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The Press:

"[Rating: Four Stars] This well-written serial about a New York town's upper crust and working class comes to life at a stylish, easy-to-navigate site. Before you get absorbed in the story line, check out the Explore section for a map and history of the town and its main employer, Omnicorp. Click on Meet Us for the lowdown on the cast, then click on the hotlinked character names for photographs and biographies. Bottom line: This soap gives you all the dirt you need to know. " - Tracy Vogel, AccessMagazine: December 2000. Note: AccessMagazine later named ASF as one of the top 200 entertainment websites of 2000.

"Like the majority of successful web soaps, episodes of Schuyler Falls are a mixture of text and photos. But, unlike TV soaps, where the viewers may struggle to remember details of every character's complex personal life, Schuyler Falls provides convenient potted histories for each cast member." -- Justin Hines, London Daily Mail. Note: There's much more about ASF in the article, which you can read at the Mail's website here, or (if the link is no longer valid) click here for a screenshot. Careful, there are some spoilers for seasons 01 - 03!

"As brimming with life and lusty goings-on as 'The Spot' ever was...Schuyler Falls seems to be loaded down with secrets, not to mention mystery, and boy--does it seem like fun!" -- TechTV, "Internet Tonight" cable series, October 6, 1999. Click here for RealVideo clip!

"About Schuyler Falls. It¹s sort of a cross between Twin Peaks and EastEnders but isn¹t so weird or so annoying. ASF has won a slew of awards, deservedly so...It will take a long time for you to catch up to the current weekly episodes of season three but it¹s well worth it. There¹s a few pictures splashed around of the characters and a map to acquaint yourself with the town but you¹ll have to plunge in and read the copious text to get a real feel for it. Murder, mystery, affairs, unbelievable coincidences...all the best ingredients of a soap are here.  Most Web soaps will seem like an anti-climax after ASF..." -- Ronan Price, The Star (the Irish daily newspaper), April 22, 2000

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And The Winner Is... (Awards)

Yahoo! -- Yahoo! picked ASF as one of the top five Sites of the Day for June 21, 1998

Netscape -- Netscape Guide's "Highlighted Site of the Day"on June 22, 1998

CoolCentral -- "Cool Site of the Day" for June 22, 1998

About.com (formerly known as 'The Mining Company') -- "Best of the Net" for July 1998. As their editor generously stated: "There are good Soap Opera sites on the net, and there are GREAT Soap Opera sites on the net. Your site is definitely considered one of the latter!"

Jayde Gold Diamond AwardJayde Online Directory -- Jayde awarded ASF its "Gold Diamond Award" for September 1998.  "We review deserving sites on the basis of design, style and content. About Schuyler Falls received a high rating from our reviewers in all three areas. Congratulations on an outstanding site."



4anything "Best of the Web" award4anything.com -- "Best of the Web" in October 1999




JimWorld's Way Cool Hot Site -- JimWorld is an amazing resource for webmasters who are seeking better placement in search engines. Before ASF was listed in Yahoo!, we sought advice from the JimWorld community. When we succeeded in getting noticed by Yahoo!, Jim and crew were gracious enough to add to our swelled heads by giving us their "Way Cool Hot Site" award, and VirtualPromote Way Cool Hot Site saying the following about our site: "Because of the involvement of this site's creator in the JimWorld Forums, we have had the opportunity to see how this site has progressed day-to-day until it has become one of the best of its category anywhere on the web. Yahoo! and Netscape agreed and featured it in the daily spotlight. Take a trip to About Schuyler Falls and find out why."

In addition to the above, ASF, its characters and its storylines have also won numerous Eppy Awards (winning Editor/Audience Choice outstanding series awards for 1999 and 2000*), Online Soap Opera Awards, and Online Emmy awards.

* ASF is no longer eligible for Eppy Awards now that producer Kira Lerner is EpisodicReview.com's editor-in-chief.

Our Audience:

What does our audience have to say? In addition to all the comments in the left sidebar, check out the plethora of praise below!

"Wish there was a soap on the air written half as well as this one is. Terrific!" -- Joanmarie

"The writing is great. I am hooked! I also like how you allow the reader to refer back to a character from time to time with a simple click. Thanks. With my memory I need all of the help I can get with the characters." -- Rocky

"I really appreciate you taking the time to respond to my note. I really wasn't expecting a reply, I just had to tell "somebody" how much I liked the soap. My boss had been on vacation and I had been surfing and quite frankly, I do not know how I found Skyfalls, but once I started reading, I was hooked." -- Jodie

"I'm halfway through episode two and . . . wow. This is great writing, great suspense, and I'm missing Camilla already. Keep up the great work!"
-- Leanne

"Can the episodes be just a little longer? Please? The episodes are still great!! I can't wait to see romance in the air for a few of my favorite characters. I love Olivia and Frank together. I also love Greg and Rena, Martina and Frank, and Jem and Chelsea. I want to see some romance. I also agree with Josephine, I think Sky Falls should be on TV too!! Well that's all for now." -- Penny

"I hope this reaches someone at Skyfalls. Love the episodes, reads like a book and can't wait to read the next episodes. I was just introduced to Skyfalls by surfing the net about three week ago. You have a fan in me. I am an avid reader, especially if the story line and characters are interesting and compelling. Yes, Skyfalls has it going on!" -- Jolene

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