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Summary of Season 01: Part I of II

(Episodes 1.11 - 1.22)

Episode #1.12

Martina was able to get Tristan released on bail, though the grand jury’s indictment meant that Tristan will be facing murder and assault charges. Tristan, Martina and Philippa learned from Jem that Olivia has disappeared from the hospital. Tristan went to confirm the news and was attacked by a furious Frank, who was convinced that Tristan arranged for Livvy’s kidnapping to remove the chief witness against him. Tristan claimed innocence, but Frank didn’t buy it. Martina demanded that Mike keep the hotblooded sergeant away from her client. Their ensuing conversation ended with a new sense of understanding--and a definite spark of interest on both ends.

Chelsea, who had been staking out Jem’s hangouts for the past week with no luck, decided to give the country club one last shot. Meanwhile, Jem spoke with Elaine about his expensive plans for the newspaper; Elaine was dubious, considering Jem’s been complaining about money since arriving in SkyFalls. As Jem left for the club, Elaine was discreet about her own plans for the evening--volunteering at a place in which she’s apparently been involved: Narcotics Anonymous.

When Vanessa learned that Olivia can’t be found, her panic led her straight to the hospital, where she met up with Nurse Liscio. He confirmed her fears, and told her that ‘he’ has taken Olivia. Meanwhile, Tristan--trying to calm down after the confrontation with Frank--read a press announcement and discovered that Bertramis back in town. Two seconds later, he found himself looking into the disguised eyes of a woman looking remarkably like his supposedly dead ex-wife.

Greg and Rena, shaken by the loss of their patient, work with renewed fervor to find out what’s been causing Olivia’s illness--which requires almost constant transfusions. After work, Rena was able to tell Greg about another strange development: Oliva’s blood appears to derive nutrition only from more transfusions. The medical professionals realized that all the research in the world wouldn’t help Olivia, if she’s missing...or already dead.

Martina received a surprising phone call--from Mike, asking her out on a date tonight. She reluctantly refused because of the case. But Clark advised her to ‘go for it.’ When ADA Ross Granger happened by their table at the coffee shop, Martina took the opportunity to call Mike; she apparently didn't notice that Ross seemed a little uncomfortable with Clark. Later, at dinner, Mike and Martina couldn’t deny the friendship and feelings that were already blooming. A gentle kiss capped the evening perfectly for both of them.

At the country club, Jem instantly recognized Chelsea as the rude blonde he’d found so attractive the night of Tristan’s aborted fundraising gala. He flirted shamelessly with her, but Chelsea--still under the impression that Jeremiah Van Doren is a sixty year old man--didn’t realize that the self-styled ladykiller who introduced himself as “Jem” was the man she’s been dying to meet. After giving him the cold shoulder, she waited out the night in vain. The evening ended on a sour note when she ran into her father and his wife, who were shocked by her scheme to seduce her way into a job.

More failed parent-child bonding: Philippa came upon Tristan looking at his old wedding photos, in an album that she somehow neglected to throw out after the death of her second husband, Roald (Vanessa and Olivia’s father). They traded unpleasantries--Philippa’s coldness and resentment towards her son, Tristan’s accusation that Philippa ‘got rid’ of Olivia. Then Tristan found the picture he’d been looking for: a shot of Vanessa on their honeymoon, wearing a similar outfit to the one worn by the woman in the hospital that very afternoon. He became convinced that he had, indeed, seen his ex-wife. And she was somehow, inexplicably, alive...

A very lively Vanessa finished making love to Jonnie, and later spoke about nearly running into Tristan. Her lover tried to convince her that Tristan would never be able to find her, but Vanessa remained doubtful. She also told Jonnie that she knows where her sister is--and to find her, they will have to leave the country.

Finally, Olivia awoke and found herself on a private plane. In disbelief she stared into a pair of eyes that shocked her. And the silver-haired man told her that he was taking her back home. And called her, “my daughter.”

Episode #1.13


A jury was selected for Tristan’s trial, but neither he nor Marty were happy with the selection process. Faced with the anger and contempt of people who once looked up to him, Tristan told a saddened Martina that his destiny might lie in death or in jail, but definitely not in the state senate--so he was going to quit the senate race once and for all.

Without his daughter’s knowledge, Charles called Jem and asked if the newspaperman would give Chelsea a shot at a job. Jem, thinking that the rich doctor might be a potential investor in his paper, agreed reluctantly to interview the young woman the next day at noon. However, he was less than thrilled about the idea of having someone he assumes is a teenager scampering around his offices. Meanwhile, Charles asked Cynthia to give the good news to Chelsea--and, thinking that this might heal the rift between the two women in his life, suggested his wife act as if it were her generous idea. A cynical Cynthia agreed.

Chief Cahill chewed Frank out for attacking Tristan at the hospital, and told the over-involved cop to go on vacation--starting now. Frank, determined to find Olivia, was outraged, but had no choice but to sign out. This didn’t stop him from snooping around the hospital some more, and he learned that the silver-haired doctor he bumped into outside Livvy’s room was apparently not a staff doctor at all.

Charles’s scheme backfired. A surly Chelsea received the call from Cynthia and did nothing but snipe at the older woman. Only when Cynthia mentioned the newspaper interview did Chelsea get interested in what her stepmother had to say...but by this time, Cynthia had had enough. As a result, she spitefully (or possibly just stupidly) gave her husband’s daughter the wrong appointment time.

Around town: Against his better judgment, Clark gave his sister Beth another call, inviting her to Elaine’s birthday party. He also ran into Ross Granger, and found himself very interested in what the handsome ADA had to say...Up in Albany, Beth got Clark’s message, and found herself hearing voices, hating herself and feeling trapped...Philippa admitted to Nora that she could hardly stand the sight of her own son; later she was forced to look at him when the news announced his dropping out of the senate race...Alex and his father were overjoyed at hearing this same news, although Alex was more interested in how it would affect Martina...and Rena spent an evening watching old films, suddenly finding a major clue to Olivia’s illness while enrapt in the silent horror flick “Nosferatu.”

Mike called Martina to see how she was reacting to Tristan’s decision. Touched by his concern despite his obvious distrust of Tristan, Martina was still reluctant to accept his proposal for a date the next night. He understood her worries about how their relationship might be perceived, and Mike told her that they could take things one step at a time. Charmed, Martina agreed to go to dinner with him.

Doug told Nora that their deal (his agreement to act as ‘sperm donor’ to Nora if she gave him an alibi for Camilla’s murder) was off, since the real murderer has been caught already. Nora, knowing she couldn’t keep the truth back, finally told Doug that she was already pregnant. Doug couldn’t believe that she’d tricked him this way, and told her to get an abortion. Nora refused to go through that again--apparently she’d had one at some point earlier in their marriage, at his request, and she hated herself for it. Doug said he’d be better off without either her or their bratty daughter, whom he hadn’t wanted in the first place. As a last resort, Nora told Doug that if he didn’t stick by her, she’d tell the hospital board all about his drug habit. Doug knew he couldn’t fight this kind of blackmail. And worst of all, when he started to leave the room, both he and Nora were horrified to discover that Daphne had heard the entire ugly argument.

Vanessa took Jonnie with her to the one place she knew she could find her sister Olivia--a small island in Italy. Jonnie was curious about her contacts, who apparently allowed her to charter a plane for the trip, but Vanessa wasn’t forthcoming with the information. Never the less, the lovers began the long journey with hope and excitement...but ended it in terror when a violent storm sent the tiny plane slamming into the side of a mountain.

Episode #1.14


Despite being on enforced vacation, Frank continued to search for Olivia. From a photograph he found in her office, he discovered that the doctor he saw near her hospital room bears a striking resemblance to her father Roald--who died four years ago. Assuming this doctor was a relative, he made plans to head to the Ortiz family house in Capraia, Italy, as depicted in the picture. Later, Mike voiced his concerns about Frank’s obsession with the case. He remarked that Frank’s need to protect women might stem from Natalie--Frank’s former wife. Taken aback by this theory, Frank did not tell his friend that his trip to Italy was related to the search for Olivia.

Olivia woke in a strange--but somehow familiar--bed. Her memory of seeing her father on the plane seemed shaky, but was proven accurate when Roald Ortiz answered her cry for help. The joyful reunion was interspersed by her justifiable resentment over the tears she’s shed for a man who pretended to be dead. But he explained that for reasons she cannot yet understand, he had to leave his old life behind; his health was declining, his business matters were suffering--he had no choice. Confused, Olivia was none the less thrilled to be with her beloved father again.

Vanessa and Jonnie survived the plane crash, although the pilot was not as lucky. Jonnie felt very strange, but the pair made their way to the island of Capraia. Vanessa revealed that since her faked death, she has been helped by a man she calls ‘the leader’ of a society based on the island--her supposedly dead father Roald. Later Roald met Jonnie, and was displeased by Jonnie’s remarks calling his society a ‘cult.’

Jem waited for Chelsea to arrive for the noon appointment set up by Charles the other day, but was annoyed when she never arrived. When Chelsea arrived at one--as Cynthia instructed her--she was frustrated to find that Jem had gone to lunch. Sneaking into his office, Martina gave a speech that lambasted the prejudice of the police department and the DA’s office. Tristan had a terrible flashback of seeing himself stabbing Officer Branscomb, a vision brought about by seeing Jim standing next to the Branscomb family. Afterwards, Martina and Mike had a date, where they continued to grow closer. But they were interrupted by Alex. Alex expressed surprise that Mike would be seen with Martina, but didn’t elaborate. Martina admitted later that Alex is her ex-fiancé.

Rena came to Greg, hyped up with an idea that she thought up the previous night while watching “Nosferatu” -- the similarities between Olivia’s blood disorder and a certain gothic legend...

In Italy, Jonnie was horrified to learn from Roald that the old man, his daughters, and his entire ‘society’ are the Assetato di Sangue, or The Bloodthirsty--in short, a cult of people who drink blood. Vanessa explained that they’re not supernatural vampires, but simply people born with a condition that makes them need and crave blood. The ‘di sangue’ live longer, are stronger, and are far more resilient than ‘normal’ people. Jonnie was disgusted, but Vanessa urged him to think it over: forgetting the religious aspect of the cult, the truth is that Roald is the head of a rich empire, and they could take part in it. Jonnie told her he’d never become one of them, and started to run away. But Vanessa had the last words: It was too late--Jonnie already was one of them.

Episode #1.15

Jonnie learned more about the di sangue, the cult of which Roald Ortiz is leader--and which he is now, unwillingly, a member. Vanessa explained that she had been slowly mixing her blood with his over the past few months. Horrified and angry, he ran away into the woods. But his new hunger for blood took hold of him, and as hard as he tried to fight it, he grabbed a small animal and tried to satisfy these unsettling urges. In the end, he was forced to return his sick, weary body to the castle, and to Vanessa--the only person who could help him.

Around town: After secretly considering Rena’s physical attributes, Greg considered Rena’s theory about the possible basis in reality of the vampire myth. He was dubious, but agreed to research the legends and look for further clues...Nora realized that Daphne had heard the entire argument with Doug the other night, including the part where she revealed her pregnancy. Daphne contemptuously told Nora that she felt sorry for any child who was being used to keep together a pathetic marriage...Clark ran into Ross at the health club, and they played a rough game of squash together. Clark was certain Ross was sending out signals, but the other man seemed to make a point of avoiding contact with him. Later, his disappointment over Ross’s brusque treatment turned into happiness when his sister Beth called and agreed to attend Elaine’s party. Chelsea met up with Mike and told him about her job offer--Jem apparently changed his mind and offered her a position with the newspaper.

At the trial, Alex’s expert witness told the court about Winston Campbell’s past, and gave his opinion that Tristan has spent his life trying to emulate his father in everything, even to the point of copying his brutal crimes. He emphasized that this was not an insane man’s fantasy, but a calculated, premeditated course of action. Before Martina could cross-examine him, the son of one of Winston’s victims leapt up and flung a vial of red ink at Tristan, crying out “Like father, like son!” Tristan was left covered in what looked like blood.

After the day in court was finished, Tristan told Marty that he dreaded having to tell Philippa about the obscene pictures of his brother--but he had no choice, now that it was obvious Alex was delving into the Campbell family skeletons. His subsequent discussion with Philippa did not go at all well. She refused to believe that Philip had any deviant tendencies, and accused Tristan of resenting her relationship with his brother, and of purposely trying to spoil her memories of her beloved son. Tristan left the house and decided he’d better stay elsewhere until he felt able to return to his own home.

Alex cornered Marty in the courthouse parking lot. She accused him of setting up the incident in the courtroom. When Alex noticed that Mike was walking up to them, he pulled Marty into a passionate kiss. Mike--who had been taken to task by Chief Cahill for his relationship with Martina earlier that day--was hurt and jealous, and asked if she was using him and Alex to help her case. She denied such machinations, but he didn’t believe her.

A distressed Philippa showed up in Doug’s office, seeking comfort from the doped-up doc, who seemed unusually bitter. But he did what he could when she broke down in tears, revealing a surprising vulnerability. Vulnerability turned into shock when Nora broke in, interrupting their embrace, and basically announced her pregnancy.

Mike’s conversation with his father about Frank’s Italy trip was overheard by Bertram, who was at the restaurant trying to shmooze with Ronald Granger and his wife, Frances. Bertramimmediately went to find a phone...Later, Vanessa told her father that a detective from Schuyler Falls was in Italy, most likely searching for Olivia. Roald told her not to be concerned--if Frank got to be troublesome, he would be taken care of.

From the Sam Adams Inn, Tristan called Marty and told her that in order to stop the trial before the photographs were made public, he wanted her to try to cut a deal with Alex. In low spirits after her argument with Mike, Martina told him to wait, and he reluctantly agreed--but also made her promise to do whatever possible to prevent the photos from coming out.

Episode #1.16

Vanessa taught Jonnie the joys and horrors of his new life. After his first kill, Jonnie was conflicted by feelings of disgust and a new sense of strength. She consoled him and explained that normally, a first feeding occurs at a special communal ceremony, where a sacrifice is made for the sake of the new member of the cult. Olivia, she told Jonnie, will experience this ceremony tomorrow night...despite not even knowing what she is yet. That same day, Roald Ortiz told Olivia that Vanessa is also still alive. The sisters’ tense reunion was not what family albums are made of...

Frank started his investigation in Italy by finding the house he’d heard described as belonging to the Ortiz family. But after trekking up Mount Castello, he spoke with a woman who denied knowing anyone by the name Ortiz. Later, the woman was revealed to be Roald’s assistant (and possibly lover), Catarina. Roald told her to have Frank followed... Frank continued to snoop around, ending the very long day at a church. But the priest regretfully told him that he did not recognize the Ortizes either, although he did offer to pray for Olivia. After the old man left him alone, Frank lit a candle for Camilla.

After the prosecution continued digging up dirt on the Campbells, Tristan was convinced that Alex would turn next to Tristan’s brother’s past. He told Martina to seek out a deal, no matter what the cost. Martina reluctantly agreed. But Alex refused to even consider a deal, telling Marty he was determined to finish out the trial.

Elaine invited Clark for dinner, and asked him about his love life. Clark told her that though he was interested in Ross, Ross appeared to be repulsed by Clark’s physical presence--not exactly a good sign that a relationship is in the offing. Elaine mentioned the possibility that Ross isn’t gay, but Clark wasn’t so sure...Later, conversation turned to Elaine’s birthday party, but Clark--not wanting to get his mom’s hopes up--didn’t mention the fact that Beth had agreed to attend.

Friends Rena and Tristan re-bonded at the Adams Inn, where Tristan has been staying. Rena apologized for staying away from him for so long, but Tristan said he understood. Still trying to solve the puzzle of Olivia’s disease, she started asking him questions about Vanessa’s health. His responses indicated to Rena that Vanessa shared Olivia’s syndrome. Tris told her the secret he’s been keeping: he thinks Vanessa might be alive. Touched that he would confide in her, Rena told him that she believed him.

Mike tried to make up with Martina, but she remained adamant that their relationship be put on hold until after the trial--this is the only way to prove she’s not using him. Meanwhile, Chelsea accepted the internship at the paper, despite Jem’s attitude and the fact that the job has no salary. And the assignment Jem gave her wasn’t particularly enthralling either: a children’s ski contest. Later, she went to see Mike at the police station in hopes that he’d join her for a celebration. Mike told her he wasn’t in the mood, and intended to try one more time to see Martina. Telling him that apologizing yet again would make him look weak and unattractive, Chelsea expertly manipulated him into deciding against this idea, and got him to go out with her instead. Mike still felt a twinge of regret.

Alone in her office, Martina was working late when Alex dropped by. Gloating, he ‘warned’ her that he would indeed be introducing the photos of Philip Campbell into evidence tomorrow. Martina tried again to get him to consider a deal, but Alex just laughed. She asked him why he was being so stubborn, since Tristan was no longer a threat to his father’s re-election. Alex said that on the contrary--he does consider Tristan a threat--a threat to Alex’s relationship with Martina. She belongs to him, he told her. Martina told him that he was wrong on all counts, but Alex refused to believe this. All her pleas went unanswered, and Alex left her alone. Martina broke down, miserable that she’d failed to save Tristan from what he feared most--having the photos of his brother revealed in court.

Vanessa told Jonnie that they were responsible for getting Olivia’s sacrifice. She had already told him that the blood for these communal feasts has to come from a virgin--a superstition, but never the less, a tradition that her father wants her to follow. With a somewhat mysterious smile, Vanessa told Jonnie that she knew just the right place to go for her dear sister’s first meal...

Alex reappeared at Marty’s office, and--supposedly having a sympathetic change of heart--told her he was willing to give Tristan a plea bargain. But the deal had a price: Alex wanted Martina to have sex with him, now, on her desk. She told him what he could do with his suggestion, but Alex then described, in graphic detail, exactly what would happen to Tristan should a deal not be struck. If Tris’s fragile mental state doesn’t result in suicide, Alex told her, prison life would destroy a man like Tristan--a cop killer whose cries for help would go unheeded by prison guards. Desperate to save her friend, Martina tearfully agreed to Alex’s sadistic request.

Episode #1.17




Vanessa’s choice for Olivia’s first ‘meal’ was Sister Margaretta, a young nun imprisoned in a cruel mental institution. Margaretta has not spoken or shown any emotion since drinking the communion wine she poisoned herself in an attempt to kill the head of a village church, Father Christophoro. But Roald refused the offering, since the woman’s poisoned blood would kill the weakened Olivia. Jonnie wanted to free the apparently catatonic young woman, but Roald decided instead to use her for his own twisted pleasure...

After sleeping with Alex in accordance with their agreement, a grim Martina returned to court looking forward to telling Tristan that she’d made a deal. But to her shock, Alex continued with the trial, telling her privately that she had no recourse against his renegging. He then began with the terrible testimony about Philip, revealing the photographs and the young man’s deviant sexual and violent behavior. Martina recovered her aplomb long enough to perform a good cross examination--the jury heard that Philip was plainly remorseful for his actions--but later found herself resentful and bitter at Tristan.

Chelsea’s first photo shoot went sour thanks to a bunch of rowdy children and a fight with Cynthia. She returned the film to the newspaper, where she listened to Jem’s bragging. In particular, he was proud about having been responsible for the courtroom incident in which Tristan had a vial of blood-red liquid thrown at him.

Rena and Greg continued to work together, and a joke by Greg--regarding vampires and garlic--led Rena to think that this might actually be a clue to a cure to Olivia’s condition... Elaine’s birthday party was a success, although the person Elaine wanted most to see--her daughter Beth--did not appear. Clark was also disappointed in his sister but tried not to let his mother see this. But at the end of the night, when Elaine was alone in her house, Beth appeared.

A fed-up Jonnie, revolted by Roald’s behavior, went in to see Olivia. Olivia’s shock at seeing Jonnie in Italy turned to horror when Jonnie revealed the secret that Roald has been keeping from her: that she is doomed to drink blood, just like her father and sister and Jonnie himself. Vanessa was furious at Jonnie, and worried about how Roald would react...

After doing some more investigating, Frank returned to the priest he’d spoken with the night before, wanting to know why the man lied about not knowing who Roald Ortiz was. The priest explained that he did not want to spread rumors about a man who valued his privacy. After Frank left, however, Roald appeared with the nun, Sister Margaretta. He called her a ‘gift’ for his friend, Christoforo. And the Padre eyed the unconscious young woman with a most unpriestly gaze.

Episode #1.18




Beth’s family reunion was marred by her own inability to connect with her mother and brother. Her coldness towards Elaine troubled and angered Clark, who tried to get his sister to explain her odd behavior. His words triggered a defensive, bitter voice in her mind, telling her to refuse to speak any more about Elaine.

Roald’s efforts to explain their lifestyle to a shocked Olivia failed, and she refused to take part in the ‘first blood’ ceremony. Angered by her accusations, Roald told her she had no choice in the matter. Later he ordered that his daughter be sedated. His fury was then directed at Jonnie, for telling Olivia about her heritage against Roald’s wishes. Vanessa was torn between defending her lover and rationalizing Roald’s actions to Jonnie.

The case against Tristan hit a standstill when the prosecution asked for a continuance due to missing witnesses Frank and Jonnie. Martina was relieved, but her pleasure dimmed when she saw that Mike was next up on the witness list... Thanks to the continuance, Tristan had the afternoon off from the trial. He returned to OmniCorp to get caught up in its affairs, but found that Ronald Granger had taken over his office “just in the interim.” Philippa was behind closed doors with Ronald, but Tristan pulled her out in order to clear the air between him and his mother. But she was still livid over the revelations about Philip, and lashed out at her son for allowing it to happen. The two parted, bitterness and ugly accusations still hanging in the air.

Vanessa cruelly taunted her sister, telling her the gory details about life as a member of the di sangue. As a drugged Olivia grew more and more horrified, Vanessa also let slip the information that she is now sleeping with Jonnie--Livvy’s former lover. Feeling trapped by everyone plotting against her, Olivia tried to escape--egged on by Vanessa. But Roald caught her and returned Olivia to her room.

Frank went to the Capraian police and asked for help. The man who spoke with him, Antonio Rosetti, gave him the lowdown, and Frank finally got confirmation that Roald is alive. But Rosetti was unaware of the cult’s true nature, and so Frank did not realize just how dangerous the di sangue are. On his way back to his penzione, Frank was followed and attacked.

Father Christoforo gave his maid the night off and approached his ‘gift’ from Roald--Margaretta, the nun who had wanted him dead, bound for security’s sake to his bed. While telling her of his plans for her, the priest was interrupted by her frustrated attempts at speech. He had just untied one hand, preparing to take her innocence, when she at last was able to reveal that Roald had already taken it from her. Aghast and enraged at Roald’s treachery, Christoforo left to confront his friend--but warned Margaretta that he would be back for her, virgin or no virgin. Christoforo’s accusation fell upon deaf ears with Roald, who told the powerless priest that he’d raped Margaretta to punish Christoforo for speaking with Frank. Christoforo needed a lesson, Roald said, in who was really in charge here on Capraia. Things got even worse for the corrupt padre when he returned to his home and found that Margaretta had escaped.

Rena’s attempts to advise and console Martina backfired when she told Marty that it was probably for the best that she’d broken up with Mike. Marty blew up and accused Rena of being holier than thou, of being judgmental, and of never taking risks or allowing herself to make a mistake. Of course Rena wasn’t aware that Marty’s anger was really directed at herself, for having made the wrong choice as far as sleeping with Alex to get Tristan a deal. And Marty’s rash words struck a chord with the hurt and confused Rena.

The 'first blood' ceremony began, and Jonnie was only one of the two reluctant participants. When Roald led Olivia to the dying sacrificial victim, she pleaded with her father not to do this to her. He of course ignored the request, and grabbed her throat to force the blood into her mouth. Jonnie tried to stop him, but Vanessa held him back, and Olivia became a di sangue. Sickened, Jonnie ran away from the castle.

Alone in his room, Frank bandaged himself up and started to rest--but a knock on the door startled him. Thinking it was another attacker, he took his gun and went to answer the door--and found Jonnie Adair staring at him.

Episode #1.19




Jonnie told a dubious Frank about the di sangue and their murderous ways. Frank thought the young man was bluffing his way out of a kidnapping charge, but when he thought about his attack the night before, he realized that Jonnie’s story seemed to make sense. His belief strengthened when he found out that his contact at the Capraia Police had met with a deadly ‘accident.’ Meanwhile, Jonnie was worried about the cut on Frank’s hand--had the attacker turned Frank into a di sangue? Frank brushed the thought aside, and told Jonnie to get back on Vanessa’s good side.

Mike’s direct testimony strengthened the case against Tristan. Martina later subjected him to a grilling that implied the police force was biased, Frank was a loose cannon, and no one had followed up on the idea that Tristan had been framed. When she ran into him away from the courthouse, they tried to reconnect--but her lack of self-esteem and mistrust wouldn’t allow her to accept his offer of friendship.

When Jim testified about the discovery of Branscomb’s body, Tristan had a flashback that again depicted him standing outside himself, watching as if someone else was prodding him to kill the policeman. But he saw his own face beside him--not another person. The realization frightened him, and once the day was over he went for a long walk...

Beth was on her own walk through the woods when something triggered a breakdown. Her panic attack seemed to bring out a different personality--a fearful young girl inside her, who resented Beth for bringing her back to Schuyler Falls. She collapsed into tears, and huddled on the ground, paralyzed. Tristan came upon her and--though he recognized her from the Adams Inn (where they were both staying)--he was unable to understand what was wrong with her. But her words, the fear of being brought back to her childhood home, made him suddenly remember Olivia’s childhood home: Monte Castello.

Once Tristan had calmed the little girl down, Beth reappeared, and was shocked to find herself being confronted by this strange man. She ran away and headed back to the Inn, filled with shame at her behavior. At once she decided she had to leave Schuyler Falls, and despite Elaine’s pleas, the troubled young woman stuck to her decision.

On his way back to the castle, Jonnie was astonished to run into another troubled young woman--Margaretta, who was dazed and lost. He took her back to the sea cottage Vanessa had told him about, and tried to understand what had happened to her. She was able to communicate enough to tell him that Roald had brought her back to Father Christoforo, but before he could figure out what Christoforo wanted with her, Vanessa appeared. Jonnie was able to leave the cottage without Vanessa finding out about Margaretta.

A saddened Rena--who took Martina’s insulting remarks of the other day to heart (although Martina later went to her to apologize)--asked Clark if he thought she was a prude. He advised her to loosen up, but to do it at her own pace. She tried out a new attitude in front of Greg, who didn’t notice the effort she was making. Rena told him that the tests of the potential cure for Olivia’s disease hadn’t been returned from the lab. Greg told Rena to call him when the results came back--even though he was going skiing with a date this weekend. As Rena did her best to ignore the feelings of distaste, he blithely went on about his dating dilemma--which of his two lovers should he take to the upcoming Crystal Ball?

At the hospital, Nora overheard Philippa and Doug in a post-coital conversation. She watched Philippa disappear down the firestairs in what was obviously a routine for her following a lovemaking session with Doug. Her world collapsed when she realized how she’d been betrayed. Later, Daphne noticed her mom’s odd behavior, and told Nora to do whatever it was she had to do to get over it. She cryptically mentioned that Nora had acted exactly the same way two years ago...

An excited Tristan showed up at Rena’s door and told her that he was rushing off to Italy to find Olivia. He gave her a note to give Martina, and pleaded with her not to tell their mutual friend that he was leaving--at least, not until he had a long head start. Unable to refuse him, Rena agreed.

Episode #1.20




A frustrated Martina learned from Rena that Tristan had fled the country to find Olivia. Not surprisingly, his detailed note didn’t convince the police that he wasn’t merely escaping the trial, and Cahill sent Mike and Jim to Italy to catch the fugitive. Martina insisted on coming along, just as Tristan had predicted.

Jonnie and Olivia connected over their mutual situation, although Olivia was none too trusting of Jonnie’s motives. After recalling the beginnings of their affair, Jonnie asked her if she was certain Tristan had attacked her back in the parking lot. He started to talk to her about his new suspicions about Vanessa, but Vanessa herself interrupted them. She told Livvy that she would be taking her hunting later, knowing full well how this would affect her younger sister. When Vanessa and Jonnie were alone, Jonnie accused her of wanting to hurt Olivia. Vanessa told him to mind his own business. And, mindful of the necessity of staying on her good side, Jonnie agreed.

Rena learned the results of the preliminary testing on the cure to Olivia’s disease--which appeared to work! She called Greg, who was on his way to his ski weekend with his girlfriend Cheryl. He was cautiously happy, but said they were stymied by the fact that there was no Olivia around on whom to test the serum. He agreed to return to Schuyler Falls ASAP. But after hanging up with him, Rena realized that there was a way to get the serum to Olivia. Throwing caution to the wind, she headed to the airport to get Martina a sample of the cure.

Bertramcalled Vanessa and told her that--according to a spy in the police department--Tristan was on his way. Instead of being upset by this news, Vanessa was eerily pleased by the notion of her ex-husband’s arrival. Jonnie left the castle and went straight to Frank, telling him about Tristan and the spy. Frank was shocked at the discovery of a dirty cop, and called Mike to warn him. But Mike had already left for Italy...and besides, as Jonnie cautioned him--who’s to say that Mike himself isn’t the spy? Frank shook off the idea, and told his new partner that they’d better come up with a plan to get into the castle...and soon.

Hanging out with Tyler at his house, Daphne played basketball and complained about her parents. She happened to let slip in front of Tyler’s younger brother Jason that her father is hooked on drugs. Tyler expressed uneasiness at her lack of restraint, but Daphne claimed she didn’t care who knows....Meanwhile, at the hospital, when Greg found out what Rena had done with the serum, he went ballistic. He warned her that her job could be in jeopardy. Once again, Rena was taken to task for her stubborn certainty in her own rightness.

After being questioned by the police about her son’s reckless escape, Philippa ran to her lover Doug for comfort. He was surprised by her concern, considering her evident lack of love for her surviving child. Philippa tried to explain herself to him: how Winston had taken Tristan as his heir apparent, leaving her with no role in the boy’s development. Philip, on the other hand, was hers and hers alone. Winston’s subsequent descent into homicidal madness--Philip’s suicide--Roald’s ‘death’--all these tragedies left Philippa hardened. And as if that weren’t enough, now she must face Tristan’s fate.

Tristan rode the ferry ride from Elba to Capraia filled with memories of his relationship with Vanessa. Seeing her for the first time when she auditioned at Boondoggles...their first passion-filled date...and their whirlwind courtship, leading to a secret marriage. Their brief joy ended when Tristan brought her home to meet his family at last--and discovered that Vanessa was Roald’s daughter. On the boat, Tristan’s reveries were interrupted by a supposed stranger--Catarina, Roald's assistant. Of course, Tristan was unaware of her relationship to Roald (just as he was with Vanessa)...

Unfortunately, Doug was in no mood to be sympathetic, thanks to his increasing reliance on his drugs. His insensitivity infuriated the unusually vulnerable Philippa. She warned him that he was headed for a fall, and left him in a huff. As usual, she entered the fire stairs to avoid being seen leaving Doug’s office...and ran straight into Nora, who was waiting for her. Nora told the astonished Philippa that she knew about the affair, and that Nora would put an end to it--just as she’d done before, with a female doctor, a nurse, and...Olivia. Nora admitted that she was the one to poison Olivia with insulin. And, almost apologetically, she attacked her best friend, pushing the older woman down a flight of stairs.

Unaware of his mother’s plight, Tristan arrived at the Ortiz castle, and was surprised by how easy it was for him to enter the apparently deserted house. But when Tristan went looking for Olivia, he came face to face with Vanessa instead. Her greeting words to her former husband were ominous: “Welcome to my home. I hope you like it. Because you won’t be leaving.”

Episode #1.21

Learning about Philippa’s ‘accidental’ death sent Doug into a downward spiral of self-destructive behavior. Rena was also shocked by the news, primarily for Tristan’s sake. Afraid for her friend’s life and sanity, she broke down in front of a surprised Greg, who sought to comfort her--all the while trying to understand both Rena’s feelings for Tristan, and his own strange feelings of jealousy. But a drug-addled Doug interrupted them and misunderstood Greg’s intentions. After a few nasty comments by the chief of staff, Rena left in tears.

Sensitive Jason asked Daphne if she was really telling the truth about her father’s drug habit; she confirmed that she was. But when she explained that Doug’s addiction focuses on prescription medication, Jason didn’t think this was likely. Daphne, with ulterior motives, told the naive teenager to ask his own father if he didn’t believe her. Tyler warned Daphne that Jason was likely to get Doug in big trouble by talking to Charles. But the chief of staff’s daughter didn’t seem to mind this prospect.

After finding Vanessa in Olivia’s bedroom, Tristan had a less-than-stellar reunion with his ex-wife. Demanding to know Olivia’s whereabouts, he learned that she was ‘out hunting’ -- a revelation that made no sense to him. Even less understandable was Vanessa’s revelation that Roald is still alive. But Tristan remained focused on Olivia. Vanessa hinted that her plans for her sister were grim indeed...

Since Vanessa was otherwise occupied, Olivia’s first ‘hunting’ experience was undertaken with Vincenzo, one of Roald’s acolytes. Vincenzo astounded her with the notion that there was, in fact, a way out of being di sangue--one that involved stabbing a major artery and nearly dying. Olivia, afraid, still considered the idea. But when Vincenzo actually gave her a knife, she came to her senses and refused. The huge man then decided to take care of the job for her. Olivia realized that this whole thing was Vanessa’s plan to kill her. She tried first to escape, and then to seduce her way out of the dilemma, but Vincenzo was relentless. He thrust the knife down at her heart--the only vulnerable spot on a di sangue...

Jonnie and Frank climbed Monte Castello to reach the castle, but first Jonnie stopped off at the sea cottage to check on Margaretta. The empty room made him think she’d run away, but his detective friend was able to figure out that she’d been taken--presumably by Roald or Father Christoforo. The ensuing conversation, regarding Roald and Vanessa’s superstitions about the church and its symbols, led Frank at last to understand the true meaning behind one of the clues in Camilla’s murder case--her torn crucifix.

Vanessa’s reminiscing about her love life with Tristan also led to thoughts about Camilla. Tristan accused Vanessa of murdering the young waitress, but Vanessa remained coy. He lost control and, despite her gun, tried to shake the information out of her. Impressed by his passion, Vanessa finally admitted what he wanted to know: Yes, she killed Camilla.

Martina, Mike and Jim arrived in Elba, still facing a long ferry ride to Capraia. Mike offered a massage to a tired Martina, and the physical closeness reminded both of them just how attracted to one another they are. Mike’s gentle kiss brought Martina close to tears, for reasons he couldn’t understand.

Later, when they arrived on Capraia, the three waited for the island’s only cab to return and pick them up. Martina went off by herself, soon followed by Mike. His sweet, encouraging, complimentary words meant a great deal to Martina, who still felt remorse and anger at herself for agreeing to Alex’s sinful deal. At last she gave in to her emotions, and the couple--who agreed to start over again--embraced with a passionate kiss. But their happiness was overshadowed by a puzzling discovery: Apparently the cab had arrived while they were talking, and Jim--unaccountably--went off to Monte Castello without them.

Back in Schuyler Falls, Jem learned about his cousin Philippa’s death. His main concern was finding space for the juicy story, and whether he could safely imply that she had committed suicide...A miserable, grieving Nora looked at her morbid collection of news articles, detailing the deaths of Doug’s other mistresses. She wept and begged Philippa to understand that all these crimes were really Doug’s fault, not Nora’s.

Jonnie and Frank finally arrived at the castle, and were stopped by two of Roald’s burly assistants, who told them that Roald had arrived just moments ago. One of the assistants recognized Frank as the American policeman. Surprisingly, Jonnie agreed, and told them that Frank thought he was here to save Olivia. He then grabbed Frank’s gun and turned it on the cop. When Frank tried to get his weapon back, Jonnie struck him in the head with it and kicked him to the ground. Again leveling the gun at Frank, Jonnie told him mockingly that he’d trusted the wrong man...

Though he’d guessed that Vanessa killed Camilla, Tristan still couldn’t believe she was cold enough to murder her own sister. Roald entered the room and asked where Olivia was. Vanessa claimed ignorance, and also pretended that she’d caught Tristan skulking about the house. Roald went ballistic when he recognized the face of the man behind the attempted murder of his beloved Olivia back in Schuyler Falls. He attacked Tristan and demanded to know if he had done something to Olivia yet again. But Tristan was finally putting the puzzle together. He accused Vanessa of masterminding the whole plot--working with Jonnie to frame him, stealing the baseball bat from his office...and attacking Olivia herself. Hoping to silence his accusations, afraid that Roald would believe them, Vanessa raised the gun once more.

Episode #1.22

Jonnie's betrayal of Frank to the two cult members turned out to be staged; the ruse worked and Jonnie and Frank raced to find Olivia.


Roald advanced on Tristan with murderous intent, but Tristan tried to stall for time by revealing Vanessa's plan to have Olivia killed. Roald didn't believe him at first, but the facts couldn't be denied. Attacking his older daughter, Roald demanded to know what she'd done to Olivia. Vanessa tried to explain that yes, she'd had Olivia killed by his servant,Vincenzo, but it was out of jealousy for Roald's love. This hardly mattered to the enraged Roald, who used a knife to pierce Vanessa's heart. He advanced on Tristan but gunshots caught his attention, and he ran to investigate.


After having been stranded at the docks by Jim Bonkovich, who took the island's sole taxicab in an apparently impulsive desire to hunt for Tristan alone, Mike and Marty tried to understand what was going on. Mike went to call the police station back home, and also listened to his messages-including one from Frank, telling him that there was a dirty cop on the force. Marty put two and two together, and asked Mike if it was possible for Jim to be the traitor. Mike found it hard to believe, but was willing to listen…


Concerned about Daphne's tales about her father, young Jason wandered into his own father's study to ask if it was true that one could be addicted to prescription medicine. Charles was busy trying to write a statement for the hospital regarding Philippa's death, but he took a moment to grill Jason to see if the boy was talking about himself. Jason pretended he was just settling a bet, and Charles-who didn't believe him-never the less responded that yes, prescription drugs can be addictive. Jason left, and Charles overheard Daphne's voice in the background. He began to wonder if Doug's daughter was involved in Jason's sudden interest…


Despite everything she'd done to him, Tristan found himself trying to comfort Vanessa as her life's blood drained from her. She had no apologies for her actions, but gave Tristan the satisfaction of knowing the truth: she had killed Camilla out of revenge for the alleged car accident, and for her role in breaking up their marriage; she'd used her knowledge of Tristan's poor drinking habits to work with Jonnie to get him drunk and leave him without an alibi for the night of Olivia's attack. She'd stolen the Ty Cobb baseball bat from Tris's office and used it to beat Olivia.


Her final revelations were even more shocking to Tristan, since they came as an utter surprise. Philip was not insane-he was, in fact, a di sangue. Much as she had infected Jonnie with the disease, she'd done the same thing to Philip years ago. His farm activities had nothing to do with sex-it was Philip's pathetic attempt to avoid having to kill people for the blood he found himself craving so desperately. The only reason the young man was naked in those pictures, Vanessa explained, was that he didn't want to get the animals' blood on his clothes. And he killed himself because he couldn't stand the horrific life he was leading. Like the vampires of myth, Philip thought he had to die by impaling himself with a wooden stake, which is why he fell from the barn roof to the picket fence.


Tristan was aghast and incensed when he heard what his brother went through-but this news barely had time to register when Vanessa added that Winston wasn't what he thought he was, either. "Talk to Father," she whispered. "That's where I got the idea for Philip…" In emotional agony, Tristan tried to get Vanessa to explain herself, but he was too late.


The gunshots from earlier turned out to be Jonnie and Frank shooting their way through a sea of cult members. Jonnie was badly wounded in his leg, but otherwise the men were successful. But before they could continue their search, Roald appeared, his knife still dripping with Vanessa's blood. He attacked Frank, who had no more bullets for his gun, and nearly decapitated him. Tristan appeared and distracted the deranged cult leader, holding Vanessa's gun on him and demanding to know what Roald had done to his father. Roald, hysterical with grief over Olivia's apparent death, only laughed and refused to answer. He attacked Tristan-but this time, Olivia's voice stopped him. Roald took an instant to react to seeing Olivia alive, and then turned back to Tristan. With no time to decide on Roald's intent, Tristan shot the older man. Olivia barely reached his side before her beloved father died in her arms.


Doug spent the evening in his office inhaling his drugs one by one, trying to calm down after hearing about Philippa's death. Nora visited him, weeping, and tried to comfort him. Doug pushed her away, telling her that he didn't need her or anyone. Nora angrily refuted this and left the room. Seconds later, as Doug grabbed another handful of Fiorinal, the door to his office opened-and Charles Stanford walked in.


As the heartbroken Olivia resisted Tristan's apologies, Frank thanked Tristan for saving his life, and acknowledged that Vanessa had killed Camilla and attacked Olivia…but Tristan was still guilty of killing Officer Branscomb. He sent the shaken Tristan out to the terrace to get some air, and tried to comfort Olivia. Jonnie urged Frank of the importance of fleeing the castle as soon as possible-once the di sangue returned from their night's hunting, he reasoned, they would find their leader and his daughter dead, and would be out for revenge. At that moment, Jim arrived, racing up the stairs with his gun raised. Frank was relieved at having backup, and Jim told him to get Livvy and Jonnie downstairs before the 'bloodsuckers' returned. Frank agreed, and Jim offered to take care of Tristan…


Marty and Mike finally got into the cab and headed to the castle, all the while trying to piece together how Jim was involved in the whole plot. Jim had claimed that when he arrived at Tristan's house the afternoon of Branscomb's murder, Branscomb was already inside. But what if he had lied? What if for some reason, Jim and Branscomb had gone into the house together? Martina realized that Tristan had been telling her that all along, but she hadn't understood his words. If all this was true, then Jim had murdered his own partner in order to frame Tristan…and Tristan was in grave danger…


Jim met up with Tristan on the terrace, his gun drawn. Tristan was surprised to see the SkyFalls cop there. Then the other man's face stirred a memory in him, and he realized that it was a very, very familiar face. Jim began to threaten Tris, who suddenly understood that Jim had no intention of merely taking him back to SkyFalls. And at that moment, the afternoon of Branscomb's murder finally became clear to him. He remembered Jim entering the house with Branscomb, and following Tris into the kitchen alone. He punched Tris in the face and then called for his partner. He'd ambushed Branscomb, stabbing him with a butcher's knife. Finally the evil policeman grabbed the drunken Tristan's hand and wrapped it around the knife, continuing to stab at the already-dead Branscomb to get blood and fingerprint evidence. Tristan accused Jim of all this, and Jim agreed.


Father Christoforo arrived downstairs at the castle, apparently part of some arrangement with Roald regarding Margaretta. He left quickly when he saw Jonnie and Frank, but Jonnie decided that the poor nun must be somewhere in the house, and that they had to save her. Since his leg was wounded, Frank would have to do the searching. Frank left and managed to find the young woman in Roald's bedroom. He led her downstairs, expecting to find Jim and Tristan waiting for him. But they were strangely absent. Jonnie again stated his concern about waiting around for the cult members to return…and suddenly Frank realized that Jim had seemed to know all about the "bloodsuckers." But how could he? Frank turned around and again headed upstairs, this time to save Tristan.


Back in SkyFalls, Jem visited Alex, trying to get a quote from the assistant district attorney about the strange goings-on regarding the Campbell case. Alex had no comment, except to say that he was sure Tristan would be caught and brought to justice. And that if Martina Rosenoff had any foreknowledge of her client's escape plans, she would be in trouble as well. Jem liked this remark and commented on Martina's photogenic face. Alex smiled and said that he'd been thinking the same thing just before Jem arrived. With this puzzling comment, Alex shut the door and returned to watching a tape on his VCR…


To Tristan's surprise, Jim offered him a chance to run away. But the younger man recognized that this was only a plan to give Jim an excuse to shoot him in the back-to make it look as if Jim killed Tristan while the latter was escaping. He refused to play along, angering Jim. Jim launched himself at Tristan, who-after months of being tormented by outside forces-finally fought back. He landed a few strong punches on the attacking cop, but this was actually what Jim wanted. Scarred with evidence of Tristan's attack, Jim pulled the trigger of his gun, shooting Tristan at point-blank range.

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