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Summary of Season 03: Part II of III

(Episodes 3.16 - 3.26)

Episode #3.16:


Jem ran into Chelsea at the hospital, and was surprised to hear that she's really going to volunteer. He revealed he planned to ask her father to invest in the paper--to repay Jem for hiring Chelsea. Aghast, she begged him to reconsider. But Jem refused, his money troubles too pressing to worry about her shaky relationship with Charles.

Later, a casual remark by Charles--which Jem thought was an insult to Chelsea--made Jem admonish Charles for cutting Chelsea out of his life. Outraged, Charles threw Jem out. Jem was horrified at his unusual burst of protectiveness for his secret lover. Had he blown his chance to save the newspaper?

Alex asked Martina about her future with the law firm of Blake/Geary. Marty wondered how he knew about the meeting, accusing him of following her. Alex encouraged her to upgrade her job…and her man. He insinuated that he wished he had a permanent record of their encounter in Marty's office. Marty threatened to go to his boss, the DA, to reveal his sexual blackmail. He called her bluff and left for an appointment downtown, making a threat of his own.

Ian invited Daphne and the baby inside the mansion to warm up. They clashed at their class differences, Ian's pride irritating Daphne's prejudice. Daphne heard Danielle's voice and remembered the redhead from Hannah's house. Afraid that Danny would recognize her, she tried to leave. Not understanding her worries, Ian hid Daphne in another room.

Danielle flirted with Ian, implying that their relationship is more than just stepmother/stepson. Ian pointedly remarked that his father Cam would be returning soon for an intimate evening with Danny. When Danny left, Ian rushed to Daphne and demanded to know why the teen was so afraid of seeing Danielle.

Jonnie was ordered to help Dean strong-arm someone who owed them money. After driving downtown, near the courthouse, Jonnie waited in the car while Dean demanded payback from the unfortunate gambler. The other man asked for more time, but Dean was unmoved. Jonnie was astonished when he saw the identity of the victim…


Episode #3.17:


Nervous about her date with Greg, Rena stopped off at Clark's house for him to approve her outfit. Clark teased her for looking so "girly" and playfully warned her that Greg would be all over her like white on rice…At a Chinese restaurant, Greg admired Rena's appearance and thanked her for finally agreeing to go out, despite her worries about his reputation. He insisted that he'd never promised monogamy to any woman. Rena warned him upfront that if they continued to see each other, she would exclusivity. Greg avoided her remark and told her to take things one step at a time.

Mike drove up to the hospital upstate to take Frank back home. He was taken aback at how grateful Frank was to Olivia, and clearly seemed disturbed by the implications.  Later, out at dinner with Martina, he expressed his concerns to his sympathetic girlfriend. Marty agreed that Olivia is manipulative and cold, not to mention a blackmailer. Changing the subject, Mike gave Martina a belated housewarming gift: a beautiful antique pendant that had belonged to his mother.

Meanwhile, Olivia was interrupted before taking a bath by a call from Bert, who claimed concern about her absence from work. After he flirted outrageously with her, Olivia told him to knock it off. When she finally took her steamy bath, her thoughts were of Frank's kisses.

Ian reacted with anger to Daphne's revelations about her true relationship to Hope. He called her selfish for stealing the baby from a much better home than she could provide, and warned that his family would track her down eventually. Tearful and guilty, Daphne agreed to give the child back...but Ian realized that his uncle Nick isn't the type to forgive easily.

Proof of Nick's harshness could be seen when Dean ordered Jonnie to rough up the gambling debtor--who turned out to be Jem! Jem was just as surprised as Jonnie was, and desperately tried to convince Dean that hiriing Jonnie had been a mistake. Afraid that Jem would make Dean suspicious, Jonnie had no choice but to shut him up by beginning the brutal assault on the helpless Jem.

Ian returned Hope to Hannah and Nick himself, telling them that he'd found Hope alone, abandoned in the gardener's cottage. Hannah was relieved but still angry at the situation, and Nick refused to call of the search for the kidnapper. Worried, Ian returned home, where Daphne waited for him in his room. He warned her that she was still in danger of being caught...though he didn't elaborate on exactly what that danger would be. He recommended that she stay in hiding, at least until Nick finally calls off his men. Daphne reluctantly agreed. Just when Ian promised she'd be safe, someone knocked on his door.

While walking Rena home, Greg took her into his arms and the couple shared their second kiss. Rena responded passionately--until a sound interrupted them. A battered man fell out of the bushes, and Rena realized in horror that it was Jem!

Episode #3.18:


As Daphne hid behind Ian, Ian opened his bedroom door to find his father, Cameron. Cam, who already knew about Ian's "rescue" of Hope, suspected that Ian was hiding something. To Daphne's astonishment, Ian admitted that there was a girl in his room...his new lover.  Later, Ian felt guilty at lying to his dad, and took his anger out on Daphne. He brusquely told her that she'd have to sleep in his room tonight, and they'd leave early in the morning, after his parents left the house.

At the hospital, Greg told Rena of Jem's condition: stable, with possible head injury, two fractured ribs, and a broken nose. Rena insisted on stay with Jem until he awoke.  Later, alone with Rena, Jem claimed that he didn't remember the attack. Shaken and vulnerable, he asked Rena not to leave him alone. She held his hand and sat by his bed as Greg privately observed their closeness.

Ross demanded that Jonnie explain the wounds on his hands. Jonnie angrily admitted that he'd been ordered by Dean to hurt someone who owed Nick money. Upset at this development, Ross tried to get Jonnie to tell him the victim's name, to no avail.

The next morning, Jem woke up in the hospital, remembering Jonnie's brutal attack. Chelsea flew into his room, thinking that he was faking his wounds to get closer to Rena -- just as she'd faked her twisted ankle in order to gain Greg's sympathy. Furious at his 'stupidity,' she yelled at him and pulled on his bandages, unwilling to listen to Jem's cries of pain. Rena rescued Jem and tossed Chelsea out of the room.

Ross was sitting pensively at a coffee shop when Martina joined him for breakfast. Ross revealed his guilt feelings about the undercover operation, basically having to sanction Jonnie's violent behavior. Marty reminded the assistant district attorney that it's an inevitable part of investiating a crime ring.

Later, Martina demanded that Ross fill her in on the details about exactly who they were investigating. Ross reluctantly revealed that their target is the Nichols family. Shocked, Marty didn't reveal that Mike's brother Victor is engaged to Laurie Nichols. Ross reminded Marty that she's sworn to secrecy.

Ian was going to drive Daphne home when Cameron spotted them. Ian introduced Daphne as his girlfriend, and Daphne played along. Cam was charming but suspicious about Daphne's age. He offered to drive Ian and Daphne to Schuyler Falls in his limo, and Ian accepted.

When they dropped Daphne off, Ian got out of the car with her to say goodbye. She asked Ian to let her know how Hope is doing, and Ian agreed. To Daphne's surprise, Ian gave her a passionate kiss--in order to keep up the pretense of a romantic relationship in front of his father. Ian and Cam left Daphne, who was secretly shaken by her response.


Episode #3.19:


At OmniCorp, Bert tried to charm Olivia both romantically and professionally. He suggested that Omni expand its publishing division. Olivia wasn't enthusiastic about the idea and tossed Bert and his flirtations out. Later, Livvy surprised the convalescing Frank by sending him a gift basket and visiting him at home. Touched, Frank thanked her and offered to make dinner for her to repay her. Olivia was flustered but agreed.

Tristan and Martina shared breakfast, trying to resume their friendship. But Marty was shocked to learn that Tris is considering a partnership with Cameron Nichols - whom she secretly knows to be under investigation by the DA's office. She warned him not to accept Cam's offer, but couldn't reveal why. Annoyed and defensive, Tristan left.  He later visited Cameron's company, Criterion Holdings, and agreed to a partnership. Cam invited Tris to a gala opera benefit next week - with him and Danielle. Tris postponed making a decision and left, concerned but also excited by the outrageous risks he's taking.

A bored Danielle attended a fashion show benefit at C&B Square mall, but spent more time fantasizing about her love life than eyeing the fashions. Meanwhile, Beth arrived to show some designs to Chelsea--who was still stuck in the hospital with Jem. As a fan of Beth's designs, Danielle decided to take a look herself.  She liked the dresses but remarked that they weren't sexy enough. She mentioned her husband's nightclub, the Lighthouse, and invited Beth to visit and spend the night there in the room she keeps reserved. Beth wondered if Cameron minds Danielle's spending the night alone. Danielle just smiled and didn't respond.

Rena kicked Chelsea out of Jem's room, aghast at Chelsea's cynical response to Jem's injuries. Rena showed her Jem's x-rays, and Chelsea realized that Jem wasn't faking. Shaken, she returned to Jem and apologized for her behavior. Later, Mike questioned Jem about the assault, but Jem remained tightlipped. Mike suspected that this was no mugging, since nothing seemed to have been stolen--and he said as much to Chelsea. Chelsea stormed into Jem's room and demanded he tell her the truth.

Later, Rena helped Clark prepare for his audition for Ten Little Indians, trying to convince him that he should try out for the lead role. Not confident of his acting ability, Clark changed the conversation to hospital gossip, which was now buzzing about Rena's spending so much time with Jem.

Jem insisted he wasn't lying to the police, even though Chelsea continued to grill him. Unwilling to reveal the truth behind his attack, he compared Chelsea's harshness to Rena's tender concern for him. Chelsea warned him that as soon as he gets better, he'd better start taking advantage of that concern by getting Rena away from Greg. But her competitive streak shone through when she kissed Jem goodbye, promising him that she'd 'take care' of him herself once he recovers.

Rena was dismayed by the hospital staff rumors and denied anything more than friendship between her and Jem. She deflected Clark's probing questions about her date with Greg last night. Later, as she walked down the hallway, she was too distracted by memories of Greg to notice someone lurking nearby. Suddenly she was grabbed and pulled into a darkened room!

Episode #3.20:


At Criterion Holdings, Cam and Ian talked about the return of Cameron's mother, who's been on a round-the-world cruise. "Nana" was described as a haughty, powerful woman. Cam asked Ian if he'd invite Daphne to the opera gala next week, and Ian avoided the topic. Later, Cam said that Ian's idea about an internet cafe would be a perfect fit for Boondoggles, Criterion's new investment. He offered Ian a leadership role in the new venture--indicating that Tristan wouldn't be in control for long.

Rena was swept into a passionate kiss, and her "attacker" was revealed to be Greg. She pushed him away, warning him not to compromise her reputation at work like that again. Greg apologized and asked for another date. Rena agreed. Conversation turned to Greg's responsibility towards his niece Daphne. He revealed that he discovered she's skipped school two days in a row...and that he plans on having a serious talk with her.

Doug called Daphne to chat, but she rebuked his attempts at reconciliation. Tyler visited Daphne for the first time since her adventures with Hope and Ian. He took her to task for running on her own, and was shocked when she revealed that she'd been held at gunpoint. He demanded to know what happened with her and Ian.

While Frances was waiting for her husband Ronald at OmniCorp, she spent time with Olivia. Olivia avoided questions about her weekend with Frank. Later, Frank called to thank Olivia again for stopping by that afternoon. Though their conversation was awkward and tentative, they hit it off, and Frank asked her to dinner at his house tomorrow night. Olivia agreed.

Chelsea finally arrived at C&B's, and ran into Beth--who, to her surprise, was doing some shopping as a favor to Danielle Nichols. Beth told her about Danielle's increasing interest in mentoring Beth, and Chelsea gleefully encouraged Beth to suck up to the rich socialite.

Tristan met with his architect at Boondoggles, still distracted by thoughts of his reckless partnership with Cameron. Knowing the business deal might put him in close contact with Cameron's wife, he tried calling the Nichols house to warn Danielle--but she wasn't home. Tristan had a hunch about her whereabouts and rushed out of the restaurant.

Tyler visited Daphne after school. She told him the whole story about the kidnapping. She assured Tyler that Ian hadn't harmed her, despite her having to spend the night at the Nichols' house. He comforted her when she expressed remorse for having messed up her chances to see Hope. Just then, Greg arrived, catching them in a kiss.

Greg made it clear that he didn't want Tyler taking advantage of Daphne's state. After Ty left, Daphne chewed her uncle out for embarrassing her. Eventually Greg agreed to treat her with respect if she treats him with honesty. But when he suggested that they go visit Hope this weekend, Daphne could hardly be honest as to why she suddenly was against the idea...

Encouraged by Father Ryan, Doug went to a new Narcotics Anonymous meeting, where he met a man with a no-bull attitude who challenged Doug to accept his situation once and for all.

Beth thought about Danielle's offer to take her under her wing, but her dreams were interrupted by a visit from her mother. Their conversation led to a shocking vision, where Beth remembered having been punished by having boiling water poured on her hand. Ordering Elaine out, Beth seemed to morph into a new, confident personality...

Clark's audition for Ten Little Indians went well, and Father Ryan was revealed to be the director of the play. Clark ran into Ross, who was also auditioning, and the two hit it off like old friends. Clark was called back for a lead role, but he was more happy thanks to the renewal of his friendship with Ross.

At home, Ian warned Danielle about her nighttime partying...and what might happen if Cameron tires of being 'understanding.' She flirted with her stepson and ignored his comments, leaving for a night out. Later, Ian was visited by his girlfriend Lindsay, a former debutante. Cameron arrived and asked about Danielle's whereabouts, worrying Ian.

Tristan waited at the Lighthouse club for a while before at last spotting his one-night-stand. Walking on the dock with her, he revealed that he's now Cameron's business partner, and that they can't see each other again. But before he knew it, she was wantonly undressing him--and he gave in to the passion for one last night.


Episode #3.21:


After a wild evening of lovemaking, Tristan tried to listen to his conscience and end things once and for all, afraid to continue having an affair with Cameron's wife; instead, she convinced him to admit how much he needs her.  She offered to help him be more confident and aggressive.  Despite his concern about her apparent desire for danger, Tristan gave in and agreed to continue their affair.

At the hospital, Greg complimented Rena for making a risky judgement call during a medical crisis. Rena returned the praise to Greg, for his handling the Daphne situation well. He wondered why Daphne was no longer interested in visiting her baby sister. As he and Rena made plans for tonight, they ran into Charles--who firmly asked Greg to meet with him later.

Elaine was surprised to find Chelsea in the editorial offices at the paper. Chelsea revealed that Jem had asked her to bring a file over to the hospital. Elaine wondered why he was interested in a ten-year-old file on racketeering.  Later, Elaine asked Chelsea what she thought of Beth's work. Chelsea complimented Beth, leaving Elaine confused...and wondering if Beth's odd behavior only manifests itself with her mother.

Jonnie went to Cornwall to chauffeur Nick, and Hannah spotted the scars from Jonnie's beating of Jem.  She was angry with Nick for putting someone as young as Jonnie in this role. Things cooled down, and Nick told Hannah that Jonnie would drive her to her charity work later that afternoon.  Privately, Nick surprised Jonnie by expressing concern about how Jonnie was dealing with having beaten a man so violently.  The mobster revealed that while violence was necessary in his business, it was not something he enjoyed.

At OmniCorp, Bert asked Olivia to attend the opera gala with him. She blasted him for trying to flirt with her, complained about his poor job performance, and said that she was only tolerating his presence because Ronald supports him. When she left, Ronald warned Bert against screwing up. But Bert continued to express interest in Olivia romantically. He was shocked when Ronald revealed that Olivia is seeing someone...and disgusted when a secret look inside Olivia's datebook revealed that someone to be Frank Gabriel.

At the hospital, Jem thanked Rena for saving him the night of his attack. He flirted with her and she enjoyed herself.  Meanwhile, Greg had his meeting with Charles, and was astonished when Charles warned him to keep away from Chelsea.  Greg told Charles that his love life was none of Charles's business, but Charles threatened to make things difficult for Greg at work if the younger man pursued a relationship with  his daughter. Greg stormed out.

Cameron asked Danielle about her evening last night, and she claimed to be at a friend's house. Cam admitted he'd checked up on her, and that the friend had vouched for Danny's whereabouts. Later he told her about his new partnership with Tristan. Danielle claimed to be surprised.

Laurie visited Hannah and the baby, and they talked about Hannah's meeting at the Arts Center later.  Meanwhile, Jonnie waited in the limo and had a tense conversation with Ross, who demanded to see him this evening.  Jonnie agreed to meet him at the Red Flame diner. After he hung up, he was aghast when Laurie appeared at the car window.  Had she heard his discussion with Ross?

Dean surprised Jem with a hospital visit in order to give him a new ultimatum: pay back the $35,000 he owes Nick in a month--half within two weeks--or something very bad will happen. Dean let Jem guess what that threat might mean. When Chelsea barged into the room with the file Jem had asked for earlier, Dean's sly comments made Jem realize that Chelsea would be the thug's next target!


Episode #3.22:


Jonnie drove Laurie to the Fiore family house, still unsure if she'd really overheard his phone call with Ross planning to meet at the Red Flame Diner. Meanwhile, inside the Fiore house, Mike and Tom were surprised to find out that Victor and Laurie had decided on a wedding date--only two months away! The older brothers tried to convince Victor to wait, with hot tempers flaring especially between Tom and Victor. When Laurie arrived for a night with Victor, she didn't want to interrupt the family argument. Secretly thinking of Jonnie, she slyly told Vic that she'd take a walk and come back later--might as well get some coffee at the Red Flame.

At the hospital, Chelsea wondered what Jem found so interesting in the file on an old racketeering case he was reading. Crabby Jem wouldn't give her any details--nor would he tell her anything more about the big lug who'd been in his room earlier. When she left, Jem prayed she'd never have a reason to get better acquainted with Dean Nelson.

Later, Chelsea began her volunteer work in the psychiatry department by meeting Kalid Behar, a soft-spoken psychiatrist. He--like everyone else--wondered why Chelsea was really interested in the psych ward. She admitted some of her background in helping a relative who'd had a nervous breakdown and was subsequently institutionalized...omitting the fact that this was her mother. As she began to work she was already wondering if she'd made a mistake...

Ross, Clark and Lynn listened to Ryan's welcoming speech at the first meeting of the Ten Little Indians cast. Ryan made the amateur actors feel much more comfortable. Later, Hannah arrived for the Arts Council meeting. Ross was astonished to see the subject of his investigation at such close range. The only person more shocked was Ryan, who clearly knew Hannah from somewhere...

As Ross hurried to meet with Jonnie, Lynn and Clark went for a drink together. They had a good time until an angry Tom Fiore appeared. Lynn played Cupid and brought Tom and Clark together, even though Clark wasn't interested in seeing his ex again. But when he saw how upset Tom was, sensitive Clark couldn't help but try to help.

Meanwhile, Ross met with Jonnie at the Red Flame parking lot in Ross's car. He warned Jonnie that without real proof, this investigation was going to go nowhere fast. They'd have to catch the Nichols family red-handed at something. Jonnie was aghast when Ross brought up the possibility of Jonnie's getting closer...much closer...to Hannah.

At the theater, Hannah was leaving the meeting when Ryan called her name. They greeted each other a bit awkwardly as old friends, who obviously hadn't seen each other in a long time. Their discussion implied that their past was not a happy or easy one. Ryan was surprised that Hannah knew about his joining the church. When he realized she was on the board of the theater, Ryan grew strangely upset and wondered if his job as director was Hannah's doing.

Laurie searched the Red Flame Diner but couldn't find Jonnie. Starting to walk home, she overheard Jonnie yelling at Ross to leave him alone. She hid and listened in, hearing Ross warning Jonnie that he was making a grave mistake. Once the men angrily parted company, Laurie put in a quick call to her brother Nick, warning him that they might be in big trouble....


Episode #3.23:


Ross warned Jonnie against committing more crimes during this undercover assignment. Jonnie reminded him that he had no choice but to do whatever Nick Nichols ordered. Ross gave Jonnie an order of his own: cultivate a relationship with Hannah Nichols.

Olivia arrived at Frank's for their date, and realized how attracted she is to the detective. Frank offered up a toast to the two of them having survived their ordeal in the woods.

Charles and Cynthia dined with Ronald and Frances. The foursome caught up with current events, including Ronald's elevation to CEO at Omni. Frances and Ronald debated whether Bert was more trustworthy than Tristan, and Frances revealed that she isn't as impressed by Bert as Ron is.

At Moonlight Bay, Tom admitted to Clark that he'd blurted some ugly comments about Laurie to Victor. Clark reminded Tom that his anger has always caused trouble. Tom got nastily defensive, proving Clark's point. The younger man apologized, and the two former lovers shared better memories.

Ryan demanded to know why Hannah would do him any favors after what he's done to her. Hannah said that she wanted to see him happy. Ryan kept her from leaving, wanting to explain his past behavior. Jonnie arrived and, getting the wrong idea about Ryan's holding the upset Hannah, pointed a gun at the "attacker." Hannah defused the situation and left, though Jonnie flashed a wary look at Ryan...and Ryan was left wondering exactly why Hannah needs a bodyguard.


Episode #3.24:


Rena asked Martina and Mike whether Greg may have purposely "forgotten" their date, setting Rena up to find him with Chelsea. Mike thought this was unlikely. Marty wondered if Chelsea planned the run-in, wanting Rena to back off. Rena doubted Chelsea thought of her as a threat. But Mike revealed that Chelsea--his ex--isn't as self-assured as she seems.

Leaving the hospital, Greg tried unsuccessfully to call Rena. Chelsea asked why Rena had been so upset at their having coffee together. She jokingly (but pointedly) warned him that Rena was already trying to leash him up. Greg defended Rena, but also found himself enjoying Chelsea's company. Their chemistry sparkled, and Greg moved in for a kiss...

Charles, unaware that his fear about his daughter and Greg was coming true, explained to Ronald and Frances his wish to fire Greg. Frances blasted both him and Ronald for accusing Greg of stealing medication without proof. Charles admitted he lacked anything solid. Ronald privately suggested to Charles that the solution was hiring a detective: his daughter, Maxine.

Olivia and Frank's argument escalated when Frank let it slip that he considered Livvy a friend. Olivia challenged him to be truthful about his feelings, and Frank blurted that he was afraid to. Pressing him further, Olivia moved so close to Frank that he could no longer resist his attraction to her. At long last, they melted into each other with a passionate kiss.

Greg found himself kissing Chelsea's forehead. Chelsea hid her disappointment, helped by Greg's promise that he'd support her whenever she feels blue. Later, Chelsea admitted her plans to walk home in the dark, but Greg insisted on driving her. She gratefully agreed. Luckily, he didn't notice Chelsea's parked car, only yards away.

Still in a heated embrace, Olivia and Frank were interrupted by a phone call--from Bert. He urgently insisted that Livvy come down to OmniCorp at once. Worried about the apparent emergency, Olivia reluctantly left Frank...both still surprised and happy at the turn in their relationship.


Episode #3.25: Rena, low about Greg's behavior, returned to the hospital rather than face her empty home. The nurse was helped by her patient when Jem claimed to know how Rena was feeling. As he successfully got past her defenses, Jem felt almost guilty about his deception. Naturally, he continued anyway. Meanwhile, after Greg drove Chelsea home, Chelsea "advised" him on how to play Rena's game. Embracing him, she pointedly said it was time to cheat.

Clark, Ross and Lynn were in high spirits after their evening at the bar, but the fourth member of the party was not as happy. Tom had jealously noticed the chemistry between Clark and Ross. He and pulled Clark aside and accused him of making an ass of himself over a straight (or closetted) guy.

At OmniCorp, Olivia demanded that Bert explain the so-called emergency. Bert surprised her by producing the revised marketing report she'd asked for only hours ago. He then showed her a new online fashion and lifestyle magazine still in development. Olivia envied the company that produced it, but didn't understand why Bert was showing it to her.

Bert then revealed the site was OmniCorp's, since he'd almost completed a partnership deal with the site's publisher. Furious at his presumption at going over her head, Olivia icily told Bert that she'd have to think it over, but he shouldn't expect to have a job to return to.

Waiting for Victor in the empty Fiore home, Laurie took advantage of his absence by examining his family pictures. She was very interested in the photo of Victor's late mother, and extremely pleased when Victor produced her Christmas present -- an antique pin that had belonged to his mom.

Clark denied his feelings for Ross. The argument escalated until Tom turned violent against his former lover. Ross and Lynn broke up the fight and took Clark home. Clark refused to reveal the source of the conflict, but bitterly revealed that Tom's explosive temper is nothing new.

Episode #3.26: Shopping for Christmas presents, Rena grew concerned about Clark's apparent injury or illness. Not wanting to tell her about Tom's violent behavior, Clark brushed her worries aside.

At C&B Department Store, Daphne literally bumped into Cameron Nichols...and his wife, Danielle, whom Daphne realized could remember Daphne's role in Hope's kidnapping. And Danny did indeed feel that Daphne's face was somehow familiar...

Martina shared her Chanukah with Mike, who gave her a frame with a restored photograph of her parents. He also surprised her with a mock ransom note warning her that one day she'll be 'kidnapped' and taken to a romantic location for a weekend.

Hannah invited Jonnie to spend the holiday night with the entire Nichols family. Laurie overheard and flatly told Jonnie that he wasn't welcome. Not knowing why Laurie distrusts Jonnie, Hannah chastized her for her behavior. Laurie just said that she has something to talk about with Nick...

While visiting Jem, Chelsea was frustratingly smug and self-satisfied. Jem didn't understand why until Chelsea revealed -- or at least implied -- that Greg had finally given in to her charms.

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