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Summary of Season 04: Part I of II
(Episodes 4.01 - 4.19)

Episode #4.01: "Coda," pt. 1:

The opera gala continued. Tristan, still reeling from the realization that he's been lied to about his lover's identity, tried to get an explanation out of her. Beth--or rather, her alter Amanda--recalled the events from her point of view, but was too stricken by Tristan's violent response to deal with his wrath. Protective alter Molly forcefully took over, and proceeded to destroy the already crumbling facade of their relationship. Blasting Tristan for being morally bankrupt and selfish enough to sleep with a married woman -- even though he hadn't, of course -- she told him that he meant nothing to her and never could. Amanda was helpless to prevent Tristan's hurt.

Doug awoke in the wreckage of the crashed elevator, barely able to see or breathe for the smoke surrounding him. He found Elaine barely conscious and unable to move. Despite his own severe pain, and the possibility that he was much worse off than he thought, Doug helped Elaine's injury and kept her hopeful that the fire trucks were on their way. She reminded him that no one knew they were trapped in the deserted building. Then she remembered her cell phone, which enabled Doug to call 911.

Chelsea prepared to leave the gala for the evening, but Jason was reluctant to go without having approached any girl -- which was the reason he was there, after all. Chelsea supported him, as long as his goal wasn't to flirt with Daphne. Jason seemed to have his eye on Becca, however. Later, though, he spotted Mike's young sister Julie, with whom he has a Latin class. He shyly approached her table and struck up a conversation, which -- despite her older brothers' butting in -- went very nicely. Julie was impressed with Jason's sweetness and seriously cute face.

Meanwhile, Chelsea went up to Greg and Rena, who were having fun as Greg pretended to get jealous over Rena's friendly banter with Mike. Just when things were getting good, Chelsea interrupted and made a few pointers about Rena's first time at the opera being "virgin" territory -- an obvious reference to her having learned secret info about Rena's lack of sexual experience. Chelsea would have been happy to continue embarrassing Rena if it hadn't been for Mike, who knew what his ex-girlfriend was up to. He took her away for a private heart-to-bitch chat--with Martina's silent approval.

Tristan tried to break through to the woman he thought he loved, but Molly relentlessly tore away at his illusions. Meanwhile, within Beth's mind, Molly warned Amanda and Amanda -- who had started the whole affair with Tristan -- that they would be shoved into "oblivion," in other words, become inactive. Samantha refused to take this lying down. As a result of the arguing alters, Beth was able to re-emerge, just as Tristan took her into his arms, trying to kiss her back into his life. Numb with fright, she suffered his embrace.

When he saw how lifeless and remote she was, Tristan finally admitted she obviously had no feelings for him, and never had. He bitterly told her 'goodbye.' When he left, Beth collapsed in fear, knowing only that some stranger had tried to force himself on her.

Chelsea drove off in an angry cloud, furious that apparently Mike told her to stay away from Rena and Greg, and stop trying to steal what isn't hers. Chelsea intended to drop some film off at the newspaper before calling it a night, but was astonished out of her anger at discovering a building up in flames. After taking a few quick photographs for posterity, she realized that it's not just any building, but the Schuyler Falls Record itself!

Her first thought was to go see Jem, but that disappeared once she learned from Officer Bill Howard that two victims were being pulled out of the elevator wreckage -- including Doug White. At once she sped off back to the gala, hoping to comfort Greg once he learned about his brother's tragic fate.

Episode 4.02, "Coda" Part II

Tristan returned to Cameron's table after one last try at finding Beth in the courtyard; all he'd discovered was a jewelled comb that she'd left behind before she ran away. He returned to Cameron's table, apologizing awkwardly to Danielle for his behavior (on many levels). He then asked Danielle about her mysterious guest, and learned that her name was Elizabeth Durand. He was galled to hear Cam and Danny describe Beth as "shy," a description that infuriated him when he considered the woman's apparent wanton selfishness.

Rena and Martina both noticed Tristan's demeanor on his return from outside. Rena's instinct was to see if he was all right, but Greg prevented her from going. He told her that he understood her friendship with Tristan, but he wanted to be the only man in her heart now.

Martina was called by a client, a distraction that annoyed Mike -- even though he knew he was being unfair. When she left to return the call, Mike chatted with his father Carlo about how his and Marty's careers are getting in the way of their romance. Carlo recommended trying to go on a romantic weekend.

Meanwhile, Martina went to a private lounge to return her call, which turned out to be from Sylvie Kessleman, who fearfully told Marty that her daughter Rachel had received an apparently threatening phone call from the people who killed Sylvie's husband Ossie. Martina promised to visit Sylvie the next day, adding that it's time Sylvie told the truth about Ossie's murder.

As Marty hung up, an amorous couple entered the lounge, necessitating Martina's discretion in hiding from them to avoid embarrassment. But when she glanced into a mirror, she was shocked to see the identities of the couple: Danielle Nichols and Alex Eckhert!

Alex was ready to have sex with Danielle right in the lounge, but Danny stopped him (with some difficulty), revealing that she'd wanted to meet him to talk, not have sex. She put the fear of God into him by telling Alex that Cameron seemed aware of their affair. Actually, he didn't know about Alex, but did seem to know something was going on, and had threatened her lover's life. Alex didn't like her apparent pleasure at this information, and forcefully started initiating sex again, but Danny spotted someone sneaking out of the lounge and froze. Alex looked outside and recognized that it was Martina -- the worst possible person.

Martina returned to Mike, overwhelmed by her discovery about Alex and mob boss Cameron's wife. Still, she was interested in Mike's idea about a romantic getaway, although she reminded him that he'd already had the idea -- the "kidnapping" coupon he'd given her. Alex overheard this discussion, and approached the table trying to get Martina to talk to him. Martina, privately realizing that she had some leverage over Alex, told him basically to get lost. Alex was furious that he'd lost his control over his ex-fiancee.

Chelsea interrupted a romantic dance between Greg and Rena, informing them that Doug had been badly injured in the elevator accident at the Record. Greg was flabbergasted, and Chelsea offered to drive him to the hospital. He thanked her, touched, and went to tell Daphne the bad news.

Daphne was thinking how much she was enjoying her evening with Ian when Greg appeared -- nearly getting assaulted by Cam's bodyguards, who didn't like his way of rushing up to the table. Daphne numbly left with her uncle. Danielle goaded Ian, claiming she thought it strange that Ian didn't offer to join his "girlfriend" at the hospital. Ian had no choice but to pursue Daphne.

Cam received a phone call informing him of the fire at the newspaper building. He mentioned this news to Nick, who assumed that Dean was responsible on orders from Cameron. But to Nick's surprise, Cameron denied this -- in fact, he said that he was definitely not pleased with this turn of events.

Episode 4.03, "Bad Tidings" Part I

Greg, Rena, Chelsea, Ian and Daphne arrived at the hospital, trying to learn Doug's fate. As Greg discovered and haltingly told Daphne, Doug was in surgery, suffering from a ruptured spleen that was in the process of being removed, lacerated lungs and broken ribs. Due to the lack of oxygen during his time trapped in the elevator, Doug risked coma, brain damage ... or death.

After walking the long way home from the Arts Center in the snow, Beth -- frozen and weary -- looked forward to forgetting what she remembers as a stranger's assault (but was actually Tristan's passionate embrace of Amanda). But she was met by Clark, who was rushing out, having heard about Elaine's accident at the Record. He swept a dazed Beth along with him to the hospital.

Later, leaving Rena to support Daphne, Greg bitterly revealed to Chelsea that Doug had apparently shown more strength than Greg had ever thought possible: despite being in horrific pain from his injuries, Doug had pleaded with his doctors not to give him pain medication, afraid to return to using drugs.

Greg then admitted to Chelsea that despite Doug's obvious fear of returning to addiction, Greg had overridden Doug's decision, telling his medical colleagues to give Doug whatever medication he needs to survive the surgery. A supportive Chelsea tried to console him, but Greg still wondered if he'd made the right choice.

Alone at home, Jem drank heavily as he listened to reports of the newspaper fire. He toasted the remains of his building, but his dark ramblings were interrupted by a special report announcing that there were two victims in the fire -- including Elaine. Horrified, Jem couldn't fathom why Elaine was still at the newspaper when he'd been certain everyone had already left. Was Jem revealing his role in the Record's destruction?

Episode 4.04, "Bad Tidings" Part II

Clark and Beth arrived up in surgery to wait for news on Elaine, who has a fractured neck. Rena comforted Clark, who was restless and decided to give blood. Beth went with him, and it turned out Beth was a match for Elaine, not Clark. Clark grew alarmed when he saw a bruise on her arm (from when Tristan had grabbed Beth), but Beth claimed she'd given the bruise to herself. Upset by his questions, Beth ordered him out. Clark left, losing patience with his sister's apparent selfishness.

Rena, Greg and Chelsea waited out Doug's surgery. Greg worried that even if his brother survives, he might be in a coma, or be unable to talk or move. Chelsea agreed with Greg that this would be a terrible, pointless existence. Rena chastized her for being so negative and uninformed, which infuriated Chelsea -- who had been thinking of her own catatonic mother. She stomped away, upset.

Daphne wondered why Ian was staying to help her, suspecting his motives. When Ian asked what possible reason he'd have for doing all this, she blurted that Tyler suspected Ian was trying to seduce her. Ian mocked this suggestion, claiming he was too old for her. Daphne realized that his teasing was Ian's way of distracting her from thinking about her father. Ian turned sympathetic and she eventually broke down in his arms.

Greg shared his conflicted decision with Rena, explainig that he'd taken away Doug's choice to avoid painkillers. Worried that judgmental Rena would blame him, Greg was relieved when Rena sympathized and reminded him that she'd also broken the rules to save a patient's life. She gently chided him for not wanting to be honest with her, and elicited a promise that they'd always tell each other the truth. Though she knew this included telling him about her virginity, Rena looked forward to their new honesty.

Cameron contemplated Tristan's worth as a business partner, and wondered why Tristan was so distracted during dinner. Privately he asked for Danielle's opinion on Tristan, and she agreed with him that Tris seemed "off." Cameron wondered sarcastically if this was due to the insanity that supposedly runs in the Campbell family ... but then decided that this wouldn't affect his plans regarding Tristan.

Tristan, increasingly angry when thinking of Beth's betrayal, bumped into another rat -- Bert Brooke . Bert goaded him, and revealed that he was now back at OmniCorp. Astonished that Bert was now working with Olivia and Ronald, Tristan left, even angrier than before.

Rena went to talk to Chelsea, who wouldn't explain the reason for her anger but accepted Rena's apology. Rena then surpised her by bringing up Jem, wondering if anyone has thought to see how he's doing. Guilty about forgetting all about her on-and-off lover, Chelsea tried to assuage her guilt by claiming that Jem probably doesn't have any real feelings about the newspaper, exceept a general feeling of loss about the money.

Rena defended Jem, and Chelsea realized that she could use Rena's sympathy to get rid of her. She wondered if maybe Rena is the only person whom Jem can open up to -- maybe Rena's the only friend Jem has, and right now he's all alone at home, suffering ... After playing Rena expertly, Chelsea was rewarded when Rena agreed to go check on Jem.

Episode 4.05, "Bad Tidings" Part III

Clark waited for Elaine to get out of surgery, now having to worry about Beth yet again now that his sister fainted after giving blood. He spoke with Greg and Chelsea, the latter surprising him with the news that Rena had gone to check on Jem. When Chelsea mentioned Jem's unwillingness to do necessary repairs on the elevators, Greg and Clark shared their anger over the possibility that Jem's neglectful attitude towards his old building may have caused the fire and elevator collapse.

As the opera gala ended, Laurie and Victor went to greet Carlo and the rest of the Fiores. Laurie took Adele along so that the Nichols matriarch could be introduced to Martina, getting a good look at the Fiore necklace. When Mike noticed that Victor had given Laurie their mother's pin -- by stealing it from Carlo's safety deposit box -- an argument ensued. Later, Mike privately commented to Martina that the whole event seemed staged -- but by whom, and why?

Rena visited Jem, and was upset to find her patient in the middle of downing a bottle of whisky -- despite already being on painkillers. She took away the bottle and tried to comfort him, but Jem's secret, desperate guilt about the fire made him difficult to control. He refused to take any comfort from her, and when she finally took his liquor bottle away, he grabbed Rena and slammed her against a wall -- and seemed ready for more violence.

Tristan was surprised to see Jonnie is now working for Nick and Hannah as a driver. Remembering everything Jonnie had done to him -- on top of everything else that happened tonight, starting with Beth's duplicity -- sent Tris into a black anger. He finally had an epiphany, realizing that he won't get closure until he sees some justice. Tristan decided it's finally time for some payback.

After a frightening moment, a remorseful Jem backed away from Rena and apologized, practically collapsing into her arms. Rena, though shaken, stayed strong and tried to convince him that no one could blame him for the fire. Jem blurted out that he never meant to hurt anyone, and that he hadn't known anyone was still at the building. Afraid of her rising suspicions, Rena asked him to explain his words, but he knew he'd said too much already. Despite her fear, Rena stayed with Jem until he fell asleep.

Episode 4.06, "Fork in the Road" Part II

Jonnie had an early morning visit from Dean -- just as he also received a phone call from Ross, who wanted to talk to him about the undercover assignment. After hanging up with Ross, Jonnie was surprised to hear that Dean suspects Jem Van Doren of setting the newspaper fire. Dean ordered Jonnie to find out the truth -- by any means necessary.

Later, Jonnie called back Ross, who arranged for a meeting later that day. Ross said enigmatically that the DA's office wants to "speed things up" in the investigation.

Maxine visited Charles's office at the hospital. She showed Charles a photograph she took of Greg and Chelsea, and asked him to come clean about the real reason he hired Maxine to dig up dirt on Greg. She wondered if his true motive wasn't to get Greg kicked out of the hospital, but in fact to keep Greg's womanizing hands off Chelsea. Charles admitted that he wants Maxine to accomplish both tasks, and Maxine cheerfully agreed.

Rena, exhausted from spending the night worrying about Greg, Clark and Jem, took a break from work to speak to Greg. He revealed that Doug has left the recovery room after surgery, and they're just hoping for him to wake up. Kissing Rena passionately, he thanked her for supporting him and Daphne. Things turned awkward when Greg expressed his and Clark's suspicions that Jem's negligence was responsible for the accident. Rena hid her own knowledge of Jem's true guilt, hoping against hope that she misunderstood her patient's blurted confession.

At Greg's side, Daphne finally went in to Doug's room to see him for the first time since his accident. Horrified at the obvious gravity of her father's injuries, Daphne ran away -- straight into Tyler, who had come to be with her. She begged him to take her away.

Episode 4.07, "Fork in the Road" Part II

Jem received a phone call from a man named Luther Buck, who was revealed as the man Jem had hired to burn down the newspaper building. The arsonist was angered that Jem hadn't arranged for the building to be empty, and demanded more money now that he was risking a prison sentence for attempted murder.

Catching some much-needed sleep while in Tyler's arms, Daphne dreamed that her whole family was being killed off. When she awoke, Tyler comforted her, but Daphne needed to get some fresh air. Chelsea found her, and told Daphne that Greg was looking everywhere for her. Chelsea insisted that Daphne return upstairs, but Daphne fled. Tyler blasted Chelsea for butting in and using Daphne in her plot to make Greg fall in love with her. Hurt, Chelsea went off to find Daphne anyway.

Clark visited Elaine, who was touched to learn that Beth had given blood. Elaine asked many questions about Doug's status, and Clark avoided telling her the whole truth. She revealed how much Doug had helped her when they were trapped together, and asked Clark to share this information with Doug's family. Clark was surprised and concerned at the depth of her feelings for Doug.

Jonnie grilled Jem to learn if Jem was responsible for torching the newspaper building. Jem insisted he hadn't, but added that all that matters is that he can now pay back the money he owes, thanks to the insurance.

Their conversation was interrupted when Rena arrived to check up on Jem ... and to confirm her suspicions about his starting the fire. Jem tried to keep her out of the house, but Jonnie overheard her questions, hiding behind the door. When Rena pushed her way inside, she was shocked to discover that Jem had company.

Chelsea caught up with Daphne and, empathizing with Daphne's torn feelings about her father, told her the harsh truth -- that the two young women are more alike than Daphne might like to believe. Chelsea advised Daphne not to let her screwed-up parents rule her life any longer. Greg overheard Chelsea's tough but much-needed advice, and when Daphne finally agreed to visit Doug again, Greg kissed Chelsea tenderly to thank her.

Episode 4.08, "Desperate Times" Part I

Jem tried to keep Rena from revealing her suspicions about the fire to Jonnie, but Jonnie quickly honed in on the nurse, guessing that she might know whether Jem was involved in the fire. Rena felt threatened by Jonnie's intense scrutiny, and when Jonnie finally left, she insisted that Jem come clean.

Mike and Frank exchanged information about their respective caseloads, with Frank sharing the news that the fire investigators haven't discovered any evidence of arson -- and Mike revealing that the Kessleman case has stalled without any help from the surviving victim . Frank clearly knew more about Ossie Kessleman than he was willing to admit, which frustrated Mike. But Frank knew he had to keep silent about the secret undercover operation into the Nichols family.

Meanwhile, Mike also told Frank that the crime scene investigators found traces of David Reilly's blood in his sink -- along with Clark Durand's fingerprints. Mike explained that he still hasn't been able to track down the elusive Noah Morgan .

Alex spent a racy lunchtime by making furious love to Danielle, who shocked him by claiming that that Alex's brutish lust was clearly directed at Martina. Alex explained that Marty's discovery of his and Danielle's affair could be dangerous, since Martina resents him for breaking off their engagement. (A twisted version of the truth.)

Danielle calmly told Alex that if he couldn't keep Martina quiet, she'd do it herself ... permanently. Taken aback by the idea of Danielle's ordering Martina's death, Alex promised that he'd be able to control the situation on his own.

Jonnie met with Ross, avoiding mention of his earlier appointment with Jem. He wanted to know why the DA's office wasn't acting on the murder of Ossie Kessleman. Ross informed Jonnie that they have bigger fish to fry -- and asked how it was possible that Nick knew about Kessleman's role with the DA's office, but not Jonnie's.

Jonnie claimed that he'd told Nick that Kessleman approached him with the idea of going undercover, and that Jonnie had refused. But Jonnie avoided revealing his responsibility for Ossie's death by lying, telling Ross that all this happened after Ossie had been killed.

Jonnie did explain that it's going to take some time for Nick to trust him again. Ross informed Jonnie that on the contrary, they don't have that much time anymore. Ross then introduced him to their new plan -- "Operation Mousetrap."

Daphne took Chelsea's advice and told her true feelings to Doug -- but they weren't very loving. She angrily told her father that she hated him for resenting her all these years, and for making Daphne feel unwanted. She tearfully remembered the few happy times they shared, and blasted him for changing and giving up on her. Her emotional outburst was interrupted by the harsh sound of an alarm -- Doug's monitor was blaring out a warning.

Episode 4.09, "Desperate Times" Part II

Rena kept pressing Jem to tell her what Jonnie was after, and as a last-ditch effort to convince herself that her first instinct was wrong, she accused Jonnie of starting the newspaper fire. Jem was inclined to let her believe this -- until she planned on telling the police herself. He revealed that she'd be putting them both in further danger if she did so, because there are worse thugs out there than Jonnie.

Now that Rena realized she'd been put in danger by Jem's situation, she demanded that he tell her the truth about what was going on. Jem refused to say anything until she promised as a friend not to reveal the truth to the police ... or even to Clark or Greg. Finally, he answered her question about who started the building fire by confirming her worst suspicions: he did.

Charles headed down from his office to visit Doug, despite their tension-filled past. But he was distracted by the realization that his son Tyler was still waiting around for Daphne -- despite the fact that today was Tyler's practice SAT test. Angered that Tyler was hurting his chances to get into a good school, Charles tried to reason with the teenager, but Tyler's loyalties remained strongly in Daphne's favor.

Charles then appealed to him by revealing the parallel story of his painful marriage to Chelsea's mother, Roberta, whose own emotional problems had kept Charles back, and had caused him nothing but misery and despair. Charles didn't realize that a hurt Chelsea was listening in...

Meanwhile, Daphne was panic-stricken as Doug's monitor alarm blared, causing a nurse and Greg to rush in. Fortunately it was a false alarm, and in fact Greg told Daphne that -- since the monitor is an EEG, tracking brain activity -- this was sort of good news. Greg added that maybe Doug could hear what they were saying after all. Daphne, aghast at realizing that her father might have heard her declaration that she hates him, sobbed an apology and fled.

Greg remained behind, and quietly shared his feelings of helplessness with his unconscious brother. As he admitted how proud he was of Doug's struggle against drugs and assured Doug that he believed in him, Greg broke down. In the silent room, Doug's hand clasped Greg's own.

Episode 4.10, "Desperate Measures"

Charles tried to calm Chelsea's anger after she heard him describe his marriage to her mother Roberta as a failure. She blamed him for deserting her mother after everything she'd gone through, and Charles privately resented the implication that he hadn't suffered as well. Chelsea also called her father a hypocrite, claiming that the only reason Charles is against Tyler's relationship with Daphne is Charles's vendetta against the White family. When Tyler dismissed her words, Chelsea spitefully revealed that Daphne spent the opera gala with Ian.

Rena asked Jem why he would want to destroy his own newspaper, and Jem explained his gambling mistakes -- including his investment in the Record. He shocked her by revealing that Jonnie was responsible for his attack months ago, it wasn't a mugging after all. He apologized for getting her involved in all this, but insisted he didn't tell anyone about the check she'd given him. Rena tried to wrap her mind around all this criminal activity and demanded that he tell her the truth from now on. Their conversation was interrupted by Chelsea's arrival. As Rena left, Jem again apologized to her -- and warned her to be careful.

Greg was thrilled that Doug was awake, but worried that his brother might have brain damage due to the oxygen deprivation. Doug couldn't speak due to his breathing tube, but eventually they were able to communicate, alleviating Greg's fears somewhat. Greg admitted that he'd allowed the doctors to give Doug painkillers, which clearly angered his brother. When Greg gave Doug some writing materials, Doug asked about Elaine and surprised Greg by demanding he contact his sponsor, John. And his last thought before falling asleep again was of Daphne.

Daphne hid in the bathroom after crying for some time, wondering why she couldn't be a better daughter. Thinking about the people she knows, she realized that the only person who would give her unequivocal support is Tyler. Relieved, she went to see him.

After visiting her sleeping mother, Beth finally left the hospital but ran into Danielle, who chastized her for running out from the hospital gala. Beth apologized and couldn't think of an excuse for her behavior. Suddenly her young alter Bitsy appeared, and defensively came up with an explanation that satisfied Danielle. But Danny wondered if Beth's lack of social skills might make her a liability, rather than an appropriate possibility for a business venture she has in mind for the young designer.

Tristan met with Cameron at Criterion Holdings, and was surprised by Cam's proposal to turn the former Boondoggles into an internet cafe aimed at affluent teenagers. He was concerned when Cam also wanted to focus on young adults for the nightclub portion of the venture. Tris agreed to think about the idea, and then changed the subject with a little surprising proposal of his own: he wondered if Cameron had ever considered trying to grab OmniCorp.

At the hospital to visit her client Sylvie Kessleman, Martina ran into Clark, who started asking her advice about his current problems with the police and David's death. Clark finally asked her if she would take him on as a client, and even though it puts her in an awkward position (since Mike is investigating Clark), she agreed.

As she and Clark separated in the parking garage of the hospital, Martina was accosted by a violent stranger, who held her at gunpoint. Clark returned to ask another question and was struck viciously on the head by the attacker. The thug ordered Marty into the car, but she refused to be taken anywhere, sensing that his intent was rape and abduction. She managed to fling her car keys away, angering the stranger further. Shoving her over to a darker part of the garage, he lifted the gun to her head and ordered her to take off her coat.

Episode 4.11, "Hostile Intent, Part I"

While Clark lay unconscious, Martina was trapped in the hospital parking garage while the mugger stole her wallet, her father’s ring and the Fiore heirloom necklace Mike had given her. He began to make threatening sexual advances when suddenly a stranger appeared, grabbing the mugger away from Marty. A vicious fight ensued, with the mugger badly beaten by this seemingly professional fighter. The helpful stranger managed to retrieve Martina’s things once the attacker was subdued.  A shocked but grateful Martina immediately rushed to Clark, who groggily awoke as the police finally arrived.

At the hospital, Daphne found Tyler waiting for her, and she admitted her guilt in fleeing her father Doug’s side. She noticed Tyler acting strangely—not realizing that thanks to his argument with his father and Chelsea, he now knows about Daphne’s date with Ian. Just as Tyler was about to ask her about it, Greg hurried to find her and revealed that Doug had woken up at last, and was asking for Daphne. Daphne was thrilled that her father was doing well and prepared to visit him again.

After his argument with Tyler, Charles missed a meeting with Danielle Nichols regarding a donation from the Criterion Foundation. Instead he spoke alone to his friend and fellow hospital trustee Frances Granger. Charles reluctantly admitted his parental problems and expressed his dismay that Chelsea accused him of not understanding her mother Roberta’s suffering. Frances gently said that Chelsea couldn’t know what Charles felt, considering he keeps things so hidden. Their talk revealed that the true tragedy at the heart of Charles's first marriage--and what had spurred on Roberta's breakdown--was the loss of a baby son. While Charles had tried to help Roberta move beyond the grief, she'd taken it to mean he didn’t care; now, clearly, Chelsea believes the same thing. Frances told him that if he never revealed his feelings to his daughter, she’d always take her mother’s side. Charles didn't seem likely to take her advice.

Frank began work at the police station on investigating the fire/explosion at the Record, and was surprised by a visit from Ross’s sister Maxine, a private detective who’s been hired by Glenford Insurance to determine the nature of the newspaper fire—because Jem had the building insured for a half million dollars. Maxine tried to dig into Jem’s past and Frank could tell she was trying to push the investigation into determining that the fire was arson. So far, Frank told her cautiously, there’s no evidence either way. Meanwhile, Mike received a call with alarming news that Martina had been attacked.

Visiting Jem, Chelsea was less than sympathetic to his complaint that she’d spent the whole night with Greg rather than him—not to mention sending Rena in her place. Chelsea snapped that Greg’s brother Doug nearly died in the fire, and besides, Jem didn’t seem the type to be all that upset. When she joked that icy Rena couldn’t give Greg the comfort Chelsea could, Jem suddenly defended Rena and seemed to show far more concern for the nurse’s welfare than Chelsea expected—or liked.

Episode 4.12, "Hostile Intent, Part II"

Martina's attack, which seemed about to turn from robbery into a sexual assault, was thankfully interrupted by the arrival of a stranger who was highly skilled in the art of fighting. He disarmed the thief and demanded the return of Martina's belongings. Martina raced to help Clark, who was just returning to consciousness as the police arrived.

Maxine grilled Frank for information about Jem and the fire at the Record, hoping to prove that the fire was no accident in order for her client (the Record's insurance carrier) to avoid payment. Her annoyance at Frank's lack of openness turned into some insults at the expense of the police's response to the fire, making Frnak defensive. In turn, he coldly asked her if she blamed herself for gathering evidence that helped Nora White find and kill her victims. Their argument was interrupted when Mike hurried past, furious and afraid after learning of Martina's assault at the hospital.

Beth -- or rather, her eight-year-old alter Bitsy -- walked home, angry and bitter as she usually is. After briefly harassing a dog by throwing snowballs at it, Bitsy looked forward to arriving home and spending the time playing on her own, but was furious to discover someone waiting for her on the front porch: Tristan.

Mike arrived at the hospital and learned the basics of what happened from fellow policeman Bill Howard. Bill revealed that the robber was probably a professional, since he called his lawyer right away. Both wondered about the identity of the stranger who rescued Clark and Martina from the gunman (and who was now getting some minor cuts stiched up), but Mike was more concerned with consoling a shaken but still in control Martina.

Clark, who was still dizzy and bleary-eyed from the head wound, arrived to see how Martina was doing. And everyone was surprised when the stranger appeared -- Clark instantly recognized his and Marty's saviour as the mysterious and elusive Noah Morgan. When Martina wondered if he'd been successful in getting some of her jewelry back, Noah surprised her by returning everything, from Martina's rings to the Fiore family necklace.

At the Nichols mansion, Adele read over a coded phone message from a "Mr. Bishop," who informed her that a certain package she was expecting was not arriving after all -- a reference to the failed robbery attempt, which Adele had arranged by proxy. Furious, Adele ripped up the message and privately lamented the fact that brute force wasn't any more successful in getting the Fiore necklace than Laurie's machinations had been.

Episode 4.13, "Visiting Hours"

Clark was suspicious about Noah's motives for rescuing him and Martina from the attack in the garage. After Mike questioned Noah -- more for his role as David Reilly's elusive lover than as Martina's rescuer -- Noah offered Clark a ride home. Curious, Clark agreed.

Beth's alter "Bitsy" demanded that Tristan leave, but he insisted on talking to her. Originally planning on blasting her for her deception, Tristan tried instead to break through and reconnect with the woman he'd fallen in love with. But Bitsy goaded him into an angry confrontation, then sadistically gave up control to Beth, leaving her to deal with the now enraged Tristan. But their argument was interrupted when Clark and Noah arrived home.

At the hospital, Daphne visited with Doug, and the pair connected for the first time in years when Daphne apologized for being selfish -- and Doug (communicating via pen and paper) joked that obviously she takes after him.

Rena, at Clark's request, visited with his mother. Elaine was still distressed over having seen her ex-husband Jack, although she wasn't certain whether he was real or a hallucination. She made Rena promise not to tell Clark about her suspicions, and asked for security to make sure no one is let into her room without permission. Rena agreed, although not pleased at having to keep yet another secret. Greg arrived and suggested that he take her to his place, where they could crash, have dinner and fall asleep. After being up for two days straight, Rena was happy to have him take charge.

After a vigorous lovemaking session with Chelsea, Jem pondered his grim situation. The more he considered the danger he'd put both Rena and Chelsea in, the more he realized that even though he can't save both of them, he could come up with a plan to keep one of the women out of harm's way by sacrificing the other. As he started to make love to Chelsea again, he planned on it being the last time.

Beth, confused and frightened at seeing Noah and the wounded Clark, was even more shocked to find Tristan on her doorstep. She only remembered him as the man who'd grabbed her the night of the opera, and fearfully begged him to leave. Tristan couldn't believe her suddenly timid "act."

When Noah stepped up to demand that Tristan leave, acting very protective and close towards Beth, a jealous Tris made an uncharacteristicly ugly comment, insinuating that Beth, Clark and Noah were in some kind of menage a trois. Noah struck Tris in the face, warning him not to continue. Tristan left, shaken and furious.

Home at last, Martina tried to relax in a soothing bubble bath, her muscles aching and her mind troubled at everything that happened today. Mike tried to offer her comfort, although he blamed himself for not being able to protect her. Martina wouldn't let him feel guilty. Trying to change the subject, Mike reminded her of their plans to go away for a weekend, and asked her if she'd like to leave town tomorrow -- they could go to that Victorian inn up in the mountains that Olivia had discovered during her and Frank's camping trip.

Martina agreed, and she also agreed to Mike's massaging of her sore muscles. Things grew tense when Mike's massage briefly reminded Martina of the attacker's groping hands, something she hadn't revealed to Mike before. She felt ashamed and dirty, but Mike gradually helped her past some of the lingering raw pain. The two kissed and started to make love.

Episode 4.14, "Breakfast in Bed"

Greg White woke up after spending the night with Rena Carlson on his sofa, and enjoyed a rare peek at her naked figure when her nightshirt opened during her sleep. Despite his desire for her, he curbed his insticts and started to cover her back up -- only to be caught by a shocked, embarrassed Rena.

Rena got the wrong idea and accused Greg of trying to undress her while she was asleep, but Greg quickly asserted his innocence. His indignance convinced Rena, who apologized, but was still ashamed at having been seen naked. Greg assured her that she had nothing to be ashamed of, not realizing that she's never let anyone see her that way before. But his kind words and gentle manner melted Rena's fears, and they shared a passionate kiss.

Chelsea Stanford searched for breakfast at Jem Van Doren's apartment, still tired after their lusty night together. Seeing him in the sunrise, her passion rekindled, and she tried to start things up again. But to her surprise, the usually sex-obsessed Jem asked her to back off -- and announced that they need to stop seeing each other.

Jem, conscious of the need to keep Chelsea safe from the Nichols organization, tried to convince her that he's no longer attracted to her. Insulted at his rejection, Chelsea wondered if Rena was behind this sudden change of heart. Jem played along, implying that Rena might share his interest. Chelsea mocked him and attacked Rena, revealing that she's a "freak" -- a 30-year-old virgin. When she stomped away, Jem regretted having to push Chelsea away and put Rena in danger. As he contemplated this, someone arrived at the door: Maxine Granger.

Ian Nichols went to the dining room and discovered that the only family member home today was Danielle. His stepmother seductively invited him to spend the day alone with her ... a reminder of many afternoons spent on their own. Ian flashed back to the night of his eighteenth birthday, when Danielle first revealed her attraction to him ... and then easily seduced the startled young man.

Ian tried to ignore the haunting memories, but Danielle insisted that they stop avoiding the heat between them. Fortunately for Ian, the conversation was interrupted by the arrival of his aunt Hannah, who alarmed Ian by asking him to tell her all about his girlfriend Daphne.

Episode 4.15, "Crossed Lines, pt. I"

Ian Nichols deflected his Aunt Hannah's questions about the identity of the girl he took to the opera, although Ian suspected that Hannah might have recognized Daphne as the girl who kidnapped Hope. Ian assured Hannah that he not only knew and trusted Daphne very well, he also cared for her deeply. He was satisfied with the dual result of this supposed revelation: not only would Hannah not want to harm someone Ian loves, but Ian's stepmother (and former lover) Danielle heard the comment too ... and maybe this would convince Danielle that she's no longer uppermost in his heart.

Later, Ian planned to leave to play hockey with his friends, but on his way out Danielle blocked his path. She reminded him that they were alone in the house, and insinuated her way into the young man's arms. Demanding to know if Ian could honestly say he no longer desires her, Danielle kissed him. Slowly Ian felt himself giving in to her -- and neither heard as the front door started to open.

Meanwhile, Hannah returned home and made a beeline for her foster daughter, needing to hug Hope. The baby was in Hannah's husband Nick's office, silently observing a meeting between Nick, Dean Nelson and Jonnie Adair. After a quiet moment with Hope, in which Hannah realized how much she loved the baby, she overheard plans for a doublecross of the DA's office, a plot spurred by Jonnie's disclosure of Ross Granger's "Operation Mousetrap" to Nick.

Nick ordered Dean to have someone inform the head of a rival crime family (the Velartis) that the DA's office is planning a sting. Dean was dubious about the mission, and didn't believe that Jonnie was being honest. Jonnie hotly defended himself and his actions, and Nick mutely asked Hannah for advice. She backed Jonnie, noting that the young man would have much more to lose by doublecrossing Nick than the DA's office. Nick followed her instincts.

Olivia Ortiz enjoyed a jog before joining Frank Gabriel at home, and the lovers sparred a little -- as they usually do. Frank was somewhat annoyed that Olivia had accepted an invitation to breakfast from Frances and Ronald Granger, a couple he barely knows and with whom he has little in common. Olivia assured him they share a lot of traits, which Frank jokingly assumed referred to the fact that the Grangers and Frank are black.

Irritated, Olivia sarcastically agreed that yes, that's exactly what she'd meant. She referred to a black man de-icing his car down the block and invited Frank to go out and say hi -- after all, don't all black people know one another? Frank teased her out of her snarky mood and simply asked her to promise that if he's going to interact with her friends, Olivia has to do the same with his. Olivia reluctantly agreed, dreading the idea of going bowling or some other un-Olivia-like activity.

Jem Van Doren invited Maxine Granger into his house, taking it for granted that as an employee of Glenford Insurance -- the firm behind the newspaper's fire insurance -- Max must have visited him in order to hand over a portion of the money from his claim. Max disappointed him by revealing that she'd have to ask him some questions before any money exchanged hands.

Their conversation was interrupted when Chelsea Stanford stormed downstairs, still furious after Jem broke up with her moments ago. Her jealousy was spurred by seeing Maxine, and she fumed her way out the door, heading to the hospital. Maxine was astonished to recognize Chelsea, the daughter of her other client ... but didn't give away this knowledge as she prepared to grill the oblivious Jem.

Beth Durand brought some tea to her brother Clark, who was still bleary after being attacked the day before. As the conversation turned to Noah Morgan's role in the rescue, Clark expressed his suspicions towards the mysterious man. Beth was privately grateful to Noah for defending her by striking the stranger who insulted her last night -- the same man she thinks tried to assault her the night of the opera.

Clark unknowingly shocked Beth when he asked why Tristan Campbell had shown up on their doorstep last night. Beth, who was hearing Tristan's name for the first time, denied knowing him ... not realizing that her alternate personalities Amanda and Samantha have been having an affair with him for months. Clueless to all this, Clark filled Beth in on Tristan's problems, in particular Tris's rumored obsession with his ex-girlfriend Camilla ... which led to his arrest in her brutal murder. Although Clark added that Tristan wasn't guilty of the crime, Beth was naturally petrified at hearing this tale regarding the man who seems to be stalking her. Weak and nauseous, she fearfully fled the room.

Tyler and Daphne were making out on Daphne's bed when Tyler insisted they stop. Daphne, still thinking of her plan to seduce Tyler into running away with her and Hope, claimed that she was ready to make love. Despite her own fears, she was able to convince him. But afterwards, she was distraught, surprised at the pain of losing her virginity. She apologized to Tyler for ruining their special night together. But Tyler took the blame, saying he hadn't been gentle enough with her. He also took responsibility for being selfish, not realizing what she'd been going through during the past months. Finally, just as Daphne had hoped, Tyler promised to protect her, and to help her keep custody of her baby sister…even if it means running away.

Rena lost track of time while talking with Jem. Jem continued to charm her, and found himself warming to her as well. When he asked about her relationship with Greg, Rena denied that anything is between them, but he was able to get her to reveal that she's jealous of Chelsea. Unusually sympathetic, Jem told Rena that while Chelsea may be dazzling, Rena is a treasure as well. He even tried to kiss her, but Rena laughed at him, surprised that he'd try something like that with her. Jem apologized, and they continued to talk pleasantly.

At the hospital, Chelsea got her ankle bandaged. She apologized to Greg for ruining his date with Rena. Greg admitted that he's not sure what his relationship with Rena is. Though he's never been 'friends' with a woman before, Rena never seems to want to move past friendship. Chelsea told him that maybe Rena is the exception at last. Later, Chelsea guessed that Greg only gets involved with women at the hospital, and came up with the idea of volunteering. After Greg took her home to her apartment, he kissed her goodnight but left before things went any further.

Tristan and the woman from the Lighthouse headed over to her room at the Inn, where they fell into bed, making wild, passionate love. Later, self-consciousness Tristan admitted that he hadn't been with a woman in years. She assured him that he had no reason to worry, and they made love again. Tristan--who still didn't recognize the name "Danielle Nichols" -- was thrilled by her obvious interest in him. But when he fell asleep at last, she slipped out of the room and took the ferry away from the island, apparently shaken by what had occurred.

Upstate, Olivia woke up and was alarmed to be in a strange bed, in a candlelit room--with a handsome older man nearby. Grabbing a fireplace poker to defend herself, she demanded to know why she was only half-dressed. The man, Sebastian, told her that when she'd fainted, his housekeeper had removed her wet clothes and put her to bed. Eventually Olivia believed him. She then realized that Frank had been left alone and forgotten while she was asleep. Sebastian agreed to help her return to Frank.

Meanwhile, Frank had also awoken, and still delirious, stumbled through the woods thinking of Olivia, his late wife Natalie, and Camilla. Jumbling them all together, Frank was determined to find them somehow, despite the raging fever. When he had a flash of memory--in which he remembered kissing Olivia, or was it Natalie?--Frank grew confused and lost balance, tumbling down a ravine. Olivia and Sebastian found him lying unconscious. Olivia was aghast that Frank had been looking for help, apparently thinking she'd abandoned him. She wept in anger over Frank's low opinion of her.

Episode 4.16, "Crossed Lines, pt. II"

Danielle Nichols shared a heated kiss with stepson Ian, neither hearing the front door opening. Danielle spotted her husband Cameron just in time and managed to explain away her close proximity to Ian. Aghast at how close he'd come to giving in to Danny, Ian hurried out of the house. Cameron was glad to be alone with his wife, and Danielle pretended to enjoy his embrace.

Jem Van Doren answered Maxine Granger's questions, even though it quickly became obvious that Maxine had no plans to hand him the insurance check he was hoping for. She grilled him on his finances, curious as to where he's been getting all the loans for the newspaper. The last straw was when Maxine asked him about his past in Seattle -- finally Jem realized that Max is no insurance agent. She agreed, revealing that she's a private detective hired by Glenford Insurance ... and her job is to check the possibility of fraud. Jem kicked her out, pretending to be indignant. Max privately looked forward to a juicy investigation.

Chelsea Stanford tried to visit Greg White at the hospital, still upset at Jem's having dumped her. When Greg was nowhere to be found, she started to storm out -- only to bump into Beth Durand, who was there visiting her mother. Thinking about being screwed over by the men in her life made Chelsea think about the women -- one in particular. A plan formed in her mind.

Beth, meanwhile, was shocked to see Tristan Campbell, who was in the hospital visiting Doug White. Chelsea noticed the other woman's fear and commented on it. Beth tried to flee the hospital before Tristan could see her. Chelsea caught up to her and, seeing Beth's agitation, took sympathy on her friend. On an impulse, she invited Beth to join her on an expedition out of town.

At brunch, Olivia Ortiz asked for advice from Frances Granger about the secret to a successful relationship, worried that she has little in common with new boyfriend Frank Gabriel. Frances assured Livvy that all relationships take work.

Later, when Frank and Olivia left the restaurant, Olivia spotted a man whom she'd seen earlier this morning by Frank's house. Frank took a look and reacted with alarm, ordering Olivia to get in the car. Surprised at his behavior, Olivia asked him what was going on, but Frank refused to explain -- except to say that the stranger is very dangerous.

When they arrived at Frank's place, Frank finally told her that the man is someone he arrested years ago. To their surprise, the man had followed them home. After a tense confrontation, Frank warned the stranger to keep away from him -- and especially Olivia. The man mocked his words and goaded Frank, causing Frank to blow up and brutally attack him. Olivia pulled Frank off the stranger before he could do any more damage.

Episode 4.17, "Faded Images, pt. I"

Mike and Martina went off to their romantic country retreat, visiting the inn owned by Sebastian Knight -- the man who helped Olivia and Frank during their own accident-filled camping trip. Martina was charmed by Sebastian's old-world grace, and he seemed just as impressed with her. Mike was still concerned about Martina's lingering aches and pains from her attack, but she insisted she was all right. Mike planned for a special night together.

Clark was confused by a visit from Tristan, who was expecting to find Beth at home. When Tristan asked how Clark was feeling after the attack, Clark revealed that he wasn't the only one mugged: Martina was the primary victim. Shaken, Tris nearly forgot the reason for his visit. But Clark wanted to know why Tris would stop by, and was disturbed when Tristan's interest seemed to focus on his sister.

Clark demanded to know why Tristan was asking about Beth, since the two surely didn't know one another. Tristan was reluctant to give details, but Clark's impatience and irritation started to goad him. Soon Tristan was implying that he and Beth knew each other very well indeed. Clark mocked Tristan, revealing that only an hour ago, Beth hadn't even known Tristan's name ... and when Clark had filled her in on some of Tristan's past, she was clearly disturbed and not interested in hearing any more. Hurt and angry, Tristan handed Clark the only tangible piece of Beth he has -- the jewelled comb she lost the night of the opera. He dryly told Clark to return it to Beth with his compliments.

Due to smoke and structural damage from the newspaper fire, Schuyler Falls High School was closed for repairs and would remain so for the next few months. Jason heard this bad news and was upset -- doubly so when he learned that his mother Cynthia had arranged for her sons to attend the prestigious private school, the Arleigh Academy. Shy Jason was aghast, afraid of being alone among strangers, and asked his dad if he really had to go. Charles wasn't certain, but Cynthia insisted. She revealed that Jason merited the transfer on his grades, and Tyler was only let in after she'd promised donation to the school. As she and Charles started to argue about her methods, Jason -- his wishes ignored -- left to go to his room.

Chelsea and Beth drove along Route 58, and Chelsea tried to get Beth to reveal why she'd been so upset to see Tristan Campbell. Beth claimed that Tristan had nothing to do with it, it's just that she'd felt claustrophobic and ill. Chelsea wondered if Beth had ever sought help for her panic attacks. Beth revealed that once she'd been to a shrink, when she was a little girl. The negative experience had frightened her away from therapy. Chelsea thought this was ironic, and revealed the purpose of their car trip: she was visiting Greenhaven, the residence for the mentally ill where Chelsea's mother lives.

Beth expressed her sympathy to Chelsea, having no idea that Chelsea's mom was hospitalized. Chelsea was glad for the company, and the two troubled women bonded over their turbulent relationships with their mothers.

Olivia waited while Frank left an urgent phone message on someone's answering machine. When he was through, she demanded to know what's going on -- just who was that stranger Frank had punched? Frank refused to share the information, telling her it's none of her concern. Defensive, Olivia asked if Frank would have told Camilla the truth. Frank hedged, but finally said no, he wouldn't. Olivia didn't believe him and stormed out of the house.

Episode 4.18, "Faded Images, pt. II"

Jason sulked in his room while surfing the Web. Tyler interrupted and made a weak attempt at a friendly conversation with the brother he usually ignores. Jason was aware that Tyler had an ulterior motive, and he was right: Ty finally got the nerve to mention his discussion with Chelsea, who claimed that she'd seen Daphne with another boy at the opera. Ty asked Jason whether he'd seen Daphne with a date. Jason tried to pretend ignorance, but finally he had to tell the truth to an upset Tyler, confirming Chelsea's story.

Chelsea arrived at Greenhaven, with Beth waiting in the lobby, and was taken to her mother's room. Chelsea was disturbed at how much worse Roberta Masterson's condition had gotten over the past nine years. Roberta was completely nonresponsive and immobile, and despite Chelsea's conversation about their past, remained silent and unmoved. Shaken, Chelsea remembered how lively her mom used to be -- high strung, true, but still full of life. Before leaving, she vowed to get her mother some real help.

Olivia stormed down the street after her argument with Frank and discovered the stranger sitting in his car, far in the distance but still within viewing distance of Frank's house. He taunted her, implying that he knew a great deal about Frank's past ... including Frank's first wife, another "skinny white girl" like Olivia. He handed her a photograph and recommended that she ask Frank what it means. Olivia was stunned by the image she held in her hands. She automatically turned around and headed back to Frank's.

Frank was glad to see Olivia back in his house, but not pleased when she headed straight back to his living room and grabbed a framed wedding photograph. Comparing it with the picture in her hand, Olivia confirmed that they were the same image -- except that Frank's version cut off the man with his arm around Ellie (Frank's sister). Frank finally admitted the truth: the dangerous man whom he'd arrested years ago was, in fact, his own younger brother Del.

Up in the country inn, Martina decided to get her necklace fixed at an antique jewelry store (its lock was broken during the robbery attempt), but didn't realize that she was about to receive another sparkling gift. After a delightful night of ice skating, Mike surprised Martina with a diamond ring and a marriage proposal ... which Martina accepted.

Episode 4.19, "Flashpoint, pt. I"

At the police station, Frank tried to research how his brother Del might have gotten out of prison early when he finally got a return call from his sister Ellie. He was shocked to learn that Ellie knew about Del's release ... in fact, she'd given him a place to stay after the parole. Angry that she hadn't shared this info with him, Frank refused to consider that Del might have changed. He warned Ellie to kick Del to the curb before he ruins her life the way he ruined Frank's.

Ross left a hearing with some bad news to impart, but he was happy to procrastinate when he ran into Maxine. Surprised to see her coming out of the Probate Office, Ross wondered what she was doing there. Maxine confirmed that she was investigating the newspaper fire, but didn't explain that she was there investigating how much Jem Van Doren received from Philippa Campbell's will. Ross asked her to lunch, but Max revealed that she had to get busy with her other case.

At the Arleigh Academy, Simon made some final last-minute preparations for a mid-week rave at a notorious nightclub, and he and Becca complained about the invasion of the kids from Schuyler Falls High School. Becca noticed Jason staring at her, and Simon reminded her who he was -- and that they'd made a bet about him. Becca was disappointed that he didn't seem as attractive as he had the night of the opera, but was still willing to go through with the wager. She judged Jason as being an easy mark, but Simon wasn't so sure. Still, he decided to make the wager more interesting, and promised to come up with some more challenging terms.

Rena visited Doug, who thanked her for her support and asked her about her relationship with Greg. Rena admitted that she was seeing his brother, and also answered his questions about Elaine's health status. Rena later surprised and touched Doug by revealing that Greg is very proud of him.

Later, Rena discovered that the hospital had a new efficiency expert/management consultant: an undercover, disguised Maxine. Rena wondered why Maxine was looking into Greg's past patient files, but Max gave her a reply that soothed Rena's concerns.

Martina started her workday with a phone call from Alex, who tried to get a face-to-face meeting with her. Marty was on to Alex's reasons for the meeting -- he's desperate to get her to stay silent about him and Danielle. She refused to ever see him alone, despite his veilled threats, and reminded him that he no longer has any leverage over her. After hanging up, she enjoyed only a brief moment of triumph before the phone rang again. When she heard Ross's voice, she soon guessed the reason for calling: her attacker had been granted bail.

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