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Summary of Season 01: Part I of II

(Episodes 1.01 - 1.11)

Episode 1.01:

Preparations for Philippa Campbell's 50th birthday bash were underway.  Her married lover, Dr. Doug White, promised to behave himself; Doug's wife, Nora, left her bratty teenaged daughter Daphne at home so she could attend the party with her brother-in-law, Dr. Greg White. But Daphne had secret party plans of her own.

Meanwhile, Police Sergeant Frank Gabriel sat at the station alone, feeling guilty over a fight with his girlfriend, Camilla O'Brien.  Girlfriend troubles also plagued Philippa's son Tristan Campbell. His friends Martina Rosenoff and Rena Carlson wouldn't have been surprised that he stressed not only over the plans for the party--which was taking place at his restaurant, Boondoggles--but also over the fact that his ex-girlfriend and employee, the luminous Camilla, refused to dance with him.

But his stepsister (and his brother's widow) Olivia Ortiz  was more than willing to dance, especially around the subject of  those photos of her late husband Philip she'd brought to the party.  Her admirer, bartender Jonnie Adair watched all this with great amusement.   And a mysterious motorcycle rider stood poised outside the restaurant as the party began at last.

Philippa finally arrived at her party, greeting guests Charles and Cynthia Stanford. She steered them in her son’s direction, ordering Tristan to shmooze them (since they’re potential voters/supporters for his campaign to run for state senator). Charles, a newcomer to SkyFalls and a hospital trustee--was apparently not a fan of  Doug White. Doug noticed Charles’s disapproving looks as Doug continued to drink and flirt with the fetching restaurant hostess, Camilla--although she did not encourage his sloppy attentions. Nora became more and more mortified.

Greg, smoother than his older brother, flirted and danced with Martina--much to the annoyance of Rena Carlson and the amusement of Rena’s platonic date Clark Durand. Clark and Rena did some gossiping, noticing that Nora was trying to ignore her husband’s roving eyes while the chief of police, Richard Cahill, paid her some needed attention.

Sgt. Frank Gabriel started to drive home, and though all his instincts told him to stop by the party to see his girlfriend, he ended up driving past the restaurant.

Tristan, buoyed perhaps by some wine, followed Camilla into the kitchen to convince her to give him another chance. Camilla told him she’s happy where she is, but Tristan refused to listen. He proclaimed his love, but Camilla told him that he doesn’t know anything about love--he doesn’t even love himself. Hurt and furious, Tristan was interrupted from saying anything further by Jonnie, who escorted Camilla out of the kitchen.

Camilla’s night worsened when Doug cornered her near the bar. His suggestions and groping hands drove her past the breaking point, and she flung a drink in his face. Doug was livid at being embarrassed. The commotion brought the party to a halt, and Tristan rushed over and jealously blamed Camilla for doing it on purpose. Unable to take any more, Camilla told her former lover that she was quitting for good once her shift ended that night. Nora and Philippa both gave the young woman looks of envy and resentment, but returned to the party after a while.

The party finally ended. Doug and Nora returned home, and Nora took her husband to task for his behavior. She left him alone to take a walk in the cool night air.

Jonnie left the restaurant after offering to stay to help Camilla clean up, but she wanted to be alone. He later called someone on a pay phone and said that everything had happened better than they could have expected. Meanwhile, Olivia Ortiz claimed that her car wasn’t working, and asked a reluctant Tristan to drive her home. They started to leave, but Tristan returned to the restaurant to speak with Camilla a final time, leaving Olivia alone in the parking lot.

On their car ride home, it was obvious to Olivia that Tristan's ‘goodbye scene’ with Camilla didn’t go well. Tristan seemed tightly wound, nervous and near a breakdown, but Olivia didn’t care--she still tried to seduce him. He drove her home and ordered her out of the car. Enraged at his rejection, she threatened to make Tristan sorry.

Alone in the restaurant, Camilla finished cleaning up. A noise made her turn around, and she realized someone had entered the room. A figure in black approached, someone she recognized. Raising a knife, the person told her that she would pay for “embarrassing me and destroying my life.” Camilla tried to talk, then fight, her way out of it, but the attacker was too strong. When the knife was lost in the struggle, the assailant found a corkscrew and plunged it into Camilla’s throat. 

Episode 1.02:

The next morning, a vengeful Olivia blackmailed Tristan with shocking photographs of his late brother (and her late husband) Philip--but she was interrupted by the even more shocking revelation of Camilla's death. Meanwhile, Frank had the unpleasant job of investigating his girlfriend's brutal murder. 

Nora tried to pretend she didn't care about Doug's behavior the night of the party, but the gossip surrounding her might make it impossible.

Jem, the new owner of the fiscally troubled town newspaper, looked on the murder as a godsend, much to the chagrin of his assistant editor, Elaine; against her objections, he decided to put out a special edition of the (usually weekly) paper. 

And when Jonnie was questioned by the police (Detectives Mike Fiore and  Jim Bonkovich, as well as Frank) about Camilla's last movements, he recommended that they ask Tristan.

Episode 1.03:


Philippa unleashed her anger at Doug over his behavior at her party; shortly afterward, they were both questioned by the police. Doug seemed equally scared by both events.

Clark Durand performed the autopsy on Camilla, and despite the orders of his superior, he spilled the beans on the results to Frank.

After a grilling at the police station, Tristan was surprised by a gaggle of reporters--sicced on him by Jem Van Doren in an effort to boost interest in the special edition of The Record. Back at OmniCorp, Tristan's tense but oddly detached demeanor started to worry Martina, but he brushed aside her efforts to offer comfort.

A visit to Jonnie's apartment was on Olivia's agenda, as was finding out exactly what he told the police about her. Satisfied that he'd said nothing incriminating, she warned him not to reveal anything in the future about their apparently shady past together. Jonnie implied that his continued silence has a sexual price.

The mysterious motorcycle rider--who had been stationed outside the restaurant at Philippa's party--was revealed to be Vanessa DiCenzo, Olivia's half-sister and Jonnie's lover. She expressed her dislike of both Olivia and Camilla--but also shock at what happened to the latter.

Chief Richard Cahill shared his concern about Frank's involvement in the investigation, due to his relationship with Camilla and his dislike for Tristan. But with a promise to avoid any appearance of conflict of interest where Tristan is concerned, Frank was allowed to remain on board.. Later, by himself, Frank remembered romancing Camilla, memories spurred on by his finding an important clue to her murderer's identity...a crucifix he'd given her, ripped from Cami's neck in apparent anger.

Episode 1.04:

All was not well with the Campbell clan:  Philippa's concern over Tristan's involvement in the murder investigation fell on deaf--and hungover--ears.  Olivia and Philippa clashed over who was the worse wife to her husband, and Philippa warned Livvy to stay away from her only living son.    Finally, Livvy tried to find out what Tristan had told the police about her, but instead learned that he'd lied about his actions the night of the murder--and he asked her to join  in his sin of omission.

When Martina stopped by Tristan's house that afternoon, she found it deserted with the door open.  She overheard a phone message from a worker at Boondoggles, who came up with the idea of having a memorial service in honor of Camilla.

Chelsea Stanford, the director of purchasing at C&B Department Store (and daughter of hospital trustee Charles Stanford), was unusually interested in the goings-on at the Schuyler Falls Record--and its new editor Jeremiah Van Doren, about whom she knows only his name. Later, she met up with her half-brother Tyler at the mall, and their reunion was less than happy.

On their way to question Olivia about her own actions the night of the murder, Mike and Frank went over the results of the autopsy, which indicated that Camilla's murderer was motivated by fury and vindictiveness--Frank's discovery the other night of Camilla's gold necklace also led them to rule out burglary or robbery as a motive.

Doug gave his daughter Daphne some financial incentive to get out of the house, as he treated Nora to a romantic evening.  Nora tried to take advantage of his loving behavior to press her case for having another child.  Doug's refusal hit her hard--especially since she's already  pregnant.  Worse, the pregnancy is possibly the result of her affair with police chief Richard Cahill.  Later, when Doug revealed that the reason behind tonight's passion wasn't his desire for Nora so much as his desire for an alibi, Nora refused...but then made a bargain:  she'd agree to lie to the police for Doug, if he agrees to allow her to have a child. 

When finally questioned by the police, Olivia answered questions with more questions and obfuscation.  Her clever doublespeak implicated both Tristan and Doug.  To her surprise, Frank suspicions suddenly honed in on her, and he wondered whether her unsisterly affection for Tristan might have led her to eliminate the competition...



Episode #1.05:

Jonnie and Vanessa reminded each other of promises made...She told him how grateful she was for his saving her life after "the accident," and for giving her a future. They made love as Jonnie dreaded the evening ahead.

Determined to crash Camilla's memorial service, Jem agreed to let Elaine cover the story. His griping was interrupted by a mysterious phone caller who told them to "follow the money...there will be more." Jem blew it off as a psycho, but Elaine wasn't so sure.

Doug's plans to 'service' Nora (in keeping with their pact) were put on hold when he received another sexual summons via a phone call. After hearing Doug's excuse--that he was again being questioned by the police--a suspicious Nora dialed "*69" to discover the identity of his caller: Olivia. Distraught, she complained to her best friend Philippa, whose anger she mistook as compassion. But Philippa has vowed revenge.

At the memorial, Livvy confronted Jonnie regarding what he told the cops about her. She warned him that any allusions to their less-than-legal past would put him in as much jeopardy as it would her.

Tristan's speech at the service received mixed reviews from the mourners. With perfect timing as usual, Olivia met up with an edgy Tristan and reminded him of the photos she has of Philip. Tristan, who blamed her for his brother's suicide, threatened her if she continued her blackmail plans. But instead of heeding his word, she reiterated her demands: give up OmniCorp or expect to see Philip's photos plastered all over the press.

After the service, Jonnie played bartender at Boondoggles for his boss, who appeared to be close to a breakdown. Tristan's bitter rambling only confused Jonnie, who left him alone and presumably unconscious in a drunken stupor.

Around town:  Doug's lie turned into the truth when Mike stopped by for further questioning, taking the nervous Doug down to the station. Even the pills Doug took earlier weren't enough to calm him down from this surprise....Vanessa prepared to have a reunion...Nora took courage in hand and vowed to do whatever necessary for the welfare of her unborn child.

Stood up by Doug, Olivia left the office in a rage, but not before hearing a strange noise from Tristan's office. She dismissed memories of her brother-in-law's disturbing behavior and moved to enter her car.  But then, one of her chickens came home to roost when an aggrieved party decided to strike a vengeful blow...or two...or three...

Episode #1.06:

A battered Olivia arrived at the ER, where, despite being treated by Greg White, she remained in a coma. While investigating this new attack, Frank remembered her argument with Jonnie at the memorial, but Jonnie couldn't be found for questioning; Tristan's whereabouts were a mystery to the cops as well.

In fact, Jonnie was being interrogated by a furious Vanessa. His job that evening--to get Tristan drunk at Boondoggles--apparently backfired. Vanessa told Jonnie that when she arrived at the restaurant, expecting to find Tristan unconscious and alone, he was no longer there. Jonnie was surprised and claimed that it wasn't his fault the plan screwed up--maybe she arrived too late. This sent Vanessa into another rage, and she fled into the night.

Jonnie followed her to a cottage belonging to another man: Bert Brooke, the former head of OmniCorp. Brooke (known as "Fon") revealed that he's also been helping Vanessa. Their end goal: to get Bertram re-installed as Omni CEO, with Vanessa returned to her former position at the company. Bertram was determined that they will succeed despite the mistakes of the previous evening.

Tristan, meanwhile, woke from a drunken stupor to find himself somehow back at OmniCorp. With little recollection of the evening's events, he stayed the rest of the night at his wreck of an office. Only when he opened his eyes the following morning was he forced to recognize the dire situation in which he now finds himself.

Frank admitted to Mike that he may have been too single-minded in seeing Tristan as the prime suspect. But right when he began to look into other suspects, including Doug and Jonnie, the cops learned that Tristan just reported a burglary in his office. The missing object: a treasured autographed baseball bat, which just happens to match the description of the weapon in Olivia's attack. Is Tristan being framed? Or is something else going on?

Around town: A sobered-up Tristan visited Olivia and questioned Rena carefully about his sister-in-law's chances for recovery; soon after, he snuck into her office, searching unsuccessfully for something...Chelsea made life miserable for her workers, but the bad karma came back to haunt her in her own family life; despite this, she got herself invited to dinner by her reluctant father...On a hunch that the past might hold the key to the crimes of the present, Jem decided to go for the jugular, unearthing all sorts of information about the Campbell/Ortiz/Brooke families. Elaine panicked, and seemed to be speaking from experience when she pleaded with Jem to let the past stay buried--to no avail.

The missing bat was found a half mile from OmniCorp. Now almost certain that the bat was related to Olivia's attack, Mike and Frank questioned Tristan and Philippa. Tristan's lack of concern irked almost everyone, but the real surprise came from Philippa. She not only freely admitted her own affair with Doug, she acknowledged that she knew about Olivia's fling with him as well. Worse--when Frank played "bad cop," he was able to glean her true feelings regarding Olivia's responsibility for Philip's suicide.

The cops were confident that they've found a new prime suspect for Olivia's assault. But Frank's thoughts were never far from Camilla, and he happened to notice that Tristan's coat sleeve had deep fingernail scratches on it...scratches that may have come from Camilla, during her last, futile struggle to save her life.

Episode #1.07:

Rena and her family welcomed Martina, Clark and Elaine into the family Inn to celebrate Chanukah and Christmas Eve. Rena noticed Elaine's sorrowful gaze, and pressed Clark to reveal the reason for his mom's sadness. He explained that his sister Beth has refused to speak with either one of them for years--in particular, she blames Elaine for getting their violent father arrested. Elaine sorely misses her younger child.

Martina was also missing a relative--her late father, in whose honor she celebrated the lighting of the Chanukah candles. She and Clark had a heated discussion over Tristan was; she didn't appreciate Clark's cynicism towards politicians in general, and Tris in particular. Clark insisted he was just trying to protect both Marty and Rena from what might be a painful lesson--the danger of trusting someone like Tristan Campbell.

Chelsea prepared to spend her Christmas solo as usual, despite her brother Jason's wish that she spend the evening with the Stanfords. She refused when she realized the invitation wasn't her father's idea. Her belated efforts to speak with her mother, a patient at "Greenhaven," were thwarted as well. To make matters worse, a chance meeting at the supermarket with Greg White and his snowbunny of the week exacerbated her feelings of loneliness.

Frank was surprised by a mystery Christmas gift, a bible. The gift, which arrived without a card, left him with mixed feelings--though not a religious man, he found himself thinking of Camilla's spiritual presence. His sister Ellie thought it was just the thing he needed to help him through this dark time of his life. Troubled, Frank headed over to Mike's for dinner with his friend and his friend's boisterous family.

At Jonnie's apartment, Vanessa spiced up the evening with potpourri and a generous display of skin. She revealed her concerns over Oliv,ia's vulnerability to another murder attempt, and made Jonnie promise to visit the hospital. He was at last convinced that Tristan was responsible for both Livvy's attack and Camilla's murder. Talking about her past with Tristan, Vanessa explained that she only married him to get closer to her father (his stepfather), Roald, who abandoned Vanessa as a child. She also said that Tristan only married her to make his mother angry. An argument with Jonnie about Camilla's guilt regarding Vanessa's car accident nearly made the evening turn sour, but Vanessa agreed to bury her anger. She and Jonnie spent the rest of the holiday night making love.

The compassionate Mike impetuously invited ex-girlfriend Chelsea over to spend Christmas Eve with him. Vulnerable enough to agree, Chelsea let down her defenses for the evening. Together, she and his father led the others in song as Frank's benefactress--Mike's little sister Julie--revealed that she was the one to send the bible. Touched, Frank saw this gesture as, somehow, Camilla's reaching out to look after him through Julie. This warm feeling allowed him to join the Fiores and accept the embrace of their friendship.

Episode #1.08:

Martina clashed with both Philippa and OmniCorp corporate counsel Ronald Granger, who had their own ideas about taking over Tristan's legal problems. Able to resolve this problem, she then headed to the hotel for Tristan's fundraiser gala. But the evening she envisioned was not to be...

Greg White's New Year was off to a great start when his brother Doug asked him to enable his drug habit. Later he was forced back down to Olivia's room when she went into convulsions, nearly dying. After saving her life a second time, Greg revealed to the police that Olivia had been poisoned with an overdose of insulin. Frank and Mike questioned the nurses about people seen nearby, but Rena remained silent, despite having seen Philippa, Nora, and Tristan outside Livvy's room recently. Aware that she was hiding something, Greg took her to task for lying. Rena refused to admit that he was, in fact, able to read her like a book.

At a pleasant lunch together, Chelsea and her half-brother Jason spoke about their lives. Jason's shyness wouldn't allow him to reveal the crush he has on someone; she was much more forthcoming about her dreams of becoming a photographer for the Schuyler Falls Record. She explained her plans to shmooze Jeremiah Van Doren using feminine wiles. Certain of her charms, she looked forward to attending the Campbell gala with her father--but his paternal disapproval left her less confident of success.

Jem, meanwhile, decided that the mysteries in town were all linked to Tristan Campbell and his political aspirations. Anxious to uncover some juicy scandal, he armed himself with a tape recorder and joined the fun at the gala, despite not being an official invitee. Fortunately, Tristan was furious at seeing him (thanks to the Record's exposé of his family's secrets), and the argument that ensued was nearly perfect for Jem's purposes.

Two reluctant witnesses finally came forward to the police. First, Jennifer--the young Boondoggles waitress--revealed that on the night Olivia was attacked in the parking lot, Jennifer overheard Tristan arguing with some unknown woman, threatening her. Later, a guilt-ridden Rena was unable to keep silent about the truth, and told Mike and Frank about seeing Philippa, Nora, and Tristan at the hospital.

This information, coupled with an intriguing forensic report, sent Mike rushing over to the fundraiser to make an arrest. Martina's best-laid plans for the gala crumpled into ashes when she found the police arresting Tristan for the attempted murder of Olivia Ortiz-Campbell.

Episode #1.09:

Ross Granger, the Assistant D.A., told the police that the charges against Tristan wouldn't stick. Reluctantly they released Tristan, just as Jonnie Adair decided at last to come clean about what he saw the night that Olivia was attacked at OmniCorp. Tristan noticed Jonnie entering the station, and wondered just what the hell he was doing there...

Rena swallowed her pride and apologized to Greg for her harsh reaction to his remarks the other night regarding her lying to the police about seeing Tris in the vicinity of Olivia's room prior to the poisoning. Later, she and Martina celebrated Tristan's release from jail. They discussed Marty's good fortune of working opposite ADA Granger, as opposed to ADA Eckhert--Martina's ex-fiancé and the man whose father is running against Tristan in the senate race. Turning away from the crime discussion, Rena told Martina about a puzzle regarding Olivia's strange health problems. She later decided to do some research on her own.

Things started looking up for the police at last when Jonnie agreed to testify about Tristan's vow of revenge against Olivia. Even better--Olivia woke up from her coma. Frank's questioning made Olivia realize that her fears about Tristan were indeed justified. She finally admitted to blackmailing him, although she didn't go into details. Armed with a motive at last, Frank was able to convince ADA Granger that the evidence was enough to arrest Tristan again. Frank, Mike and Ross went to the court to get a warrant, while Chief Cahill sent Jim Bonkovich (by car) and Officer Branscomb (by motorcycle) to make sure Tristan stayed in one place.

But Tristan had other ideas. He showed up at Jonnie's doorstep, demanding to know what Jonnie told the cops. Drunk and panicky, he pushed Jonnie too far, and Jonnie gladly told him that the police knew all about Tristan and Olivia's battles over Philip. The cops, he added, were almost certainly hunting Tristan down now. A scary moment occurred when Tristan smelled a familiar perfume (Vanessa was hiding in the closet during the confrontation), but Jonnie was able to push Tristan out the door before he discovered his supposedly dead ex-wife.

Tristan headed straight for Olivia's townhouse. He made a final, desperate search for the negatives of those incriminating photographs of his brother, all too aware that if the police got their hands on them, the secret would be all over Schuyler Falls. But as with many of his efforts lately, he was unsuccessful. He returned home and, consumed with fatalism, drowned his sorrows in alcohol. Just when he was nearly unconscious, his doorbell rang. And when he staggered over to look out the window, he saw the dreaded face of Officer Branscomb--the man whom he associates both with Philip's death and Camilla's (since it was Branscomb who had been sent to tell Tris about these deaths)...

Mike and Frank, on their way back from the court, overheard Jim Bonkovich's disturbing call into the station from his post outside Tristan's. Jim announced that he'd just arrived and Branscomb was nowhere to be found, despite having strict orders not to approach Tristan alone without a warrant. The cops raced over to provide backup, and together, Mike, Frank and Jim stormed inside Tristan's house. To Frank's horror, he entered the kitchen and found Branscomb's bloody corpse...and Tristan, kneeling over it, with a dripping knife still clutched in his hand.

Episode #1.10:

The murder of Officer Branscomb, and the news that Tristan was responsible, had great reprecussions for many SkyFalls citizens...

Martina was frightened by Tristan's state when she visited him before going to court for his arraignment. She and Mike clashed when Mike told her that it was probably an act in an attempt to plead insanity. After she left the jail, she sent Dr. Stanford (with Philippa) over to check up on her client's health. Charles told the disbelieving police officers that Tris was in severe shock. Philippa got a shock of her own when words by Jim Bonkovich sent her memory reeling into the past, recognizing the parallels between her late husband's fate and that of her son.

Rena, upset by the news about her friend, found that Greg was willing to comfort her. However, she wasn't willing to be comforted by someone she considers a shallow, womanizer. Over lunch with Martina, she grudgingly acknowledged Greg's skill as a doctor, which she's noticed more and more during the odd health situation arising with Olivia. Livvy's new blood disorder appeared to respond only to a treatment that can be quite dangerous. Intrigued by the puzzle, Rena began research on the syndrome, thinking she might be onto an exciting discovery. But to her dismay, she was faced with the possibility that Greg might be on the same track.

Hearing about the murder and arrest, Bertram called Vanessa and Jonnie to tell them the news. Bertram and Vanessa acknowledged that as horrible as this murder was, it was a godsend for their plan to recover their places at OmniCorp. Jonnie learned more about Fon's ideas for the takeover--Bertram will ingratiate himself in town, proving that he's a far cry from the man Tristan once accused of stealing company funds. Later, Bertram began to reintroduce himself to his hometown by bonding with his sister--Nora White.

Only one person didn't show any interest in the Tristan Campbell affair: Chelsea Stanford. Trying to find a shortcut around mundane tasks like learning a skill and applying for a job, she went to the Record to learn more about the editor-in-chief. Using a ruse, she finagled information from a reporter and learned Jem's favorite after-hours hangouts. But a picture of a person she assumed was Jem was, in fact, a portrait of his late uncle George, which gave her a wrong impression of Jem's age and appearance. So, dolled up in her sexiest clothing, she planned for an evening in search of a man who actually died last year.

At court, before Judge Agnes Druckman, Martina pleaded 'not guilty' in Tristan's absence. She then tried to convince the cynical judge to grant bail, but ADA Ross Granger had plenty of good reasons why the judge should keep Tristan locked up. And then both attorneys get a rude surprise when Marty's ex-fiancé Alex Eckhert, Jr., the senior ADA, entered and announced that he'd been assigned to take over the case. Martina argued that Alex, as the son of Tristan's political rival, shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the courtroom. But the judge refused to discuss conflict of interest. The day worsened for Marty when the judge then denied bail, although she did agree to let Tristan remain in custody of the SFPD until he was well enough to be transferred to the County Jail.

Alone together, Martina and Alex minced no words. Marty accused Alex of wanting to eliminate his father's chief competition--and wanting to get revenge on her for breaking off their engagement. Alex denied the allegation and told her to get over herself--he certainly has. He claimed his interest is purely for justice, for getting a murderer off the streets. Marty refused to believe him, and wondered later if this wasn't the prosecution's plan to play havoc with her emotions during the case.

Later, she returned to jail to visit Tristan. He'd improved somewhat, thanks to some medication, but still barely responded to her. Only when she told him about the 'not guilty' plea did he react to her words. She continued to explain that no jury would believe that he murdered a man in cold blood--she certainly didn't. But Tristan interrupted her. "I am a murderer," he admitted in a whisper. "I did it. I killed a man."

The next day, Frank visited Olivia, trying again to get information about her plot to blackmail Tristan. She finally revealed that she was using incriminating photographs in order to gain control of OmniCorp. Frank deduced that the photos were of Philip, which she reluctantly acknowledged. She told him he would find them in her safe deposit box. Finally, Frank asked her--what was in those photos? What was so damaging? But Olivia would not give him an answer...

Episode #1.11:

Frank spoke with Olivia, trying to find out more about her blackmail scheme. He was disgusted at the idea of her threatening to reveal some secret about her own dead husband. Furious about his judgmental attitude, she told him all about Philip's deviant behavior--apparently, the infamous photographs depict Philip in flagrante delicto with farm animals. She told Frank that after being rejected by her husband, and then by Tristan, she wanted revenge.  Frank reluctantly realized he felt sorry for her.

After telling the secret of Philip's illness to Martina, and telling her that he was convinced he attacked Olivia in a drunken rage, Tristan replayed the day that Officer Branscomb was murdered. He remembered drinking himself into a near-stupor, and then opening the door to find Branscomb. His mind had filled with the memory of when the officer informed him about the deaths of Philip and Camilla...as well as one certain thought: he had to get away from 'them.' The next thing he knew, he was leaning over the cop's dead body...

Clark was able to convince a stubborn Rena that the research into Olivia's mysterious health condition would go a lot faster if she spoke about it with Greg, who seemed to be doing the same research. Despite her misgivings about Greg's sexual ethics, Rena broached the subject with the doctor--and the two agreed to join forces.

Jonnie, Bertram and Vanessa all headed to the hospital, so that Vanessa could visit her sister, and Bertram could meet his sister, Nora, for a press conference in which they planned to announce a huge donation from the Brooke family to the hospital.

A mysterious silver-haired man showed up at the hospital, intimidating young nurse Liscio, who was surprised to see the man in Schuyler Falls. The stranger revealed that not only was he there to make sure that Liscio was "telling the truth"...more importantly, he was back for "what belongs to me." Later, a silver-haired man dressed as a doctor almost bumped into Frank as Frank left Olivia's room...and Vanessa, hearing about "him" from Liscio, was visibly shaken.

Around town...Daphne and Tyler's television watching was interrupted by an apparently drug-hazed Doug on his day off...Clark felt bad about his mom's upcoming birthday, since what Elaine most wants is a visit from her daughter, Beth.  Rena convinced Clark to give Beth a call, just in case his sister might change her mind and show up...Jem told Elaine that he plans to expand the newspaper, adding a second edition; to further this scheme, he was going to court investors...The press conference went smoothly for Bertram and Nora, and Bertram's plans to get back into the town's good graces--and more importantly, back into OmniCorp--seemed to be working on schedule...

Tristan's revelations only strengthened Martina's conviction that Tristan was not legally responsible for actions. Later, after she told Tristan that Olivia was recovering, he realized that his sister-in-law would certainly identify him as her attacker. Aware that the State might ask for the death penalty, Tristan said he'd rather die than live his life in jail. In a vulnerable moment, a worried Martina nearly broke down in front of Mike Fiore, asking him to keep Tristan on suicide watch. Mike assured her he'd do what he could, at least until Tristan was moved to the County Jail.

Alone in his cell, Tristan had a disturbing dream that combined his fears of having inherited his father's mental illness, the terrible losses of Camilla and Philip, and a haunting memory of his ex-wife, the supposedly dead Vanessa...

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