defeated, Nick asked what Cam's orders to Dean had been. Cam replied that they were to "turn up the heat" on Jem.

At the newspaper, just as Doug and Elaine entered the elevator together, someone installed an incendiary device in the paper storage room.

Sitting in the Nichols' box, Laurie pointed out Martina to Adele. In particular, she commented on Martina's lovely necklace. Adele was very interested, and thanked Laurie for the information. Obviously something was going on other than mere gem appreciation...

Clark arrived home after his angry walk (due to his confrontation with Tom). He was shocked to find Noah waiting for him. Though Clark threatened Noah with calling the police, Noah called his bluff. In his calm, sinister way, he asked Clark what Clark had told the police. Clark reluctantly admitted that he'd followed Noah's instructions, not telling them anything but Noah's name. He asked Noah if he'd killed David, an accusation Noah didn't answer. He did comment that David was one of the only good people he ever knew.

Rena admitted that she hadn't yet told Greg the truth about herself, fearing that he wouldn't understand. Martina said that if things are going to move forward, he has a right to know. And nothing's stopping Rena but herself. As Chelsea listened in to this conversation, she gleefully figured out the truth at last behind Rena's reluctance to get involved with someone like Greg: Rena is a virgin.

Jason was approached by Becca and Simon during intermission. Becca flirted with him, but Jason was already preoccupied with thoughts of Daphne's betraying his brother's trust by dating Ian. Simon mocked Becca's interest in someone as straightlaced as Jason, and wagered her that she couldn't win Jason over. Becca gleefully took the bet. Meanwhile, Hannah bumped into Daphne, and before long the savvy mob wife realized that Ian's lovely date was the girl who kidnapped Hope.

While watching the culmination of the tragic opera, Cameron casually warned Danielle that he would kill her if she betrayed him. She mocked his bravado, certain that he didn't mean it. Cam then amended his threat: he would leave her near death, allowing her to live -- so that she could watch him murdering her lover. Danielle said nothing, but looked at Alex Eckhert across the theater.

After the opera ended and dinner began, Beth waited with Danielle by the Nichols table. The sight of an all-too-familiar man sent her alters reeling, and an Amanda-controlled Beth fled the room.

Tristan finally girded himself for the awkward situation of having Cameron introduce him to Danielle. But nothing could prepare him for the shock that awaited him when he was introduced to Cam's wife -- a woman he'd never seen before.

The incendiary device at the newspaper sent an explosion rocking through the Record building. Doug and Elaine were trapped in the elevator, which hung for a few frightening seconds before plunging down the shaft.

Tristan realized that the woman he'd been involved with wasn't really Danielle Nichols, but someone lying to him about her identity all along. He spotted her running away from the ballroom, and despite Cameron's disapproval he followed in pursuit. At last reaching her in a snow-filled courtyard, Tristan grabbed her and spun her around -- it was Beth! *

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* This revelation received a great deal of praise from our audience, many of whom wondered how we pulled it off -- and whether there had been clues to the faux-Danielle's true identity all along. A special detailed compilation of scenes and clues is available if you'd like to see how this storyline developed throughout the episodes.





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