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Summary of Season 02: Part III of III

(Episodes 2.27 - 2.37)

Episode #2.27:

Olivia listened to Ronald's reasons for suggestiong Bert Brooke as a candidate for her empty position at Omni. Extremely dubious, she never the less agreed to trust Ronald's judgment, and asked him to set up a meeting between her and Brooke. Afterward, she went to the hospital to receive her weekly injection, the only thing between her and the blood disease that still haunts her…


Railing at Jem for his sending her to a filthy landfill, Chelsea threatened to sue him for sexual harassment if he continued to give her such undesirable assignments. She said that the only reason he was doing this was to get back at her for refusing to sleep with him again. Jem laughed the comment off, claiming he wasn't necessarily interested in sleeping with her. He also implied that maybe she's secretly interested in a return engagement herself, considering their one night together was so fabulous. Chelsea denied his insinuations, and got back at him by dumping a huge bag of garbage from the landfill all over his desk.


Curious about Daphne's phone call asking about Doug White, the mystery woman up in Binghamton started digging into a collection of photographs and notebook pages that seemed to have a great deal of information about Doug and his mistresses. She remembered taking a picture of Doug on a date with Ann Thomasson, a young nurse who was found dead not long afterwards…


Around town: Doug's lack of drugs made the manic doctor head straight to the supermarket, where he was sorely tempted to get cold medicine, which could mimic the barbiturates to which he's addicted. Fortunately, Elaine happened upon him, and was able to convince him to walk away…Chelsea cleaned herself off from the landfill, and received a phone call from Beth, who asked using her designs at C&B. Chelsea agreed to meet with Beth the next day, and then went back to fantasizing about Greg.


Meanwhile, Olivia seemed to be doing some fantasizing of her own, flirting with Greg as he and Rena were trying to give her the medicine. After being her usual charming self to Rena, Olivia found herself the butt of their warped humor when Greg let a vindictive Rena give her the painful shot. Soon Olivia got another dose of pain when she ran into Jonnie, who was also at the hospital to get his own injection. They clashed, leading to mutual threats to reveal damaging information on each other…


Ross remembered his blind date earlier with Lynn Wallis, the young woman from the Arts Center. They hit it off right away, and he was both relieved at how well things went…and surprised at how relieved he was. When Ross's sister Maxine called asking about the date, he told her that he and Lynn had made plans to attend a party in a few days. The phone call revealed the identity of the mystery woman in Binghamton-- Maxine, a private detective. She told Ross that she's concerned that one of her cases led to dire circumstances…and that she's coming to Schuyler Falls to find out the truth.

Episode #2.28:

Ross, Frank and Cahill met with Martina and Ossie Kessleman, her bookie client, to discuss the deal in which Ossie would act as informant on the gambling operation. Marty played hardball and made sure that the D.A. himself, Norman Mitchell, was directly involved--not wanting a repeat of the Alex/Tristan fiasco. However, Kessleman balked at getting involved in an undercover operation. Frank offered to go undercover himself, but Kessleman warned him that he's already too well-known as a cop. That's when Frank came up with the idea of dealing with another criminal…


Doug called Elaine, thanking her for stopping him from giving in to temptation at the supermarket drug aisle. He was still agitated, looking for something to do to get him out of the house, and asked her if she would see him for lunch. She reluctantly agreed, knowing Doug's reputation--but also knowing that she'd promised Father Ryan, the head of their N.A. group, that she'd give Doug a helping hand.


Brooke stopped by Jonnie's apartment to gloat about his upcoming interview with Olivia. He was confident that despite her suspicions, Olivia would see how valuable an asset he would be to Omni. Jonnie wasn't so sure, considering that she'd already suggested that she thinks Brooke was involved in the plot to frame Tristan for murder. Brooke reminded Jonnie that the only person who knows anything is Jonnie himself…and surely Jonnie wouldn't rat on him, would he?


At a restaurant, Beth tried to keep herself together long enough to make a good impression on Chelsea during their lunch meeting. Chelsea was indeed impressed by her work, and told a thrilled and surprised Beth that she'd bring the idea to her boss. Everything was going swimmingly until Elaine showed up…with Doug as her lunch date. When Chelsea assumed that Doug was seeing Elaine romantically--and filled Beth in on Doug's checkered past--Beth switched into defensive mode, expressing her anger and disgust at her mother's hypocrisy in no uncertain terms before leaving. Chelsea had a strange feeling of déjà vu at the scene…


Concerned about his girlfriend's lack of energy, and her disinterest in eating, Tyler put pressure on Daphne to dig into the truth about her father's dead mistresses. Daphne commented that they're only teens, what could they realistically discover? Tyler noticed his brother sitting a few feet away in the cafeteria, and recommended they utilize Jason's Internet skills. Daphne wasn't sure Jason could be trusted, but Tyler remarked that Jason still felt so guilty over the whole Doug/Charles situation, he'd never blab again. Sure enough, Jason agreed to help research the mystery for Daphne.


Chelsea went up to Elaine, when Doug was away from the table, and warned her that Beth was a few cards short of a deck. Elaine grew defensive herself, and denied that there's anything wrong with Beth other than artistic temperament. Chelsea disagreed and said she recognizes problems when she sees them. Doug returned and attacked Chelsea for sticking her nose into Elaine's business. He added that it's surprising Chelsea claims that mental illness is nothing to be ashamed about, considering her own mother's been locked away out of sight in an institution for twenty years…


Jonnie guessed that the reason Brooke's been paying his attorney is to keep his mouth shut about Brooke's role in the scheme. Conscious that the only thing standing between him and a conviction for conspiracy in the plot is his high-priced lawyer, Jonnie agreed to say nothing to Olivia. But later, Jonnie was surprised by another visitor: Frank, who claimed that the D.A.'s office was willing to drop the charges…

Episode #2.29:


Frank told Jonnie about his idea to have Jonnie go undercover into the gambling ring and get incriminating information. In return for this, he explained, the D.A. would drop Jonnie's charges in the conspiracy to frame Tristan for Olivia's assault. Dubious, Jonnie admitted that he was interested, and went with Frank to meet with the prosecutors.


Chelsea went to the hospital to visit her father, still upset from the argument with Doug (in which he'd brought up her mother's institutionalization). Things didn't go much better with Charles, who got defensive when she accused him of not caring about his ex-wife's condition. Charles told her that not only does he continue to pay for her mom's hospitalization, he gets regular reports on her mom's status--which has never changed. And, he added, Chelsea was in no position to judge him, since she rarely visited her mom either. Chelsea left, hurt and guilty.


Alex, Ross and Frank discussed the gambling investigation, and whether Jonnie and his lawyer would accept the deal. Ross was certain of success, Alex was contemptuous of Jonnie's attorney--a younger man with a much fatter paycheck--and Frank was just anxious to see things move forward. As the others were leaving Ross's office, Alex bumped into a fiery, smartmouthed woman: Maxine, Ross's sister. Maxine was introduced to Frank as well, and remembered being in high school with Frank's brother and sister. After Frank and Alex left, the brother and sister had a happy reunion.


A distracted Chelsea had her day perk up when Greg chatted with her, and she got right to the point: we're obviously attracted to each other, so why beat about the bush? Greg was about to listen to her proposal when Clark and Rena showed up. Greg left shortly afterward, as did Rena. Annoyed, Chelsea entered the elevator with Clark and remembered what a cute couple he and Rena had made at the gala. Hoping to get Rena away from Greg, Chelsea tried to match Clark up with Rena--but Clark knew exactly what she was up to. Finally Chelsea realized that she'd been trying to set up Rena with a gay man. But her idea still seemed worthwhile to her…


Ronald called Tristan to persuade him to accept Olivia's half-hearted offer of her old position--or, failing that, a consultant's job. Tristan refused to work beneath his former employees. Later, Mike and Martina shared a romantic evening at Boondoggles, spoiled by Tristan's growing sense of anger. Trying to deny the change in Tristan's attitude, Martina invited Tristan to a party at Mike's family's restaurant, but Tristan declined, knowing Mike was no friend of his. He made no attempt to hide his resentment towards Mike for his role in his arrest. Martina tried to get her friend to see that he was being unfair, but Tristan remained bitter. He did reveal his plans for revitalizing his restaurant. Marty was glad to hear him sound energized, but was afraid that the restaurant's not a good place for him--Boondoggles holds too many bad memories. Tristan was affected by her concern, but harshly told her to go back to her boyfriend. Alone, he returned to the false consolation of alcohol.

Episode #2.30:

Jonnie met with Ossie Kessleman, Martina's bookie client, as part of his deal to go undercover in the gambling ring. The two started off on the wrong foot, but after some mutual insults, Kessleman seemed to relax and trust the younger man.

Brooke tried to get Olivia to give him a second chance at the company from which he was fired years ago. Olivia didn't buy his innocent 'butter-wouldn't-melt-in-my-mouth' act, but was affected by his claims of seeing OmniCorp as his only home. Later, they ran into Jonnie and Frank. Brooke and Jonnie had to pretend they'd never met. Frank was unusually protective of Olivia when Brooke ignored her request not to say anything about the Omni situation. But Olivia grew defensive and didn't appreciate the cop's gallantry.

Mike was reunited with his brother Tom, an archeologist/professor who's been in Scotland for a year. The two caught each other up on their lovelives--Tom's not seeing anyone at the moment, to Mike's surprise--and then turned to discussion of another Fiore brother, Victor, whose girlfriend has been a source of family angst for nearly a year. Tom was astonished that Vic was bringing Laurie to the party tonight, and wondered if he might not be planning to announce a marriage.

At the bank, Jem grew concerned when he wasn't able to withdraw any money using his ATM card. Chelsea witnessed this and taunted her boss about his lack of funds--and also gave him an ultimatum, saying that she'd quit unless he started giving her a salary. Jem then went to Ronald's office to get more info about his inheritance from Philippa's will, but got the bad news that the legacy wouldn't even begin to make a dent in Jem's financial woes.

Martina chatted with Rena about Rena's steadfast distrust of Greg's motives. The lawyer didn't understand why Rena wasn't willing to give Greg a chance, since he seems to have everything. Rena dryly commented that if being rich, handsome and smart were all that was wanted in a mate, Martina would have ended up with Alex. Marty asked if Rena was saying Greg is as slimy as Alex, and Rena almost reluctantly admitted that no, deep down, Greg's a good man.

Daphne's teacher, Joe Vasquez, had a Serious Talk with her about her dropping grades. Then her friend Michelle complained that the only person Daphne talks to these days is Tyler--and warned her that he wouldn't stick around if Daphne remains depressed and bitter. Later, Daphne watched as Jason helped her research the deaths of Doug's mistresses, and learned that the women all worked at the hospital. She took Tyler aside and worriedly apologized for being such a downer, but Ty assured her that he cared for her no matter what. A saddened Jason overheard their discussion.

At the Fiores' restaurant, Clark and Rena met up with Mike and Tom Fiore, who was introduced to Martina as not only Mike's younger brother, but also Clark's ex-boyfriend. Ross, who was attending the party with Lynn, overheard this news and was obviously taken aback by the casual revelation.

Maxine showed up at Nora's house, much to Nora's dismay. Nora's advanced pregnant state made the detective's job more difficult, but she pressed ahead and told Nora that she knew about the dead women--the ones whose photos Maxine had taken while spying on Doug for Nora.

Nora panicked and acted insulted at the implication. Despite his many affairs, Nora claimed, Doug was now changed and things were going to improve for their family. Maxine warned her that things weren't that simple…that sooner or later, the truth was going to come out. Nora denied this and fled into her house…but Maxine's visit clearly planted a seed of fear in the disturbed woman's soul...

Episode #2.31:

At the Fiores' party in their family restaurant, Tom Fiore spoke with Clark about their past relationship, which ended two years ago when Clark discovered Tom's promiscuity. Tom apologized for his behavior, explaining that he should never have tried to commit to a long-term relationship after just accepting his sexuality. This past year in Scotland, he'd fallen for a someone a lot like his younger self--immature and unready to commit. The experience sobered him and made Tom realize what a jerk he'd been to Clark. Clark, though still bitter, accepted Tom's apology, and the two spent a lot more time together in conversation.


Meanwhile, over at the bar, Lynn and Ross shared their dreams about their careers. Ross was impressed by Lynn's discipline and willingness to accept unpleasant jobs in order to attain her goal. She noted that he was less certain of his future, and got him to reveal that his father had discouraged his dreams as impractical. Later, when Tom came by to chat with Lynn, Ross was clearly uncomfortable around the other man.


In the Whites' residence, as a weeping Nora reached for her keepsake box beneath the bed, Daphne walked into the room. Nora claimed to be searching for an earring. Daphne was afraid that Nora might 'discover' the box, and grew very upset. Seeing her daughter's state, Nora suddenly asked Daphne to stay with Uncle Greg, not wanting Daphne to be bothered by what's going on. Daphne refused and said she wouldn't leave Nora alone with Doug. Nora unsuccessfully tried to get Daphne to give her father another chance, saying that Doug may soon be all Daphne has in the world. These words chilled Daphne to the core…


Back at the party:  When Mike's brother Victor arrived at the party at last, the entire Fiore family gathered in the kitchen to greet him and his girlfriend, Laurie--a beautiful, sophisticated redhead who, Victor announces, is now his fiancée. The older Fiores (Carlo, Mike and Tom) were all upset at this news, since they disapprove of Laurie's family for some reason. Victor hotly defended his fiancée and her family. Laurie coolly told the Fiores that she understood they only want the best for Victor, but they're in love and there's nothing they can do about that.


Martina, Clark and Rena talked about this unexplained dislike that the Fiores have for Laurie, coming to no conclusions. Clark recalled that the Fiores had been very open-minded towards Tom and him when they were dating…but since Tom never took their relationship seriously, the Fiores probably hadn't either. Later, Martina introduced herself to Laurie and tried to make the other woman feel at home. A bitter Laurie told Martina that the reason behind the family's disapproval is the fact that Laurie isn't Catholic…and added that Martina should watch out for them, too. Martina didn't want to believe this explanation, but Laurie's remarks obviously worried her.


Back in the kitchen, the Fiores continued to argue--and it had nothing to do with Laurie's religion. Mike's words revealed that he was afraid Victor was getting involved in a dangerous situation. Victor said that the rumors surrounding the Nichols family are false, and that he knew what he was doing. They traded insults and Victor stormed out. Tony, the youngest brother, tried to stick up for Victor, but Mike told him that he was as naïve as their brother. Tom dryly commented that Mike had better be quiet, or he'd goad Tony into doing something foolish as well.


After a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, Doug offered Elaine a lift home. She tried to get him to express his feelings, and he blurted that though his three month suspension was nearly up, he was certain he'll never be let back into the hospital. And though he hates being a doctor, he wanted his position back--because this desire is the only thing keeping him from returning to drugs. Later, when he returned to his house, Doug started up the stairs and was assaulted by a burning smell of fire. He raced upstairs into the smoke-filled hallway, calling out Nora's name to no avail...

Episode #2.32:

At Cucina di Fiore, Mike tried to understand why Martina was acting coolly to him. Marty, with Laurie's words ringing in her ears, asked Mike exactly why the Fiores are so against Laurie's family. Mike revealed that it's the Nichols family's criminal connections that are worrying him. Martina accepted this, but asked if there wasn't a religious problem as well. Mike said maybe just a little. Marty then demanded to know what the Fiores think of his relationship with a Jewish woman. Mike replied that their situation is completely different--after all, Victor and Laurie are engaged. This did not reassure Marty…

Lynn and Ross met Laurie, who was jealous of Lynn and Victor's friendship. Laurie also took an unusual interest in Ross's career, apparently not fond of prosecutors…Meanwhile, Clark and Rena spoke about Clark's renewed friendship with Tom. Rena warned Clark about rekindling a relationship that had caused him such pain. Later, Tom defended himself to Rena, whose protective feelings towards Clark didn't let her see how much he's changed. She left Clark and Tom alone, realizing that it's not her business…and that maybe her own life needs more attention.

Mike told Marty that if things were as serious between them as they are between Vic and Laurie, his family wouldn't care--they trust Mike's judgment more than they do Vic's. All they'd care about is if he loves her. And Mike then made a tender admission: he does, indeed, love Marty. This surprised her, and she had a fearful reaction to his words. Mike was hurt, she felt guilty, and the two didn't speak for much of the evening.

After smelling smoke coming from upstairs, Doug rushed up to his bedroom, afraid of fire. But it was only the roaring fire in the fireplace, where Nora had forgotten to open the flue. (She had just finished burning the contents of her keepsake box, destroying the evidence.) Doug mentioned that he'd driven Elaine home, but that they're just friends. Nora told him she didn't care anymore--she couldn't stand what her love for him had made her become. She's done too many terrible things because she cared. Doug didn't understand what she meant and said they'd discuss this tomorrow. Nora added to herself that there isn't always a tomorrow…

Episode #2.34:

Nora's guilt of her murderous past became too much for her, and she confessed to a priest. Little did she realize that the man to whom she'd told all was Doug's N.A. counselor, Father Ryan O'Connor.


Working undercover in Ossie Kessleman's hardware store, Jonnie was able to offer vintage car repair advice to Kessleman's contact in the gambling ring, Dean. Dean didn't trust Jonnie at first, especially when he recognized him as having dealings with the cops, but tentatively offered Jonnie a job fixing his car. Later, Kessleman warned Jonnie that this was only the first of many tests...


Determined to take her life in her hands, Rena bravely...asked Greg to lunch. Surprised by the shy nurse's invitation, Greg was pleased to accept.


Tristan learned that the D.A. had dropped charges against Jonnie. When Marty revealed that she'd known about the D.A.'s deal with Jonnie--and hadn't warned Tristan--Tris felt betrayed by his friend and attorney. They argued about this, and about her relationship with Mike, which Tristan has resented for some time. In the end, he walked out on her, in effect telling her to stop wasting her time on their friendship.


While fighting with Jem over her salary, Chelsea flashed back to their passionate night together. She forced herself to focus on Greg, the man she truly desires. When she and Jem noticed Rena running some errands, Jem--aware of her dislike of Rena--mischievously said that he found Rena pretty cute. This put a new idea into Chelsea's scheming head...


Upset about her fight with Tris, Marty apologized to Mike for her cool reaction the night before. She told him that she was afraid to trust anyone after the botched deal with Alex, but now she realizes that she can't push people away, like Tris is doing. And at last, she told Mike that she loved him, too.


Daphne and Doug began to argue about Doug's treatment of Nora. Afraid and angry, Daphne couldn't contain her suspicions, and accused her father of murdering his mistresses. When Nora overheard this argument, she was devastated at the torture she's been putting her family through. She secretly went to call Richard Cahill--her former lover and the chief of police.

Episode #2.35:

Though haunted by memories of her delicious night of lust with Jem, Chelsea was determined to steal Greg's attention away from Rena. In a bizarre scheme, she asked Jem if he'd agree to seduce Rena. Jem couldn't believe she was serious--but he was quick to agree when Chelsea offered to sleep with him in return.

Beth was amused by her brother's leisurely arrival at brunch. Obviously he'd had a late night at the Fiores' party. Clark noticed that she was in an unusually good mood, and was thrilled when Beth announced that she'd gotten an offer from the C&B department store for her designs.

Later, Clark told her about seeing Tom at the party. Concerned that he's falling for a man who hurt him, Beth warned Clark not to move too fast. Clark said he believed that Tom had changed--besides, they're just going to be friends. But Beth didn't believe him--and also discovered that Tom was someone she remembered from high school.

Mike and Martina embraced in the police interview room, glowing with love for each other after Marty finally responded in kind to Mike's declaration of love. Throwing caution to the wind, she even asked Mike if he wanted to live with her. Mike was shocked and thoroughly delighted, and they prepared to take their relationship a large step forward.

Also at the police station, Maxine visited Frank to learn more about the Thomassen and Traub cases. Frank wondered why Max was interested in cases from so many years ago, and they nearly clashed in anger when she refused to tell him any details.

Chief Cahill interrupted their discussion, ordering Maxine out of the office. Cahill explained that he was going to make an arrest that had to be kept very quiet--no reporters, no visitors anywhere near the station. Maxine--who was eavesdropping--felt her heart sink when she guessed whom Cahill was going to arrest.

A nearly hysterical Daphne accused Doug of killing two of his mistresses. Doug was astounded and denied his involvement in their deaths. Nora entered the room and in an eerie calm, apologized profusely for having ruined Daphne's life, just as she'd ruined her own. She tried to explain how she'd tried to keep her marriage together despite Doug's distance, and how she'd defended that marriage against the women who tempted her husband.

Slowly Daphne began to realize the truth, but Doug was still in denial. Nora hoped he'd stand by Daphne, because their daughter would need his help. She then told him about hiring a detective to follow him, and keeping the pictures in the keepsake box.

Doug tried desperately to get Nora to explain what she was talking about, but the doorbell rang. Nora opened the door to a grim-faced Richard Cahill, whom she'd called only a half-hour earlier. And to Doug's utter astonishment, and Daphne's misery, Nora confessed to murder...

Episode #2.36:

Jonnie used his mechanical skills to ingratiate himself to Dean, a member of the crime syndicate. Dean decided to appease Nicky, his own boss, by getting Jonnie to work for him. But first he planned to give Jonnie another, more demanding test…

Olivia offered Bert her old position at OmniCorp. Bert flirted with her until Frank showed up. When alone with Livvy, Frank told her that Nora had confessed to poisoning her. Olivia, skeptical at first, became shaken and distressed at the knowledge that not one, but two people had wanted her dead.

Bert was also upset when he learned of his sister's arrest, but reacted with typical shrewdness by asking hotshot attorney Steve Gelfarb to help out. Steve convinced Doug and Nora to hire him. Numb with guilt, Nora said she wanted to be punished. But Steve urged her not to make the prosecutors' jobs easy for them--she should plead 'not guilty.'

Ross met with his boss, the DA, and Alex. He was suspicious that Alex had manipulated his way into this trial--just as he'd gotten Ross taken off the Campbell case. But DA Mitchell relieved him of his doubts: Ross would be first chair in the trial--and Alex will assist him.

Mike told Tony and Carlo about moving in with Martina. His brother was thrilled, but Carlo showed less pleasure at the news. He reminded Mike that Marty's backed away from their relationship before--what's to stop her this time?

At Boondoggles, Tristan told Rena of his plans to revamp his restaurant into something that won't remind him of the tragic past. Rena expressed concern that he was making a mistake, and Tristan blasted her for being as judgmental as Marty. Rena asked if he was upset with Marty for moving in with Mike--which was news to a shocked Tristan.

Elaine heard about the strange activities at the police station. She asked Jem if she could check things out. Distracted by thoughts of his deal with Chelsea, Jem didn't think Elaine was up to any kind of reporting job. She was annoyed, remembering that he'd also refused to let her interview Rena. This gave him an idea…

Greg called Rena to tell her about Nora's arrest, and asked her to meet him at the court house. Disgusted that the police had probably made yet another mistake, Tristan went with Rena, feeling he owed it to help a family friend.

Jem appeared at Chelsea's, telling her that he'd come up with an idea to meet Rena and get closer to her. This means it's time for Chelsea to fulfill her part of their twisted bargain. She reluctantly agreed--but Jem got a call about Nora, which prevented their getting any further than a kiss. Jem left, and Chelsea was oddly disappointed.

At the courthouse, Daphne refused to talk to Doug. Rena tried to get her to open up, but she just walked away. Doug also resented Greg's support, wondering where his brother had been for the past few months. Nora was ready to plead not guilty, just as Steve asked her--until she saw Tristan, the son of the woman she'd murdered.

Episode #2.37 (Season Finale):


Against Frank's advice, a shaken Olivia insisted on heading down to the courthouse to see Nora's arraignment for attempted murder. Meanwhile, Nora agreed to plead 'not guilty' to the two murders, not wanting to upset Daphne's life any further. But once she got inside the courtroom, her guilty conscience weighed too heavily, especially when she found herself looking at Tristan. In an emotional outburst, she admitted to everything--including the murder of Philippa Campbell!

Tom tried to be friendly with Clark, but Clark's attitude towards him seemed to have changed. Clark's coolness was obvious, and Tom suspected that someone had warned Clark off Tom. Tom was not surprised to learn that Beth was behind this. Later, Beth knew Clark was upset despite his claims otherwise, and wondered why--if Clark didn't want to see Tom--he insisted on going to places where he knew he'd run into his former lover.

Olivia clashed with Tristan as she gloated over Nora's confession. Frank recommended that she take time away from Schuyler Falls. Olivia agreed, and to his surprise, invited herself along with him to his cabin upstate.

Jonnie called Kessleman, who warned him that he'd be closely watched by both Dean and the police, neither of whom trust him. That evening, Jonnie was awakened by a knock on his door. Two cops burst in and demanded to know what he was doing in Dean's limo. Jonnie refused to respond, and they began viciously beating him.

Though Nora's hearing was kept secret, Elaine snuck in to take notes. She was shocked to learn that Doug's wife was involved in such crimes. Elaine called Jem to tell him that his cousin Philippa had been murdered, but Jem was more interested in getting a terrific story. By the end of the night, he returned to Chelsea's apartment. Chelsea agreed to fulfill her part of their bargain, and their passion overwhelmed them.

Martina rushed to Tristan's side when Rena called her to tell her about Philippa's murder. Tristan was numb at learning his mother's best friend had killed her, and slowly bitterness took over. He refused Martina's offer of friendship, especially when he learned Mike was moving in with her. Alex was also interested to learn this bit of information.

Mike went to his new home with Martina, and consoled her about her argument with Tristan. They later grew romantic…not realizing that someone was in a car outside, watching them with increasing anger.

Steve promised Nora that he'd try to get her sentenced to a mental hospital, rather than jail. Before being led away to the County Jail, where she'll await sentencing, Nora said goodbye to Bert and a devastated Daphne. Doug, however, refused to see her. He left the courthouse and went straight to a pharmacy, where he picked up some sleeping pills.

Meanwhile, Daphne ran off alone. And Nora, in her prison cell, suddenly found herself in labor.

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