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Summary of Season 05: Part II of II
(Episodes 5.16 - 5.29)

Episode 5.16, "Poisoning the Well, pt. 1"

At school for the first time in a couple of weeks, Daphne was in a bad mood, knowing her chances of graduating are almost nil. Tyler’s touching little gift of a note, and his obvious delight in seeing her again, lifted Daphne’s spirits. He revealed he’d done well on his retaken SATs and might not have messed up his chances for getting into Cornell. Relieved that his constant support of her own personal dramas hasn’t harmed her boyfriend’s fuure, Daphne fondly remembered just how much she cares about Tyler—and how much he loves her. And yet she couldn’t help looking forward to dinner at Ian’s house tonight. Later at home, Daphne prepared for the formal dinner at the Nichols family’s home. Her father expressed his concern that she’s spreading herself too thin by dating two boys and work and school. Daphne defended her choices but then felt guilty at her annoyance over Doug's concerns.

Jonnie drove Hannah and Laurie to visit Father Ryan at St. Vincent’s, where the wedding will take place. The women spoke a little about the upcoming ceremony, with Ryan wondering why Victor wasn’t having the wedding at his own family church. Feeling overwhelmed, Laurie left to take a walk around the church. Hannah and Ryan spoke alone, with Ryan pressing Hannah to explain why she needs Jonnie as a bodyguard—and admitting that he’d researched Nick. When discussion turned to their past together, Ryan asked Hannah to a friendly lunch. Hannah felt compelled to accept--after the wedding.

Victor arrived at Nick’s house, intending to pick up Laurie, but ran into his future brother-in-law instead. Unable to help himself after his disturbing conversation with Mike, Victor found himself asking Nick whether he knew anything about the PlayCity disaster. When normally congenial Nick showed a hint of coolness and asked what Chelsea’s kidnapping had anything to do with either the Nichols family or Victor, Victor avoided revealing that his brother’s police investigation had led to Victor’s suspicions, just saying that Chelsea was Mike’s ex-girlfriend and thus a friend of the family. He thought he’d covered himself fairly well, but as he drove away he saw Nick calling someone.

Exploring the church, Laurie ran into Jonnie, who was waiting for her and Hannah. He tacitly expressed his dislike for Ryan and religious figures generally. He also asked pointed questions about her procrastination over the wedding plans, and brought up their discussion in the limo—when she’d mentioned wanting to run away. Flustered, Laurie berated him for being presumptuous and tactless and claimed her comments that day meant nothing. She realized she was starting to feel confused by her feelings for Jonnie, and, angry, cut the conversation short.

Episode 5.17, "Poisoning the Well, pt. 2"

Olivia had dinner with Ronald, intending to ask him for some financial advice regarding a new personal venture. Talk turned to the Aventura deal, and Ronald assured her that the project to create an online fashion hub featuring C&B's clothing was on track for a spring launch. Olivia was pleased and the discussion moved to the PlayCity disaster, including Jem and Greg's heroism--Olivia pointedly mentioned that Greg was her doctor, and also saved her life. She brought up Maxine's apparent investigation into Greg at the hospital. Ronald didn't want to discuss confidential information...but slowly realized that this topic was related to Olivia's mysterious financial opportunity.

Later, Olivia met with Maxine and offered the private investigator a job looking into the reason Tristan might have hired Del, an ex-con with a manslaughter conviction, to work for his shiny new nightclub. Olivia admitted she was worried Tristan was out for revenge against her and Frank, as well as possibly attempting to cause problems for OmniCorp. Maxine agreed to the job, and also asked Olivia if she wanted to find out more information about Del's criminal past. Olivia hesitated, knowing that Frank wants Olivia to stay away from this subject...but finally said yes.

.Hannah and Laurie returned from their trip to the church and a shopping excursion at the mall. Nick met them both and sought a private conversation with Laurie, telling her bluntly that her fiance Victor had been asking about the PlayCity disaster, and seems to be aware that the Nichols family was involved in Chelsea’s kidnapping. He warned Laurie that she'd better keep Victor away from bringing this subject, which might be fatal to either him or his nosy brother Mike--whom Nick had figured was really behind these sudden questions.

In bed with Victor, Laurie tried to find out why he was asking questions about her family, and warned him not to say anything further. Victor grew uneasy, knowing that the family had some criminal connections but hadn't realized that they were into anything violent such as Chelsea's near-death. Laurie assured him this was just a rumor started by Mike to prejudice Victor against her. Victor promised that nothing his brother says can dissuade him from marrying her next Saturday. Laurie acted pleased, though she remained privately ambivalent about the upcoming marriage.

Daphne attended a formal dinner at the Nicholses' as Ian's date. The family was friendly--in Danielle's case, too friendly, as far as Ian was concerned. Danielle insisted on a private talk with Daphne, against Ian's protests. His stepmother proceeded to isolate Daphne in a lonely section of the house, where she casually revealed that Ian is seeing an older woman--actually, several. Daphne was taken aback but pretended she knew, and claimed she and Ian have an open relationship. Danielle kissed Daphne affectionately, but made Daphne uncomfortable. When Ian interrupted them, he was furious with his stepmother and almost dragged Daphne home. Upset and hurt by the belief she's been fooling herself about Ian's feelings, Daphne privately decided she couldn't accept the job at Ian's club and vowed to quit.

Episode 5.18, "Put Away Childish Things"

Becca and Jason were driven by the Nicholses' chauffeur to her family's mansion to work on their web project. Jason was awestruck by the wealth and grandeur of Becca's family fortune, which was exactly what Becca had hoped. Before they went in to study, Becca showed off her family's stable of horses, and some suggestive discussion resulted in Jason's arousal, which he hid in embarrassment. Becca invited Jason for a drive, claiming her dad lets her use his cars to drive around the property despite her lack fo a learner's permit. Jason wisely begged off, though he knew Becca would think him a wimp. Becca slyly vowed she'd give him a ride at some point.

Rehearsing her cello solo for her brother's wedding, Julie stayed late at school and ended up meeting another avid musician: Drew Carlson, who's a gifted pianist. He offered her a ride home, and the conversation turned to why his parents had wanted him to attend the Arleigh Academy instead of Schuyler Falls schools--and why Drew was only a junior despite being 19. He revealed his history of leukemia and after recovering, entering school late, as well as being bullied and getting into fights due to other kids thinking he'd been left back due to slowness. When he was transferred to Arleigh, he also met with bullying, even after the others discovered he'd been ill. By then he was bigger than the others and was able to solve his problems with his fists. Julie was shocked that anyone would mock someone with cancer, and also intrigued that Drew was such an odd combination of artistic and tough.

Danielle asked Beth to help with some emergency dress fittings, but it turned out the work wasn't for Beth's client (and now boss), but for Hannah's daughter Heather and foster baby Hope. Beth was uncomfortable around the children, each for different reasons. The baby reminded her of her own pregnancy and the decision whether to have an abortion. And young Heather evoked Beth's unease around girls her age. Since the dresses needed to be let out, Danielle made a droll remark about Heather eating too much, which Hannah quickly defended by assuring her daughter she was healthy and beautiful. The scene brought up Beth's issues regarding her own weight--and her mother's treatment of her as a child. Touched by Hannah and Heather's relationship, Beth found her resentment dwindling and resolved to make the girl look as pretty as possible for the wedding.

Later, Beth visited her mother Elaine in the rehab unit at the hospital for the first time in several weeks. Elaine was thrilled to see her daughter but concerned over the change in her appearance--the lost weight and general unhealthy look. Beth grew defensive, especially after her earlier encounter with Hannah, and blew up at Elaine for constantly denigrating her looks and choices her whole life. Elaine was shocked and hurt, and tried to apologize but Beth wouldn't listen. She told her mother she'd had news to relay but couldn't stay--she had an appointment she couldn't miss.

Ian showed up on Daphne's doorstop after receiving a text from her where she'd quit her job at iCafe/Sorcery. He demanded an explanation, but she grew defensive and as usual they clashed before any real communication occured. Finally Ian asked her flat out if her sudden decision to quit had anything to do with Danielle. Daphne refused to reveal that Danielle had told her Ian had plenty of college-age girlfriends, but she did admit that her confusion about her feelings for Ian and Tyler is wearying, and she doesn't want to hurt Tyler--or to get hurt herself. Ian tried to get her to change her mind, and finally Daphne found herself wondering exactly why Ian cares so much whether she works with him or not. Of course he claimed he just thought she'd be good at the job, but Daphne was certain she'd unearthed a hint of his secret feelings for her. She agreed to think it over, and with renewed confidence that made Ian uneasy, agreed to go to Laurie and Victor's wedding with him.

Episode 5.19, "Remembrence of Things Past"

At the Nicholses' house, Becca and Jason took a break from working on their project when Becca asked to see the Alternate Reality Game (ARG) Jason had mentioned to her. When Jason tried to explain how the games work, Becca flirted with him one moment, insulted him the next. Fed up, Jason demanded to know why she insisted on mocking him when she seemed to want to be friends. Becca dismissed that possibility, reminding him that he's not her type and wouldn't ever fit in with her "crew." Jason hotly told her he didn't believe she was as shallow and bitchy as she pretended. Becca suddenly shut him up with a shocking kiss--his first--and tauntingly challenged him to admit that he likes her exactly the way she is... and added that if he wants any more from her, he'll have to change.

At a restaurant with Cameron, Tristan was surprised when his business partner asked him to go to his cousin Jem and seek to buy the Record--secretly acting as Cameron's proxy. Tristan wasn't thrilled by the idea and wondered why Cameron is so interested in owning a newspaper. Cameron revealed that he wants to use it to advance his political interests. Though Tristan didn't think Jem would be interested in selling, Cameron dryly noted that Jem was likely in desperate straits and far more motivated to sell. FInally, Tristan agreed to approach Jem.

Meanwhile, Jem was visited by Maxine, who came by to give him notice that her investigation is concluding soon, and she suspects him of setting fire to his own building and perpetrating insurance fraud. Jem, secretly horrified that she'd learned the truth, was outwardly indignant and tried to play the Hero of the PlayCity Disaster card, but Maxine wasn't impressed. He ordered her out. Later, a depressed and worried Jem finally visited Elaine for the first time since the building blew up. Elaine--still upset from her argument with Beth--initially took Jem to task for his neglecting to visit all this time, but soon the two were commiserating over the bleak future of the Record, which both miss greatly. Jem had to admit that the insurance wouldn't help save the paper, and no avenue to borrow money either. As they contemplated the end of the paper, Jem's phone rang--and when he answered, he was shocked to hear a certain familiar voice.

Beth went straight from her distressing visit with her mother Elaine to her appointment with Kalid, explaining the argument and how it had sprung from her seeing Hannah's behavior with her daughter Heather., comparing this dynamic with her own with Elaine, and how Elaine had constantly put Beth on diets as a child, but this only led Beth to an unhealthy relationship with food. This led to discussion about her lifelong struggles with her weight and food, alternately starving and purging herself, then binging to gain weight, both in order to be 'invisible' and hide from the ugliness in her family.

Later in the session, Kalid managed to elicit a memory from Beth about the scar on her hand, which she's always believed was her own clumsiness while making tea for her grandmother as a child. Instead, Kalid helped her see the truth: that Elaine had gotten into an argument with her husband Jack when he refused to punish eight-year-old Beth for missing school--ending with Jack viciously striking Elaine. High on speed, Elaine took her anger out on Beth, forcing the girl to pour boiling water over her own hand to punish herself. Coming to terms with this realization, and remembering the way that she'd felt toward Heather--affection, not jealousy--Beth revealed to Kalid that she's made a decision about her pregnancy: she wants to have the baby.

Episode 5.20, "Winter's Thaw"

Jonnie tried to eat breakfast with Nick, Dean and Lou, but his nerves about Friday night's scheme revolving around Operation Mousetrap made him unable to concentrate. After firming up some final details, including the possible inclusion of Ross among the intended victims, Nick assured Jonnie everything would go well. After he left with Dean, Lou remained behind. The bodyguard who rarely interacts with Jonnie suddenly revealed that he knows about Jonnie's deal, and wants a percentage of the take. Jonnie wasn't certain which of his many deals Lou was talking about until Lou pulled out a cell phone belonging to Jem, which had been dug out of the rubble at the PlayCity site. Lou knew that Jonnie was the last person to call Jem, the very morning of the explosion, which meant he was probably the one to reveal Chelsea's location. Lou demanded a payoff to keep silent or he'd go to Nick the day after Operation Mousetrap--Saturday. Jonnie was left alone, reeling about the latest threat to his life, when he received a phone call that didn't brighten up his day.

Clark was shocked that Beth plans to through with the pregnancy rather than abortion. She said this gives her more time and more options. Her brother was dubious that she'd ever seriously consider adoption. Beth was hurt when he told her she was in no condition to be a suitable mother, though she understood why.. She promised that she'd work very hard over the next several months with her psychiatrist Kalid. She added that Clark thought Elaine was a wonderful mother, but she had been just as unfit--and revealed her scar and her new knowledge that their mother had scalded her as a child. Clark, horrified, didn't believe her. Beth insisted it was true, and if Elaine could straighten herself up, why couldn't Beth have that same chance? Clark was struck by her argument but then reminded her about the baby's likely father: does she really want to be tied to Tristan--a man she fears?

Tristan visited Jem’s house, following Cameron's request to make an offer for the newspaper. Jem was unusually cagey and didn't leap at Tristan's offer to buy the paper, which Tristan claimed was because he wanted to keep the institution in their family. To Tristan’s shock, Olivia answered for Jem, having been listening in the living room—she was investing in the Record. Tristan tried convince Jem that he was making a mistake, but a newly cocky Jem rejected Tristan, since Olivia was only seeking a part-interest, not a buyout.  Olivia wondered where Tristan was getting all this money. Jem was curious too. Tristan refused to answer and eventually left, warning Jem about Olivia's backstabbing. Jem made Olivia suck up to him a little before finally agreeing to the deal.

Frank--the person who'd called Jonnie earlier--met with Jonnie at an obscure dive, wanting to check in with the man he’d placed in the dangerous undercover assignment. Frank was alarmed by Jonnie’s bitter, grim attitude and obvious fear for his own life.  Frank apologized for not being around due to his injury, but Jonnie wasn’t receptive. He just repeated that plans for Operation Mousetrap were on schedule. Frank knew something was up but couldn’t get anything more out of him. Frank then asked Jonnie what he knew about Chelsea’s kidnapping at PlayCity, revealing that he knows Cameron used to own the complex. Jonnie, alerted, claimed he didn’t know anything, but Frank suspected he was lying.

Beth thought about Clark's warning about Tristan, and finally decided to do research on the man who she believes may have drugged or somehow manipulated her into bed. She went online and read about Tristan's past--everything from the tragic deaths of his father and brother to the murder of Camilla, Tristan's ex-girlfriend. Then she read about Tristan being falsely accused of murder, and his escape to Italy, where he helped uncover the true killer--and how he'd nearly died in the process. But it was the photos of Tristan that changed her the most: the more she saw, the more she felt she understood him--and part of her, something deep inside, even remembered the line from Song of Soloman about the end of winter... a quote that, unbeknownst to her, her alter Amanda had inscribed on Tristan's watch. For the first time she felt calm, more convinced she could deal with the consequences of having the baby. Perhaps Tristan wasn't as bad as she feared.

Meanwhile, Tristan went to Cam and filled him in on the bad news about not being successful in purchasing the newspaper, and Olivia's investing in the Record. Cameron, though displeased at having been thwarted, promised Tristan he’d have his family holdings back if he were willing to follow Cam’s lead. Tristan said bluntly that he’d follow Cam to hell if it meant getting what he wanted.

Worried about Jonnie's mental state, Frank went to Ross to ask the ADA if he knew how on edge Jonnie was. Ross was furious that Frank had seen Jonnie without Ross’s authorization, and Frank was just as angry by Ross’s callous, singleminded focus on the plan rather than Jonnie’s life, and warned Ross that Jonnie might not be as tightly leashed as Ross thinks. Ross was certain he could control Jonnie, and told Frank he’d threatened Jonnie with jail time or worse if he screwed things up. Disgusted, Frank accused Ross of having lost his moral compass. Ross threw him out.

Episode 5.21, "So Near, So Far"

With Rena back at her apartment after recovering from the PlayCity disaster, Greg came over for dinner and things between them again grew hot and heavy--but when Greg’s hands went a bit too far, Rena first tried to relax and let things progress, but her mistrust of Greg and his feelings nagged at her and she called things off. Frustrated, Greg blew up and demanded to know what Rena’s problem was, if she did this with all men or just him. Rena quietly told him the truth: she has no history with men. Greg reacted first with disbelief, certain she was joking, but when she insisted she was a virgin, he was too astonished and confused by the admission to be sensitive to her feelings. Upset, she told him she hadn't revealed the truth because she'd been afraid he'd make her feel like a freak.

Greg pressed her to explain how a 31-year-old could possibly be a virgin, when there were no religious objections or traumas in her past. She said that she’d simply never felt strongly enough about anyone—except for one man back in college.  (She didn’t mention that this man was Tristan.) Secretly she still couldn't admit that Greg's womanizing past--and cheating with Chelsea--was also behind her reluctance to trust him with what she believes is a special act of love. Greg told her she’s making too big a deal out of what’s a purely natural, pleasurable experience. Rena felt strongly that she just needed more time. Greg reluctantly agreed and though he still tried to push her, they continued to kiss, with Rena using her hands to bring him relief.

Jonnie met with Hugh Vaughan at a stripclub, where they confirmed plans for the 13th and discussed Vaughan’s desire for finishing Nick off permanently. When Jonnie asked about doing the same to Ross Granger, Vaughan didn’t think the risk of killing a district attorney was worth whatever benefit he’d get out of it. Jonnie reminded Vaughan that what he wants most is a new life, somewhere safe. Vaughan asked if Jonnie had any family or anyone who’d care about his disappearance, and Jonnie admitted no—though he found himself thinking of Laurie’s similar desire to run away. Later, Vaughan offered him female companionship for the night. Jonnie agreed.

Pensive after her wedding rehearsal dinner at Nick's, Laurie walked the grounds and thought about what had led her up to this point. She remembered her past as a fatherless child in a poor South Carolina town watching her single mother, Mayella Jackson, preparing for meeting her secret lover, whom she only saw a couple of times a year. Mayella, wearing diamond earrings she only wore when this man visited, insisted that Laurie leave the house. Later, when young Laurie returned home too early, she saw an elegant, wealthy man left the house. The man introduced himself as ‘Alistair’ and seemed charmed to meet Laurie. When he left, Laurie asked if he’d be back, and Mayella tearfully replied: no.

Next Laurie remembered several years later, now with two young sisters (each by different fathers), when she arrived home to discover her mother was dead, apparently having fallen down the stairs. Laurie noticed that Mayella was wearing the diamond earrings she only wore when ‘Alistair’ came to visit. After the funeral, Laurie saw a card signed by “A.N.” Finally, Laurie recalled four years ago, when Edward Pierce arrived at her house and revealed he knew information about her father: Alistair Nichols. Laurie was shocked by the revelation. Pierce explained that he was here on behalf of Nichols’s ex-wife, who wanted to invite Laurie to New York, claiming she looked on Laurie as a responsibility who needed to be 'taken care of'.

Shaking loose from her memories, Laurie came across the small apartment above Nick’s garage where Jonnie lives. She was surprised to see Jonnie arrive home—with a woman in tow. Watching them kiss, Laurie felt desire and envy; finally she ran back to the house, unable to bear seeing Jonnie go upstairs with his date. Meanwhile, in his apartment with the prostitute, Jonnie was too stressed and afraid for tomorrow’s plan to perform. Finally the woman left, and Jonnie was left alone, frustrated, restless, and scared as hell over what he firmly believed would probably be his final day on earth.

Chelsea couldn’t sleep, worried about the surgery to help her hearing tomorrow. When Greg arrived home, she went out to see him. Greg could tell she was terrified, not just of the operation but that it might not work, that she’ll always feel damaged. He tenderly assured her that no matter what he’ll see her for who she really is. Embracing him in gratitude, Chelsea kissed him, and soon her desperation to feel alive, Greg’s own sexual frustration, and their mutual long-simmering attraction overwhelmed them. Even as they fell to the floor, Greg reminded Chelsea that if they had sex, he’d still be with Rena. Chelsea claimed she didn’t care, and finally passion took over.

Episode 5.22, "Operation Mousetrap, The Bait" (Part 1)

The morning of Chelsea’s surgery, Greg woke up in bed beside her. Though regretful for having betrayed Rena, Greg didn’t regret the night with Chelsea, though he promised he wouldn’t take advantage of her vulnerable state again. Already frightened over her operation, Chelsea was also angry and certain that their night together had been due to pity, but Greg assured her that wasn’t the case. Despite knowing he was sending the wrong message, Greg drew Chelsea to him again, and they made love one last time before her surgery.

The Stanford family waited while Chelsea was brought into surgery. Charles was anxious and his emotions led to a private quarrel with Cynthia, who wasn’t being as supportive about his decision to insist that Chelsea live with them. Cynthia reminded him of how disruptive Chelsea had been when she was a teenager. Charles still intended to do what he can to help the daughter he once abandoned.

Buoyant after depositing Olivia’s check, Jem dashed to boast to the one woman who’d most appreciate the good news—Rena, whom he was delighted to find back on temp duty at the hospital. She was initially dubious about where he’d got the money to bail out the newspaper, but when he explained that it was legit, she was thrilled that Jem’s problems would now go away--though he secretly wasn't so sure. When she embraced him, Jem was alarmed and confused by how warmly he felt toward her and was quick to back off, claiming that he had an important call to make. Rena reminded him about Chelsea’s surgery and though Jem didn’t feel comfortable visiting her, he privately wondered if he could get her a gift of some kind.

Ross took a call from Jonnie to clarify tonight's plans, starting with getting Jonnie wired for the sting. Ross could hear Jonnie's tension and apologized (somewhat reluctantly) for what Jonnie was going through, but also warned him not to screw up. Jonnie quietly warned Ross to be careful himself. Later, Maxine visited Ross on her way back to Rochester, where she was going to drop off a file at Glenford Insurance and report a case of fraud. She was interrupted by a call from the insurance company, which revealed Jem had just called to withdraw his claim...and that they're not going to pursue him for the alleged fraud. Maxine was furious and (without revealing Jem's name) told Ross she'd give him the details when she got back to Skyfalls so his office can investigate the arson accusation. Before she left, Ross gave her a long hug, suddenly worried about tonight and thinking he might not see his sister again.

Adele called a meeting with Laurie, who arrived expecting another warning to cancel the wedding. Adele surprised her by saying it was too late to cancel now, but that wouldn't stop her plans for Laurie's next "assignment" with Senator Eckhert. Laurie hotly refused and blasted Adele for her jealousy over the love Alistair Nichols had for Laurie's mother, Mayella--and realized at once she'd gone too far.

Episode 5.23, "Operation Mousetrap: The Bait" (Part 2)

The morning of Chelsea’s surgery, her brother Tyler noticed the tension between his parents, and pushed Jason to go to the cafeteria with him so Charles and Cynthia could talk. Jason was defensive when Tyler said that he thinks their father might not be thinking about what's best for Chelsea or the rest of them. Ty, who'd studied up on Chelsea's operation, told a downcast Jason to be prepared for a not-great result, since the likelihood is that Chelsea won't be helped that much by the surgery.

After the surgery, Rena found Greg outside Chelsea’s recovery room, watching her. Greg told her that Chelsea would probably remain partially deaf. He then drew Rena aside and apologized to her for what happened last night. His grimness worried Rena that he had been turned off by her sexual inexperience and her clumsiness while "giving him an orgasm" as she bluntly put it. He reassured her and said he was sorry for pushing her farther than she was comfortable with, and promised they could take things at whatever pace she wanted. Relieved, Rena apologized to him for not trusting him with the truth. Greg, guilty, told her he would never hurt her.

When Jem visited Chelsea, who was still waking from the anasthesia, he was surprised when she sleepily thanked him for last night and this morning, and kissed him passionately. Jem cockily assumed she was in la-la land remembering one of their own hook-ups, but when she groggily called him 'Greg' he was insulted, though brushed it off as another dream about her fantasy man. After leaving, he saw Greg and Rena kissing in a nearby room and grew angry and jealous all over again--and confused, too.

Adele was furious at Laurie's invoking the alleged love between Alistair Nichols and Laurie's mother, Mayella. Adele called her delusional, but suddenly seemed to give up very easily, and even gave Laurie a wedding gift. When Laurie opened it, she found the earrings Alistair had given her mother--earrings Laurie had last seen in Mayella's coffin. Horrified, Laurie realized there was no malicious act beyond Adele's power. She fled and ended up in her wedding tent, hysterical from rage and terror.

Jonnie, anxiously waiting until his meeting with Ross, walked the grounds and came across the weeping Laurie. Initially worried, he misunderstood her and thought she was just having wedding jitters, and he bitterly told her to get over her petty problems. This began a vicious argument between them and Laurie left, still in tears.

Guilty for taking his fear out on her, Jonnie followed. When he took her into a greenhouse to avoid the rain, he consoled her and admitted why he was so anxious himself--he was afraid for his life tonight. Moved and afraid for him, Laurie told him not to go. He said he was trapped and couldn't get out. Laurie, feeling the same way, grew closer and begged him to help her forget what they both had to do. Overwhelmed by desperation and need, the long-simmering pair took comfort through passion.

Episode 5.24, "Operation Mousetrap, The Switch," Part 1

In the greenhouse after Laurie and Jonnie had sex, they lay together and spoke about their fears for the future. Laurie begged Jonnie not to leave for his dangerous mission, whatever it was, but he told her he had no choice. She made him promise to come back alive, and said if he did, she'd run away with him. Feeling she'd given him something to live for, he agreed.

Hannah was angry at Nick for making these plans in revenge for the shooting that left her paralyzed. She also warned Dean that if anything happened to Nick, Dean had better be lying dead beside him or she'd make sure he'd pay for not doing his job.

While Frank and Ross watched, Jonnie was wired up by the DA's sound technician. The plan was ostensibly for Jonnie to get Nick and Hugh Vaughan in place and record their drug deal, while the cops surrounded the piers by the meeting point. Frank grew suspicious over Jonnie's cagey behavior. Later, Jonnie went to Nick, whose own sound tech removed the wire and hooked it up to a pre-taped recording of Jonnie talking--but with no one else identifiable.

A group of eight gunmen waited around the actual meeting point for their boss to meet with his enemy, planning to ambush everyone but the rival--leaving him for their boss to murder single-handedly. But they'd been betrayed, because the other side's men knew of their locations and swiftly murdered all eight, taking their places.

As Frank and Bill were supposedly stationed nearest the alleged meeting point, the two cops wondered why neither Nick nor Vaughan were showing up. Then Frank noticed blood dripping from the top of the building. He suspected something was wrong and went to investigate. At the same time, at a completely different dock than Jonnie had told Ross and the cops about, Vaughan and Nick met. Talk didn't last long before Vaughan's assistant Scanlon goaded Nick with insults against Hannah. Nick raised his gun and Vaughan used his cell phone to call his assassins to begin the ambush. But Dean had used a cell phone dampener to silence all phone activity, and Vaughan's orders were useless anyway since all his men had been killed. Nick's snipers began to shoot and killed everyone but Hugh Vaughan. Nick then took the now-dead Scanlon's gun, planning to use it on Hugh. Hugh cursed Jonnie in Gaelic for being a traitor, then ordered Nick to just kill him already. Nick complied and the rivalry was finally over.

Frank heard the shooting and discovered one of the assassins, attacking him immediately. He was shot twice but managed to kill the thug. Bill arrived and grabbed Frank safely out of harm's way. Meanwhile, in the surveillance van, Ross was shocked by the shooting since he was listening to the faked sound recording by Jonnie. A policeman named Sheppard arrived to tell him that they'd been betrayed, and had been given the wrong dock number altogether. The cop led Ross away, allegedly to safety, but he was actually working for Nick--and soon Ross found himself captured at gunpoint.

Episode 5.25, "Operation Mousetrap: The Switch," Part 2

A terrified Ross was led at gunpoint to a hidden area on the docks by Lou, where he discovered that the SFPD cop Sheppard was waiting, also with a gun--apparently he was working for Nick. Soon Jonnie arrived and confirmed to Lou that he wanted to kill Ross himself. Ross tried to talk reason to Jonnie, but a stressed and edgy Jonnie ordered him to his knees. As Ross knelt, Jonnie's gun rang out twice.

Ordered by the injured Frank, Bill left him alone to find the gruesome massacre scene and confirm that Hugh Vaughan, Lloyd Scanlon and their two bodyguards were dead. When he heard the sound of Jonnie's gunshots, he raced toward them.

Jonnie reeled from what he'd done. Finally he told Ross to get up. Ross was shocked to see that Jonnie had shot Lou and the crooked cop, saving Ross's life. Ross demanded to know why Jonnie betrayed him. Jonnie told him he wanted Nick to kill Vaughan, who deserved to die, and that Ross has been in danger since Nick first learned that Ross had approached Jonnie. Jonnie's plan all along was to arrange things so that he'd save Ross's life in order to put Ross in his debt--and thus force him to release Jonnie from the plea bargain and undercover assignment.

He revealed that there was no proof of any Nichols responsibility for the deaths tonight: Ross could claim to have killed Lou and the crooked cop. Scanlon could be used as the scapegoat who supposedly turned against his boss and killed him, but was killed in the process by Hugh's men.

Confused and still shaken, Ross couldn't agree to Jonnie's plan, saying he needed time to think. As Jonnie heard the cops approaching, he knew he had to flee. First he begged Ross one last time to be grateful, to take the credit and save Jonnie's life, since if Nick found out Jonnie was responsible for Lou's death he would be dead. Jonnie fled, leaving a dazed Ross to decide.

Nick arrived home relieved to have destroyed the man who'd hurt Hannah, but clearly affected by the killings nonetheless. Hannah cradled him close to her. Later, Jonnie arrived and claimed that Ross had evaded his fate and killed two of Nick's men.

Frank was taken to the hospital with a badly hurt shoulder among other injuries. Under painkillers, he asked Bill what happened, and Bill revealed that Ross had apparently killed Lou and a crooked cop, and that Lloyd Scanlon was responsible for Hugh Vaughan's death. Frank found this hard to believe, but was too drugged to question further.

Finally Jonnie was alone and walked around Nick's property. He was physically ill when it hit him that he'd murdered two people. But he slowly recovered, remembering his afternoon with Laurie and felt some hope for the future--maybe he could leave with her after all. When he arrived at Laurie's house, however, she was with Victor, and wouldn't let Jonnie enter. She apologized for making Jonnie come all this way for nothing. Hurt, Jonnie left and returned to his lonely room over Nick's garage...and dreaded having to go to the wedding tomorrow.

Episode 5.26, "Throwing the Bouquet" (Part 1)

The news of the multiple deaths on the docks last night raced through the region. Clark was called into the hospital for a double-shift shortly after the bodies arrived to begin the autopsies, but took a break at dawn to return home and find out exactly how close Ross had come to death. Beth awoke and tried to comfort Clark, but he was too upset and frustrated to let her; he reminded her that her sonogram appointment was in a few hours and warned her not to look at any image--it might make it harder for her to change her mind and have an abortion.

Lynn arrived at Ross's house also terrified about Ross's close call, but blasted him for not telling her anything about this dangerous situation either before or after. Ross was too tired and shaken to argue, and also guilty for being lauded as a hero for killing two men Jonnie had actually shot. He kissed Lynn but felt like a fraud--for many reasons.

Nick was thrilled at having conquered Hugh, the man who'd put Hannah in a wheelchair, but wondered what their next move should be regarding Ross, not trusting that the ADA really bought the story Jonnie sold him about Scanlon attacking Hugh. Jonnie claimed Ross would play ball and warned against going after him yet again. Nick pondered the loss of his contact at the SFPD, and wondered if corrupting Mike might be possible... if the detective''s convinced it might help Victor stay clean.

Mike and Olivia visited Frank in the hospital, with Mike enraged that he'd been left out of the operation entirely. Frank explained that Victor's connection to the Nicholses was the only reason, and that he'd tried to get the DA to change his mind about letting Mike in. Mike fretted that he had only one last chance to shake some sense into Victor, and if this massacre didn't do it, what would?

Preparations for the wedding were underway, and a resigned Laurie -- trying not to think about Jonnie -- pondered whether to wear her mother's earrings--assuming Adele had really had them removed from Mayella's corpse. She realized she had to find out the truth, and asked Victor if after the wedding they could take a trip down south to her hometown. Victor agreed even though he knew nothing about Laurie's reason for going. He also tried to get some amorous attention before the wedding, but Laurie bluntly refused, too angry and stressed--and still thinking of Jonnie. Victor was surprised by her attitude but assumed it was just pre-wedding nerves.

Daphne focused her beauty routine to impress Ian at the wedding, and her father Doug was amazed at how grown-up she looked. They shared a warm moment--nearly spoiled when Doug complimented Daphne and Daphne thought he was telling her she reminded him of her mother Nora--before he left to visit Elaine at the hospital.       

Episode 5.27, "Throwing the Bouquet" (Part 2)

At the Fiores' home the day of the big wedding, Julie worried about her cello solo, her bland dress, and her family's behavior. She blew up at her father and Anthony for having an argument about Anthony's wedding speech, which Carlo felt was a betrayal of his family.

Meanwhile, Tyler tried to help Jason with his own wedding preparations while Charles was too distracted by worries of Chelsea's upcoming post-surgery hearing tests to offer much support to his son. He was annoyed that Tyler was driving Jason to the wedding instead of welcoming Chelsea home. No one except Charles seemed to believe that Chelsea would choose to stay with her family.

Daphne chose a borrowed super-sexy dress for the wedding, hoping to prove her maturity to Ian. Meanwhile, Tyler arrived--on the way to drive Jason to the wedding--and surprised her with a Valentine's Day bouquet, but when he found out she was going to the wedding with Ian, he demanded that she make a choice and left.

Disliking that it was Valentine's Day--and her birthday, as well--Beth's day was worsened by the fact that her sonogram had to be performed vaginally due to the earliness of her pregnancy. When the doctor came across some scarring, he asked if she'd been pregnant before or ever had any medical procedures that might cause this. Beth said no and had no idea what the scarring might mean, but the doctor assured her it was probably an old forgotten infection. Meanwhile he was able to confirm that she was further along than thought: she's about twelve weeks pregnant, and will be due in late August. Beth went against Clark's advice and looked at the sonogram image, realizing that she was once that small and vulnerable, and Elaine had carried her. For once she felt empathy toward her mother.

Doug's visit to Elaine surprised him when he found her emotional over her daughter's birthday, in particular how terrible their relationship is. Elaine proceeded to admit how neglectful and even abusive she'd been to her daughter. She revealed that she'd been terrified of Beth, who would often watch everything she did and report back to her father, almost as if Beth wanted Elaine to be punished. Doug consoled her and assured her she was an amazing woman now, and the two kissed passionately for the first time. But when Beth walked in and saw them, she quickly flung a vase of flowers that exploded only a few feet from Elaine and Doug--and called Elaine a whore.

Jonnie finished talking to Nick just as the florist delivered several batches of flowers for the wedding. Laurie unwrapped them and Jonnie insisted on helping, not caring if he made her uncomfortable. But he didn't realize how hurt he'd feel watching her holding her own wedding bouquet. A final package that Laurie didn't recognize also arrived, and when Jonnie opened it Laurie shrank back in terror. Jonnie discovered the "gift" was a basket shaped like a coffin, filled with dead black roses and bearing a card that said only: Until Death...

Episode 5.28, Season Finale: "Torn Asunder" (Part 1)

Mike arrived at St. Vincent's church early, hoping for one last chance to prevent Victor's wedding. He told his brother about the massacre of Nichols family's rival Hugh Vaughan and his men at the docks last night. Victor reacted defensively and told Mike he wanted nothing to do with either him or their father if they couldn't accept Laurie. Their argument was interrupted by Nick, who was introduced to Mike for the first time. Nick reminded Mike that he was gaining access to a powerful family--which Mike privately took as both a threat and a bribe. Once alone,, Mike felt sick that he'd failed to keep this marriage from happening.

Hannah's preparations of Heather, Justin and Hope for the wedding were halted by a visit from Ryan, who finally met her children and soon her husband Nick as well. Hannah felt awkward by their interactions and also by Ryan's concerned, quiet questions about why there was so much security necessary at his church. Hannah noticed that Nick's assistant Dean was paying close attention to her behavior with Ryan, and wondered what Dean could possibly suspect--especially since there's nothing to suspect.

At the rehab unit, Doug and Elaine were shocked by Beth's (actually Bitsy's) throwing the vase and her abusive words. Doug tried to prevent her from any further actions, but Bitsy grew hysterically angry when he held her. She began battering Doug, who was still using a cane, and she kicked him viciously until he collapsed under her attack. She fled the hospital as Doug lay on the floor.

Chelsea.had a nightmare about Greg using her for sex but rejecting her once he realizes she's deaf. Waking, she discovered she'd dozed off during a hearing test. The surgeon told her that it might take as long as a year to recover her hearing--if it improves at all--and she might lose hearing even in her less-injured right ear. Distraught, Chelsea lashed out at the doctor. Cynthia (waiting with Charles) chided her for being impolite. But Charles was wholly sympathetic with Chelsea and took her side. Moved by her father's support, Chelsea was still angry and frightened. Alone, she worried that her nightmare might be real once Greg learns she's still "broken." When Rena came by to visit, Chelsea realized that destroying Greg and Rena's relationship was as easy as revealing to Rena that Greg had slept with Chelsea... twice.

Tyler dropped Jason off at the church and explained that he doesn't blame Daphne for being taken in by Ian's manipulations. He also subtly warned Jason not to be swayed by Becca. Later Jason met up with Julie and tried to help her bring her cello to a rehearsal room, but Simon insulted him and insisted he wait outside. When Jason remembered to compliment Julie's dress, Simon noticed immediately just how pleased Julie was by Jason's words.

Becca, forced by her dad Cameron to help her aunts with their preparations, went to Hannah but stopped to eavesdrop when she found Daphne already there, holding Hope in her arms. The conversation between Hannah and Daphne revealed that Hope is Daphne's sister; Becca could also see that Hannah had doubts about Hope returning to the White family's custody. Becca remembered that her mother Danielle had asked her to snoop around to find dirt on Daphne... and this certainly seemed juicy!.

Laurie, dressed and ready for the wedding, was surprised by a visit from Jonnie, who tried once more to get through to her. He admitted he'd been fooled by women before, but even if what happened between them yesterday meant nothing, he could tell Laurie didn't want to get married... or they wouldn't have slept together. Laurie snapped that yesterday had been a huge mistake. Jonnie left, and Laurie was miserable--and only felt worse when Adele stopped by as well.

Adele was amused that Laurie was wearing her late mother's earrings and said she wanted to make sure Laurie got her intended message. Laurie said bitterly she received all the messages, including the threatening bouquet. But to her shock, Adele disclaimed responsibility for the "Until Death..." note and flowers. Worse, Adele suspected that the real sender might have been Alistair Nichols--Laurie's father. Laurie didn't believe he would threaten her, but Adele mocked her fantasies of a loving father considering how he'd abandoned her all these years. Laurie realized that part of the reason Adele had brought Laurie up to New York was to see if Laurie would lead her to Alistair... a man Adele clearly wants dead. Shaken by the thought that Adele might be right about her father, Laurie was left terrified and alone... with only an hour left.

Episode 5.29, Season Finale: "Torn Asunder" (Part 2)

Martina entered the church for Victor and Laurie's wedding worried about seeing Danielle, but was first surprised to find Tristan, who was there as Cameron's guest. The two caught up just as Danielle slithered up to Marty, who was just as disconcerted at seeing the other woman as she had been before. When Danielle insisted that the photographer, Yuri Tanaka, take a picture of her and Martina, the deja vu was too much for Martina. She left quickly and had a flash of a horrifying realization: the notorious video of her having sex with Alex on the yacht must have been taken by a third party. Martina wondered if Danielle could have been there that night.

At the church, Becca used her football date, Parker, hoping to further her plan to embarrass Jason and show him up as a wimp--making him want to change his style to attract her. She encouraged Parker to act with sexual aggressiveness in front of Jason, then pretended he'd tried to assault her. To her surprise, Jason stepped up instead of backing down, but before he got in over his head with a guy twice his size, Becca pressed her 'panic button'--a security measure that brought two security guards on the scene to take care of Parker. Parker vowed vengeance. Later, Becca was privately torn by how impressed she was by Jason's bravery. During all this, her twin Simon secretly suspected Julie had a crush on Jason, and planned on getting her involved in his own scheme to win his bet.

Meanwhile, Tristan spoke with Yuri and learned that her web development firm, FireSparks, was responsible for Danielle's new investment, the Brazilian couture design shop. Tristan rushed to Cameron with the brainstorm of Cameron taking a controlling interest in FireSparks--because, as Tristan revealed to Cam, FireSparks is the developer working on OmniCorp's web presence. Since Cam and Tristan have been looking for an inside connection to Omni, this seemed like an ideal solution. Impressed by Tristan's initiative, Cam then surprised Tristan by revealing that Danielle's clothing firm had a new associate designer: Beth Durand. Now Tristan gloated at having a connection to both Omni and his former lover.

Doug attended an N.A. meeting, still bitter after his violent encounter with Beth. He vented to his sponsor John Drake, revealing that he'd had a romantic moment with Elaine at the hospital before her daughter flew in and attacked them like a harpy. He was shaken by how disturbed Beth had appeared. John expressed serious concern about whether Beth could really be a harm to Doug, Elaine or even herself. Doug said he had no idea what Beth could do.

Beth was still controlled by her young but most destructive alter Bitsy, who arrived home furious at having seen Elaine and Doug kissing, and more certain than ever that she couldn't stand having a baby inside her any longer. She remembered how disgusted she'd always been whenever Beth or the other alters had sex, with Bitsy forced to watch despite being a little girl. Now that she knew where the fetus really was--thanks to her ultrasound earlier--Bitsy grabbed a knife, lay on the kitchen floor, and proceded to cut into her own abdomen. Fellow alters Amanda and Molly tried to take control but Bitsy was too powerful and successfully felt the knife enter her flesh. But a knock on the door interrupted her. She ignored it until someone calling her name: not Beth, but Bitsy. Shocked, Bitsy painfully snuck to the door and looked out. She heard the man outside say her name again, and though at first she didn't recognize the older face, the voice was familiar. Opening the door, Bitsy stood there as the man gently told her to put the knife down. So stunned she couldn't react, Bitsy was weakened enough for Beth to re-emerge. At once Beth fell into the arms of her father--Jack Durand, who's been using the alias John Drake.

Ian couldn't recognize Daphne when he first glimpsed her at the wedding: she looked so adult and sexy. Her behavior also shook him, when Daphne took him to a private alcove and without any sign of hesitation, acknowledged her feelings for him and her intention to break up with Tyler--even if Ian rejected her. Ian tried to pretend he wasn't attracted to her but her new assertive determination broke him down, and they shared a lengthy passionate kiss. The heated moment was broken only when Daphne was certain she'd spotted Tyler through the church window. The wedding was starting but Daphne was alarmed enough to leave through a fire exit to follow Tyler. Ian went after her.

Earlier, Tyler had been waiting in the car for Daphne to leave the church, wanting to see her and Ian together and prove to himself whether she really had feelings for Ian or not. While waiting, he noticed that the four security guards who'd been surrounding the church had disappeared. Curious, he left to find them. When he rounded the east side of the building, he discovered blood on the grass. He started to call 911, but before he could finish he was stabbed in the back, then dragged along to the back of the church.

The wedding had begun. Julie started playing the cello, and ring bearer Justin started the procession, followed by flower girl Heather and matron of honor Hannah, with Hope in her arms.

Laurie tried not to look for Jonnie as Nick walked her down the aisle toward Victor and Father Ryan. Jonnie watched her and noticed that she looked almost ghostly as she met Victor at the altar. Laurie couldn't help thinking of the missing pieces of the puzzle: what had happened after she'd promised to run away with Jonnie yesterday.

After having sex with Jonnie, Laurie had gone to Adele, announcing that she was leaving town without a dime from the Nichols family. But Adele had refused to listen: Laurie would go through with the wedding and continue to play whatever role Adele and Cam asked of her. If not, Adele reminded her that those gruesome earrings taken from the corpse of Laurie's mother Mayella were just a hint of what she was capable of. Adele had then revealed that if Laurie left, Adele would need to recruit a new young woman--and who better than Mayella's other daughters Kayla and Jessie--Laurie's young half-sisters who still lived down in South Carolina? Refusing to let Adele turn the girls into virtual prostitutes, Laurie sadly vowed that she wouldn't leave. But Adele had one more surprise: she'd seen Laurie and Jonnie enter the greenhouse earlier. Adele had then warned that Nick wouldn't be pleased to find his chauffeur sleeping with his sister. Adele had demanded Laurie stay away from Jonnie, and Laurie, defeated and hoping to protect Jonnie, had promised to do so.

Laurie remembered all this as she said her vows to Victor. The pair were married and the guests applauded, even Mike, though he and his father Carlo were both miserable that Vic was now tied to the Nichols family. Jonnie, knowing none of what had made Laurie change her mind, was disgusted and looked out the window rather than face Laurie and Victor's kiss.

Outside the church, Daphne found Tyler's dropped cell phone. Ian, not liking the absence of the security guards, prevented her from going any further, gave her his jacket to keep warm, and carefully walked around the back of the church. Once there he immediately saw a pile of bodies--the four security guards and an ash-gray Tyler. Before he could do anything, he was accosted by two strangers, one of whom instantly recognized Ian as Cameron's son. Ian was held at knifepoint by one goon while the other kept a gun on him. Then Daphne appeared around the corner, saw Tyler's body, and screamed. Ian started to warn her to run, but was too late: the gunman shot Daphne.

Mike heard the gunshot even among the noise, music and applause inside the church. Alerted, he turned to the windows, where he saw Jonnie. Jonnie, meanwhile, had been looking outside and saw four limos screech up to the parking lot--and recognized Tag Vaughan inside one of them. Tag noticed Jonnie and shouted at the men pouring out of the cars to kill him. Jonnie knew Tag was seeking vengeance for his father Hugh Vaughan's murder last night, and instantly ran from the church windows, pushing everyone down for cover and screaming at Nick and Dean that they were under attack.

The Vaughan men's gunfire erupted and smashed the windows on both sides of the church, turning the wedding into a massacre. There was nowhere to hide as bodies began to fall. Jonnie, Dean, Nick, Cam and Mike, as well as Cameron's security guards still inside the church, used their own guns to defend the inside, but they were vastly overpowered. Both Jonnie and Mike were hit multiple times as each aimed at their attackers. Mike called for backup from the Cornwall police before he ran out of ammo, just as he finally realized that Jonnie must have been the insider who'd betrayed Operation Mousetrap. As he fell, Mike saw that one of his loved ones was critically injured and cried a name, but the person would never respond. Across the aisle, Jonnie lay on the ground and saw Laurie's hand, blood-covered and deathly white.




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