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Summary of Season 05: Part I of II
(Episodes 5.01 - 5.15)

Episode 5.01, "Through the Valley of the Shadow"

Jonnie, unable to sleep knowing that Chelsea's life was hanging in the balance, went running before dawn and noticed Dean's car at Cameron's house. He paid an early visit to Nick and tried to find out what Cameron wants from Jem--since Jonnie had guessed that it's more than just money. Nick was angered by Jonnie's questions. Jonnie told Nick about seeing Dean's car, and Nick suspected that Jem hadn't come through with the money. From things Nick said, Jonnie privately figured out where Chelsea was being held and rushed to call Jem to tell him ... not realizing it was too late.

Rena helped Chelsea escape from the warehouse to the roof, but before they could jump off, the demolition began and the women were caught in the explosion. However, thanks to Jem having driven Greg's car through the PlayCity complex fence, further explosions were canceled. Jem woke trapped next to an unconscious Greg, whom he feared dead.

Mike walked in on Martina watching the video of her and Alex having sex, but he laughed her horrified apologies off, thinking that he'd just caught her watching porn. Too confused and guilty to admit the truth, she hid the DVD and waited until Mike left for work to watch the rest. Later, Alex visited her and threatened her unless she kept silent about him and Danielle. He also insinuated that Martina had invited him to continue their affair. Martina warned Alex to leave her alone and threw him out. Refusing to believe she'd willingly had sex with Alex, even if drunk, she began to suspect she might have been drugged.

Chelsea crawled out of the wreckage dazed and barely able to hear. She was found by Jem, who was thrilled she seemed okay, but didn't realize she was having hearing trouble. The demolition crew had called an ambulance, and EMTs arrived to take Chelsea to the hospital. Greg, who'd been rescued and turned out to be all right after all, was also taken to the hospital, though he tried to remind Jem that Rena had also been inside the building. Jem remembered and rushed off to find Rena.

Rena lay unable to move or speak amid the rubble. She thought she was near death and accepted her fate; her last sense was someone pulling her forward into his arms. It turned out to be Jem, who discovered her unconscious and desperately tried to wake her. Finally he rode with her to the hospital, numbly watching as the EMTs couldn't seem to revive her.

Episode 5.02, "Under the Microscope"

Clark took Beth to the hospital for her first psychiatrist's appointment. Beth was terrified and within her, all the alters except Amanda protested, but with Clark's support Beth vowed to make the session. Once inside, however, they both learned that Rena and Chelsea had been brought to the ER, badly injured.

Martina was also at the ER, waiting for a doctor to examine her for possible date-rape drug ingestion, when Clark saw her and told her of Rena's terrible injuries. Shocked, Martina hid her own reasons for being at the hospital. As Clark left, Martina was called into the exam room. Marty asked Beth to keep this from Clark, and Beth agreed.

Rena, who had a concussion and a dislocated shoulder, woke in pain but was relieved to see Greg sitting by her bedside. The pair apologized to one another for their argument before all this occured and Rena was touched to learn Greg had been hurt trying to save her. Greg didn't correct her impression that he'd been the one (rather than Jem) to drive into the demolition site. When Mike arrived to question her, Rena suddenly clammed up and claimed to be tired, secretly not wanting to say anything until she knew what Jem was saying to the cops.. Greg was suspicious.

Charles thanked Jem for all his support and help. Jem was embarrassed by the praise, feeling guilty, but accepted it anyway. Charles was hesitant to go in to visit Chelsea, as was Jem, both for different reasons.

Chelsea was numb and in shock after her ordeal as Mike questioned her about the kidnapping. She had trouble hearing him due to the trauma from the explosion, but she did her best to describe the thugs who kidnapped her. Mike was sympathetic toward his ex-girlfriend and comforted her. Later, her father Charles visited and since Chelsea blamed him--thinking he hadn't paid the ransom--she was initially cold and resentful. Charles assured her he'd done all he could to get her back. The two tentatively embraced.

Jem visited Rena and was surprised by his protective feelings as he watched her sleep. When she woke she asked him what he had told the police. Jem said he wasn't saying anything yet, though he implied that he'd told Charles the truth. Rena hoped she could now come forward and tell the truth, but Jem insisted they were all still in danger if they spoke to the cops. He asked Rena to keep silent, even to Greg. Troubled, Rena reluctantly agreed.

At her appointment, Beth was nervous but Dr. Kalid Behar treated her with such patience and gentleness that she soon felt more comfortable with him, and even admitted that she'd lied to him when she'd been admitted for observation before: the truth is, she can't believe she's pregnant because she hasn't had sex in three years. Kalid asked about whether she found it difficult to remember things, and Beth began to answer honestly, but when he asked about her childhood, Molly abruptly appeared and took over for the rest of the session, deflecting the conversation.

Martina returned to the lobby after her traumatic examination, having been given a bunch of tests with preliminary results that were inconclusive. She also had been given an emergency contraception pill. Mike bumped into her and tried to comfort her, assuming she was there for Rena. Martina tried to act normally but nearly had a breakdown when Alex entered the hospital to investigate the kidnapping. She fled the lobby but when she ran into Tristan, she calmed down and decided against running away--she wanted to be there for Rena.

Episode 5.03, "Broken Blossoms, Part I"

Cameron took Dean and Jonnie to task for the mishaps at PlayCity, in particular Chelsea’s escape and Rena’s apparent intrusion into the whole mess.  Nick assured Cam that Jonnie didn’t have the slightest idea about PlayCity. Jonnie privately worried that his phone call to Jem might be found out.   Cameron ordered Jonnie to see Jem and find out exactly how he learned of Chelsea’s whereabouts—and also, how Rena managed to sneak her way inside as well.  Nick reminded Cameron that the whole business is now complete.  Cameron mocked Nick’s ‘honor’ and reluctantly agreed that he’d back off … for now.  But his interest in Jem and his newspaper is not over.

At the PlayCity demolition site, Frank investigated the kidnapping and discovered an all-too-familiar face working in the crew: his brother Del.  Immediately suspicious, Frank questioned Del to learn if the ex-con had any knowledge of the kidnapping.  Del claimed to have no connection other than having joined the crew as a day worker.  Frank warned Del that if he learned otherwise, he’d have Del tossed back into prison for breaking parole.

Beth returned to the ER after her appointment with Kalid, disappointed that she couldn’t remember much of her session and realizing that Molly may have sabotaged the appointment.  At first Clark didn’t believe that she attended the session at all, but her demeanor convinced him. Later, running into Martina, the two troubled women bonded—but only until Tristan arrived to his best friend’s side, much to Beth’s horror.

Ronald visited Charles to advise and comfort his friend, and was alarmed when Charles revealed that he still feared not just for Chelsea’s safety, but for his sons’ as well.  Charles admitted that he wasn’t telling the police all of the details, worried that the kidnappers would cause harm to his family.

Frank went to Olivia and told her about Chelsea’s kidnapping, and of seeing Del at the site. Knowing Frank’s suspicions toward his brother, Olivia tried to elicit more details, but could only get him to admit that he thought Del was probably involved in the crime in some way. Frank was also disturbed about the increase of crime in Skyfalls.  Olivia, meanwhile, was surprised and impressed when she learned that Jem had suddenly shown some courage and was apparently being treated as a hero.   Later she thanked Frank for trusting her enough to come to her with his suspicions, knowing how difficult this was for him to talk about Del. The two spent the rest of the night together.

Jem visited Chelsea and was disturbed by her defeated attitude, though he tried to ignore it and cheer her up.  She wasn’t as grateful for his rescuing her as he hoped she would be, and when he implied that maybe they could get back together again, Chelsea angrily accused him of only wanting her for her father's money.  She ordered him out of her room.  Jem was annoyed when Greg, also visiting, was met with much more pleasure and gratitutde.  His annoyance turned to fear when Jonnie Adair showed up. 

Tristan took Beth aside and tried to get her to admit her feelings for him, but Beth was unable to respond the way he wanted her to—even though within her, Amanda longed to reconnect with the man she loves. Beth told a wounded Tristan that she had no feelings for him and that he meant nothing to her.  Clark interrupted their heated encounter and warned Tristan to back off.   Beth fled and knew that she needs to solve the mysteries of her life.  Despite Molly’s warnings, she went back to the psychiatry department and made another appointment to see Kalid Behar.

Episode 5.04, "Broken Blossoms, Part II"

Clark confronted Tristan about the latter's behavior with Beth, accusing Tristan of stalking Beth. Mike and Martina interrupted their angry argument, with Mike looking suspiciously at Clark's nearly violent outburst--still considering Clark a suspect in David Reilly's murder. Martina talked to Tristan privately to get his side of the story, but when Tris told her about his attempts to get Beth to acknowledge their relationship, an on-edge Martina blasted him for his obsessive ways and warned that he was frightening Beth. When Tristan left, Martina realized she was taking her anger toward Alex out on her friend.

At the hospital to investigate the kidnapping, Alex ran into Martina and spoke about their 'date', telling her that they'd gotten buzzed on champagne together and ended up sleeping together--consensually. Shaken, she denied his words and revealed that she'd gone for a rape examination and drug test. She shoved him away from her, privately worried about his version of events.

After working all day at PlayCity, Del discovered Jem's cell phone left in the rubble. He sold it to Lou, Dean's bodyguard, who'd contacted him earlier and asked him to keep an eye out for anything useful. Lou said he might have some work for Del later.

Jem was terrified by Jonnie's visit to the hospital, reminded of the night Jonnie beat him to a pulp. Jonnie asked if Jem had received his phone call earlier this morning to warn him about the impending explosion, but Jem claimed that he'd lost his phone. Jonnie also asked how Rena ended up at PlayCity, which frightened Jem even more for Rena's sake. He didn't tell Jonnie that Rena had followed the thugs to the warehouse.

Later, Jonnie -- increasingly bothered by his undercover role -- secretly went to see Rena, remembering her kindness after he was infected with the di Sangue disease. Afraid that he might be forced to harm Rena, and sickened by memories of beating Jem up, Jonnie called Ross Granger and demanded a meeting. When his phone rang, he recognized Jem's number and when he answered, accused Jem of lying to him about having lost the phone. But the person hung up.

Jonnie didn't realize that it was Lou, who'd noticed the timestamp of the last call Jem received this morning and returned the call from Jem's phone ... and who recognized Jonnie's voice.

Tristan remembered spending Christmas with Beth (during her masquerade as Danielle), recalling how deep his feelings had grown by that point. He also reflected on Beth's behavior, and how she seemed to care just as much as he did. She even gave him a watch with a special inscription. Angered by her current refusal to acknowledge her feelings, Tristan vowed to either get Beth...or get even.

Episode 5.05, "Carry That Weight, Part I"

Beth was surprised by a visit from Noah, who charmed his way past her fear and apologized for his prior behavior. He also shocked her with a gift: Sophie, the terrier who once belonged to Noah's late boyfriend, David. Beth wasn't sure she could accept without Clark's permission. When Clark arrived home later, he was predictably furious with Beth for dealing with Noah and at first rejected her pleas to keep the dog.

When he brought up her pregnancy, Beth refused to make a decision about whether to keep the baby yet, especially since she hadn't yet taken a home pregnancy test to confirm the doctor's diagnosis. Clark couldn't believe she was even considering having the child, considering her health (both physical and mental). Seeing how happy Sophie was making Beth, Clark reluctantly agreed to allow the dog into their home--though he mistrusted Noah's motives for the gift.

At the Arleigh Academy, Jason and Julie bonded at lunchtime as Jason expressed his fears over Chelsea and his dad, but were interrupted by Becca, who reminded Jason that he'd promised to have lunch with her during their chat. Julie didn't rise to Becca's insulting behavior and Jason went off with Becca.

Across the cafeteria, Daphne comforted Tyler, who was worried about his sister Chelsea and guilty over his crappy relationship with her. Daphne was glad to have a chance to support her boyfriend for once, and the two were kissing when Becca caught them--and accused Daphne of cheating on her brother Ian. Tyler defended Daphne to a particularly bitchy and insulting Becca. Things grew heated until Jason calmed the other kids down. Alone again, Daphne thanked Tyler but even though he'd supported her to Becca, Tyler was jealous and upset that she was still pretending to be Ian's girlfriend.

Becca blasted Tyler to Jason, who resented her attitude toward his brother and Daphne. Becca then turned flirty and asked Jason to team with her for a social studies project. Confused but flattered by her attention, Jason agreed--though Becca was quick to leave him alone once he'd said yes.

Episode 5.06, "Carry That Weight, Part II"

Martina returned to work and was chastized by Grant Wallace, one of her senior partners, for not coming into the office on Friday and for arranging a plea on a sexual assault case despite the client's father's wishes to go to trial. Martina defended herself but privately worried that she might have let her experience with Alex cloud her judgment. She was surprised to receive a call from Rena's father Don telling her that Rena desperately wanted to see her.

At the hospital, Rena was relieved to see Martina but alarmed Marty when she started to ask for legal help--in particular, Rena feared she might be risking obstruction charges from the DA by hiding what she knows about Chelsea's kidnapping. Though worried about conflict of interest, Martina agreed to act as Rena's attorney. Even then Rena wasn't sure she wanted to break Jem's confidence, but at last she spilled the story.

Charles and Greg told a shocked Jem that Chelsea's hearing loss might be permanent. Feeling guilty, Jem couldn't visit Chelsea to tell her the news. Instead, Greg accompanied Charles to share the bad results with Chelsea and tell her that she needs surgery. Chelsea handled the news well at first, but broke down when she realized the chances of complete recovery aren't good. Greg tried to comfort her but Chelsea didn't want his pity and pushed him away.

Clark and Ross attended a rehearsal of Ten Little Indians. While Clark rehearsed a climactic scene where he and the heroine hold each other at gunpoint, Hannah--who was attending the rehearsal--was reminded of her own traumatic experience years ago, when she jumped in front of a hitman's bullet intended for Nick, which caused her paralysis. Disturbed, she brushed aside Ryan's friendly discussion. Later she informed Nick that she'd heard what happened at PlayCity to Chelsea, and she suspected that Nick was involved. He admitted the truth and Hannah blamed him for nearly killing innocent bystanders. She made him promise he wouldn't let such a thing occur again.

Clark, meanwhile, was also disturbed by memories of being held at gunpoint--by Noah. Upset, he took a break outside, where Ross joined him. Clark explained everything that's going on, including his being a suspect in David Reilly's death. Ross revealed he wasn't involved in the investigation but expressed sympathy for Clark's situation. Still attracted to Ross, Clark sensed Ross might feel the same way and nearly kissed him. Horrified, Ross blasted an embarrassed Clark and fled. Later, after having sex with his girlfriend Lynn, Ross was still angry and decided to step up his role in the Reilly investigation.

Episode 5.07, "Frozen, Part I"

Jonnie told Nick about his meeting with Jem, including Jem's fabrication of how Rena ended up in the PlayCity warehouse. Nick didn't buy the story, but acknowledged that Rena doesn't seem to have spoken to the police--so she might not know anything. Nick was still concerned about the risk. Jonnie blurted that he couldn't be involved with hurting Rena or Chelsea, angering Nick. While Nick was semi-understanding of Jonnie's inexperience as an enforcer, he warned Jonnie that he wouldn't tolerate any disobedience.

Later, Jonnie heard more veilled threats from Dean, who reminded Jonnie of the upcoming scheme against the Vaughans, a plot to destroy the rival family. And separately, Dean's bodyguard Lou warned Jonnie that he knew more about Jonnie than he realizes, and told him not to screw up. Jonnie brushed off Lou's threat, not realizing that Lou knows he called Jem the morning of the PlayCity explosion.

Rena was released from the hospital and temporarily moved back to her parents' home at the Adams Inn, where Clark visited her. The friends caught up, with Clark shocking Rena with his admission that he nearly kissed Ross. He acknowledged that he still has feelings for Ross, though--as Rena reminded him--Ross is apparently straight. Clark had a shock of his own when the newest guest at the Inn turned out to be...Noah. Angry and fearing that Noah was stalking him and the people he cares about, Clark confronted the other man. Noah calmly insisted that his taking a room at Rena's parents' Inn was a coincidence. Clark again warned Noah to back off, and especially to stay away from Beth. Noah claimed to enjoy Beth's company and tossed Clark's accusations back at him.

Ross, still resentful and shaken by Clark's near-kiss, called in Tom Fiore for an interview to discuss the night David Reilly was killed. Blurring the lines between his personal and professional life, Ross asked Tom lots of questions that seemed to have more to do with Clark's sex life than the murder case. Tom grew defensive and was quick to remind Ross that Ross isn't as objective as a prosecutor should be. But Ross didn't seem to care, more and more convinced that Clark's behavior was manipulative and suspicious...and possibly indicates that Clark has something to hide.

Episode 5.08, "Frozen, Part II"

Jem visited Chelsea, still obviously traumatized by her kidnapping. She told him that her operation on her ears had been delayed due to the doctors' not being sure she was mentally up for it. Worried about the prospect of an unsuccessful operation, and the likelihood that her hearing might not recover, Chelsea also fretted about having to stay with her father and especially her stepmother. She asked Jem if she could instead stay with him, but Jem had to say no, privately too afraid of Jonnie's threats. Angry at the rejection, Chelsea threw him out.

Greg went to see Rena at her parents' home, and the couple had a warm reunion. Their romantic reunion was temporarily interrupted by Rena's younger brother, Drew, whom Greg met for the first time. Greg was surprised to learn that Rena and her siblings were all adoped, and he realized there's a lot they don't know about each other. He looked forward to getting Rena alone again, and Rena agreed, saying that she needs to tell him the truth about why she's been so 'withholding'.

Adele invited Laurie to breakfast in order to discuss the upcoming wedding to Victor--in particular, about Adele's order for Laurie to cancel the wedding. Laurie insisted she's going through with the marriage, but Adele reminded Laurie of her responsibility; she also explained that Laurie's next 'assignment' would be to get close to Senator Alexander Eckhert. Or if not him, his son, Alex. Laurie refused, but Adele threatened Victor--and Laurie herself--if she doesn't play her role with the Eckherts. Upset, Laurie fled.

Jonnie drove Nick to Cameron's place, where they ran into Laurie. Nick could see Laurie was distressed and told Jonnie to see her safely home. Laurie instead asked Jonnie to sit with her in the limo, where she asked him his impressions of her family. Jonnie tried to change the subject and wanted to understand what was bothering Laurie, but she remained elusive. Drawn to her, Jonnie realized this was treacherous territory and was glad when he could get back in the driver's seat. He realized his attraction to her reminded him too much of his first meeting with Vanessa DiCenzo...and might be just as dangerous.

Episode 5.09, "My Brown Eyed Girl"

Daphne visited Doug at the rehab unit where he’s now staying, where they spoke about his upcoming release from the hospital next week. To Doug’s surprise, Daphne told him that she’s decided to move back home, so she can help take care of him during his recovery. Doug was wary that his daughter was taking on so much responsibility, but Daphne was determined to reunite their shattered family.

Jonnie met with Ross and told the ADA he wants out of the undercover assignment once and for all. Ross reminded Jonnie of his obligation and of the risk to his life if his side of the plea bargain isn’t met. The threats chilled Jonnie, who realized Ross and the prosecution have more in common with the Nichols crime organization than they’d like to think. Sick of the whole thing, Jonnie prepared to meet with the Vaughans—the Nicholses’ rivals—tomorrow. 

After school, Daphne met up with Tyler, who was giving her a lift to the mall so she could find a job. Jason caught up with her in private, wanting to apologize both for Becca’s insults at school and for telling Tyler about Daphne’s opera date with Ian. Daphne wondered exactly what Jason is doing with someone like Becca, and Jason assured her they’re just teaming up with schoolwork. Changing the subject from Becca, Jason told Daphne that a friend of his (Julie) had told him about a new store opening up that was looking to hire. He invited Daphne to join them tomorrow afternoon, and Daphne agreed. Later, Jason confirmed that this was okay with Julie, who at first seemed to fear that Jason had asked Becca along. She asked Jason to visit her dad’s restaurant for dinner.

At Cucina di Fiore, Julie greeted Jason and the two enjoyed each other’s company. They spoke about Julie’s interest in finding a new job, but that she’s been keeping her job hunt a secret from her father, whom she doesn’t want to hurt. Their pleasant banter was interrupted by Tony, Julie’s brother, who teased and joked at his sister’s expense—and revealed he’d been eavesdropping. Julie blew up at Tony and spoke to him alone. Tony insinuated that she had feelings for Jason, but Julie claimed they were just friends. She said that the lack of privacy from her family was why she was looking for a new job outside the restaurant. Tony warned Julie that she was risking upsetting their father, but supported her decision to become more independent.

Ian had dinner with his sister Becca and stepmother Danielle. Becca needled Ian about Daphne, and informed him that she’d seen his so-called girlfriend making out with another guy at school. Danielle was shocked to learn that Daphne’s apparently just a high school student. Privately, Danielle continued to wonder exactly how much he knows about his girlfriend. When the sexual tension grew too heated, Ian reminded her that Becca was just outside. Danielle didn’t care that her daughter might hear them, but Ian did, and firmly pushed Danielle away. Annoyed by his rejection, Danielle spoke to Becca, asking her daughter to tell her all about Daphne White.

Episode 5.10, "Third Degree Burns"

Looking forward to his upcoming release from rehab, Doug was surprised by a visit from Tristan. Doug found himself compelled to discuss Philippa, wanting some connection with the woman he loved and lost; unfortunately, Tristan didn't want to discuss his mother. When Tristan asked about Doug's future career plans, Doug was at a loss. He mentioned his guilt over Daphne, who's looking for a job to support him while he recovers. Tristan casually asked about Doug's relationship with Elaine--and Doug answered his questions, unaware that Tristan's interest was primarily in Elaine's daughter, Beth.

Later, Doug visited Elaine and together they discussed their uncertain futures, with Elaine offering Doug comfort and optimism. When he again expressed remorse at how he's neglected Daphne, and now Hope too, Elaine sadly reminded him that she understood what he was going through, but also that, unlike her fractured relationship with Beth, Doug and Daphne are growing closer. Moved, Doug kissed Elaine.

Julie, Jason and Daphne arrived at the iCafe, with Daphne belatedly realizing that this was Ian’s venture. Jason was suspicious of Ian, who wasn’t overly friendly to the younger boy, and Daphne was tempted to leave. But Ian goaded her into staying and filling in an application.

Back at the iCafe, Tristan chatted with Susan and Ian about iCafe/Sorcery, calming Ian’s nerves and gradually extracting information from Susan about Olivia’s new venture at OmniCorp, the Aventura magazine. Tristan also urged Ian to hire Daphne, wanting to help out Doug's family. Despite Ian's private misgivings about working closely with her, Ian agreed.

As Julie had her interview, Jason was texted by Becca, who was also in the iCafe. Julie returned and was thrilled by how well her interview went, though she worried about what she’d do for references, since she still doesn't want her dad to know she’s looking for a new job. Becca overheard part of the conversation and threatened to sabotage Julie's chances for the job by telling Ian that Julie was trying to scam him with fake references. Julie was too proud to explain her family circumstances to Becca, and left. Jason demanded that Becca apologize to Julie--which Becca did, only once Jason threatened to withdraw as her partner in the social studies project.

Ian interviewed Daphne, who explained her financial situation to him. Ian offered her a job as hostess. Though still torn about how Tyler would react to her working with Ian, Daphne was too tempted to refuse. Ian surprised her by asking her to dinner with his family, claiming that his stepmother Danielle seemed to be suspicious about Daphne’s role in the kidnapping. Wanting the chance to be with him for a night, Daphne accepted.

At Beth's session with her psychiatrist Kalid Behar, Beth admitted that her drugstore pregnancy test confirmed her doctor's diagnosis. She also told Kalid about Tristan, describing him as a stalker who frightens her. Since she still insisted that she met Tristan for the first time a month ago, Kalid reminded her that he can't be the father--Beth is eight weeks pregnant. Later, Kalid extracted nuggets of information about Beth’s childhood, finally getting Beth to discuss her father and mother. Under duress, she blurted that she hates Elaine. When her distress led to Molly's emergence, Molly bitterly acknowledged that Elaine neglected, resented and physically hurt Beth.

Episode 5.11, "Go Your Own Way"

Following Nick's plan, Jonnie met with rival crime boss Hugh Vaughan, his men and his hostile son, Taggart. Vaughan demanded to know Nick’s motives for advising them to stay away from the docks on the 13th. Jonnie's claim--that it's a peace offering--didn't fly, and Tag accused Jonnie of setting a trap. Vaughan warned Jonnie that Nick's a vicious thug who's not to be trusted. Sick of his role as everyone's patsy, Jonnie suddenly admitted that Vaughan was right--it's all a trap.

Taggart threatened to kill Jonnie if he didn't explain. Literally under the gun, Jonnie revealed that Nick is setting Vaughan up for a stiing by the DA's office--or worse. He shocked the Vaughans by admitting he's an undercover agent for the DA, and even told them what Nick doesn't know--that he's been a mole all along. As proof, he played damning recordings of his conversations with Nick and Ross Granger. Jonnie offered Vaughan a way to turn the 'Operation Mousetrap' around on both Nick and the DA, as long as Vaughan agreed to help Jonnie get free. Later, Jonnie returned to Nick and claimed that the meeting went well, privately torn by the plan he’d set in motion.

Julie got up the courage to speak to her dad about looking for a new job, and though Carlo was disappointed by her leaving Cucina di Fiore, he agreed that if the iCafe job was offered to her, she could go, as long as she maintains her schoolwork and music. The conversation was interrupted by a call from Laurie, who said she needed a favor and asked Julie to dinner with her and Victor. Carlo wasn't pleased and warned Julie to have little to do with Laurie. Aware of her father's dislike for the Nichols family, Julie didn’t reveal that the potential new job would mean working for Ian

At the hospital, Charles visited Chelsea to prepare her for the move to his home. He promised her things would be better soon, but Chelsea wasn’t easy to convince. Chelsea wondered if her stepmother Cynthia was really in favor of the situation. Charles hoped that Chelsea's staying with his family would work better than it did when she was a teenager.

After losing a patient in surgery, a downcast Greg called Rena to commiserate. She reassured him and he asked to come by tonight, but she was already falling asleep due to medication. Frustrated, Greg made plans to see her tomorrow instead. Later, Greg came across Chelsea and she expressed her misery about moving in with Charles and Cynthia. Feeling as if he needed to help someone--and having a free room now that Daphne's moved out--Greg shocked Chelsea by offering her a place to stay. Chelsea refused because she hated to be asked out of pity. Greg insisted the offer wasn't merely sympathy--he cares about her. Unsure whether to believe him, she agreed. Greg was pleased, though he suspected the decision would cause major problems with both Charles and Rena.        

Episode 5.12, "Green-Eyed Monster"

At the inn, Patricia helped her injured daughter Rena prepare for Greg’s visit. The two discussed Rena’s relationship and the fact that it hadn’t progressed very far. Rena admitted that she and Greg don’t really know each other that well, and still isn’t certain they're right for one another. Privately, Rena vowed to tell Greg the truth about her lack of sexual experience tonight.

Greg’s date with Rena began right in her bedroom, with an amorous Greg moving fast on Rena. She tried to explain why she's been hesitating... but was interrupted when Chelsea called Greg. This led Greg to admit that Chelsea's now staying with him. He also confirmed what Chelsea once told Rena: that last year, he and Chelsea came close to having sex. His dismissive insistance that the incident meant nothing to him bothered Rena, who remembered how much Chelsea cares for Greg. Trying not to be jealous, Rena hid her feelings but was now too intimidated to reveal her virginity.

Olivia visited the iCafe/Sorcery site, making sure Tristan wasn't around before scoping out the new venture. She was shocked to find Del there, and grew suspicious when Del said he was working for Tristan. She immediately guessed that Tristan might have ulterior motives in hiring Frank's brother. Del said he wanted to see her again. When Olivia tried to leave, Del warned her that she's fooling herself if she thinks she's dating the ‘safe’ Gabriel.

At dinner, Olivia told Frank about her conversation with Del and her suspicions about Tristan's desire for revenge. Angry that she’d ignored his warnings to stay away from his brother, Frank was convinced that Del was up to something, not Tristan. Olivia silently promised to snoop into this herself.

Later, in bed, Frank alarmed Olivia by asking if her visit to iCafe/Sorcery was related to any lingering romantic feelings for Tristan. Denying this, she reminded him that her feelings for Tris died when he killed her father. Frank, unusually insecure, suggested that the fact that she knows deep down it was self-defense, an accident, might change her feelings. Olivia insisted otherwise and finally Frank apologized for his questions. But even as they made love, Olivia was still concerned by the conversation.

Laurie and Victor took Julie to dinner at an elegant restaurant, where Laurie asked Julie to play the cello at their wedding. Laurie also spoke privately with Julie and said how much she’s looking forward to having a sister. When Julie arrived home, she called Jason, whose enthusiasm for the news about her solo inspired her to ask him to go to the wedding with her. At first he balked, too shy around strangers, but when Julie mentioned that it wouldn’t just be strangers—Becca would be there too—Jason changed his mind. When they hung up, Julie realized happily that her feelings toward Jason seem to have turned into a crush... and then she started to wonder if he’d only accepted her invitation so he could see Becca.    

Episode 5.13, "Out of a Dream"

As Greg prepared breakfast for himself and his new houseguest, Chelsea asked him how Rena took the news that Chelsea was staying there. Greg claimed Rena didn’t have a problem with it, and Chelsea claimed to be pleased. Greg asked about her nightmares, revealing that he’d heard her cry out last night. Though embarrassed, Chelsea expressed her fear that she can’t wake up from the bad dreams. Greg promised to help her. Discussion turned to her other supporters, particularly Jem; Greg wanted to know exactly what happened between them. Chelsea explained that it was an arrangement of mutual opportunism; Jem was after her father’s money. Greg wondered what Chelsea got out of it. Naturally, she didn’t reveal that she’d only slept with Jem as part of their deal to have Jem seduce Rena—and what she really wanted was Greg. Greg was touched by Chelsea’s vulnerability and, uncomfortable with these feelings, changed the subject.

At school, Julie teamed up with Midori for a project in their Media Explorations class, while Jason partnered again with Becca. Midori asked Julie about what she’d be wearing for Victor and Laurie's wedding, a conversation that Becca overheard. When Julie admitted she couldn’t buy anything new, Becca taunted Julie about both her looks and her being a ‘charity case’. Privately Midori consoled an irritated Julie, revealing that Becca and Midori actually used to be close friends until their interests diverged. Julie began to worry that Jason might get his feelings hurt if Becca dumps him just as unceremoniously.

Meanwhile, Jason was singlemindedly focused on creating a web store for his and Becca’s project, while Becca tried to tease his attention away from work and onto her. She revealed that she’ll be bringing a senior guy to the wedding, and Jason mentioned that he and Julie are attending as well. When talk turned back to the website, Becca asked Jason about security and hacking; he mentioned that his he’d done some cryptography thanks to his interest in Alternate Reality Games. Intrigued, Becca invited him over to her house so he could show her how ARGs work.

At a restaurant in Cornwall, Martina ran into Beth, who was waiting for a lunch date to arrive, and the two bonded over their recent disturbing experiences with men; Marty tried to get Beth to open up about Tristan, and Beth told Martina that whatever happened with whoever had hurt Martina, she should tell the person who means most to her—Mike. Everything was going fine until Beth’s lunch appointment finally arrived: Danielle. Marty grew uncomfortable around Danielle’s insinuating words and the scent of her perfume, which for some reason reminded her of Alex. Martina fled, not understanding why she felt so disturbed--and not realizing that Danielle was the voyeur who encouraged, and filmed,Alex having sex with a drugged Martina.

Episode 5.15, "Cross Examinations, pt. 1"

Frank learned new information about the owners of PlayCity, though he was reluctant to share this with Mike. Mike insisted and was shocked to learn that the site of Chelsea’s kidnapping had previously been owned by a division of Criterion… the Nichols family's corporation. Frank warned him against jumping to conclusions, and they discussed other angles for investigation, including Chelsea's father Charles, Rena (whose involvement and presence at the PlayCity site was still unexplained), Greg, and—in particular—Jem. Frank explained his suspicions over Jem's spate of bad luck over the past year, including the arson of his own building. Meanwhile, Mike agreed to question Chelsea himself, hoping their past relationship would make it easier on her. Privately he still felt the Nicholses were to blame, and worried about Victor's upcoming wedding to Laurie, now only ten days away.

Danielle and Beth discussed their new venture, with Danny trying to ascertain whether Beth’s really up for the design job—physically and mentally. Nervous, Beth felt herself losing control and she hurried to the bathroom using her medication as an excuse. By the time she arrived, she was no longer  in control: Lizzie was. In the ladies’ room of the restaurant, Beth’s alters jockeyed for position, but it was Amanda who convinced Molly that letting her take over was the best-case scenario for their future. Molly warned her not to take a step in Tristan’s direction or Amanda would never see the light of day again. Amanda returned to the restaurant and successfully negotiated with Danielle. Pleased, she gave control back to Beth, who was able to remember the successful meeting and felt proud … but soon realized that the triumph was empty with no one to share it with. But then she remembered one person...

Beth arrived at Greg's suite to visit Chelsea and express her concern and sorrow over what had happened to her friend. Chelsea seemed embittered and unusually quiet during their conversation, though her demeanor changed when she spoke about her feelings for Greg. Beth tentatively asked whether their relationship had progressed, considering Greg is still seeing Rena, but while Chelsea admitted nothing had changed, she explained how much she wanted to be with him. Later, she was surprised to get a text from Mike and at first was delighted, until she realized he just wanted to talk to her about the kidnapping. Beth wondered why she was so disappointed, and though Chelsea assured Beth she had no designs of her ex-boyfriend, especially considering he's involved with Martina, Beth wasn't so certain. One thing she knew: this wasn't the right time to tell Chelsea about the partnership with Danielle, considering Chelsea was already feeling alone and left out.

Ross invited Clark for an interview relating to David Reilly’s death, but was surprised and annoyed when Clark arrived with his attorney, Martina. Ross worried about discussing Tom Fiore in front of Martina—the fiancée of Tom's brother Mike—but Marty firmly reminded him that Clark’s entitled to have his attorney present. Clark eventually asked Martina to step outside so he could talk to Ross in private. Though she advised against it, she agreed.

Clark privately apologized again to Ross for nearly kissing him at the play rehearsal. Ross didn’t want to discuss the subject, but he angered Clark by describing Clark’s actions as offensive. Clark tossed this back at Ross by reminding him that Clark hadn’t even touched Ross, and if he were a woman Ross wouldn’t act like the victim of a sex maniac. Ross wouldn’t back down and said the topic was finished, and finally Clark bitterly agreed that the matter was over—very over. Ross tried to segue into discussion about Tom without Marty’s presence, but Clark was too savvy and invited Martina back in.

During all this, Martina waited in the corridor and, as she feared, saw Alex. He was initially worried about her appearance at the DA's office, clearly concerned that she had proof about his raping her while drugged, but Martina deflected that and demanded to know whether he'd told Danielle about the night on the yacht—because Danny seemed to know something. Alex was shaken that they'd spoken, and—though Martina explained the meeting at the country club was accidental—he ordered her to stay away from Danielle. When he left, Martina understood his words weren't a threat, but a warning: for the first time, she realized he was genuinely afraid as well.

Episode 5.15, "Cross Examinations, pt. 2"

Mike showed up at his father’s home wanting to chat, but was surprised to find Victor there instead. He tried to learn more about the Nichols family’s ventures from an inside source, and carefully asked his brother what he knew about Criterion. Victor answered but soon realized he was being grilled, and an argument ensued. Victor accused Mike of jealousy over his upcoming marriage to sexy, powerfully-connected Laurie, and also of being resentful that Victor’s no longer letting Mike or their father control his life. Astonished, Mike defended himself and revealed that he was terrified that Victor was throwing his future away for a family that possibly responsible for kidnapping and torturing Chelsea. Taken aback, Victor demanded to know what Mike meant by that, but Mike couldn’t give up any details. Finally a furious Victor stormed out of the house, unwilling to listen to Mike any longer.

Ross’s interrogation of Clark regarding David's death took a strange turn when his questions focused on Tom and Clark’s relationship, particularly Tom’s angry and violent behavior. Clark didn’t buy that Tom would be a serious threat to David. Ross suddenly switched tactics and aimed at Clark, using Clark's past as an abuse victim against him, implying that Clark might be perpetuating his father's cycle of violence. Clark was shocked and horrified at Ross twisting a confidence like that, and Martina hotly defended her client, cutting the meeting short. She warned Ross about speaking to Clark in any capacity without her presence. Ross was left alone, angry but determined to keep his feelings in control.

Later, Beth fixed dinner for Clark, still feeling proud about her productive day and wanting to share her good news about accepting Danielle's job offer. When he arrived home, he was obviously upset and paid no attention to his sister's plans, revealing that he's being considered as a murder suspect--or a motive. Beth realized Ross had turned against his friend just for nearly kissing him at a play rehearsal, but couldn't believe Ross could be so homophobic. Clark darkly said Ross is literally afraid of homosexuality--perhaps seeing it in himself. He added that the irony is that the real killer is probably walking around free: Noah Morgan. Beth refused to accept someone who'd treated her so gently (even giving her Sophie) could be that evil. Clark derided her naivete and judgment, and reminded her of whatever happened between her and Tristan; he also regretted that he couldn't lean on her considering her weakness. Beth chose to ignore her good news and focus on supporting Clark.

Mike arrived home to a somber Martina, whose earlier encounters with Danielle and Alex left her in a dark mood. Her plans to tell Mike about the night with Alex were scuttled when Mike expressed his frustration and preoccupation with his brother’s upcoming wedding. He promised her he’d be all hers once the wedding is a done deal. Marty decided to wait until Mike could concentrate on her, not wanting to put too much on his plate.

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