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Summary of Season 03: Part I of III
(Episodes 3.01 - 3.15)

Episode #3.01:

Badly beaten, Jonnie crawled sout of his apartment and found his way to a community clinic. He deflected her suspicions that his wounds were the result of a crime. When he left, he was surprised to find Dean's limo waiting for him. Wary, Jonnie accused Dean of setting him up in order to test his loyalty.

Jem and Chelsea relaxed after a vigorous lovemaking session, not their first for the evening. Jem was surprised that Chelsea still wants to continue with their devil's bargain. But Chelsea remained resolute, and was defensive when Jem demanded to know just what is so special about Greg White

A distraught Doug remembered falling in love with Philippa twenty years ago as an intern. He swallowed more of the herbal sleeping pills in an attempt to forget his sorrows. Later, Greg and Rena showed up, searching for a missing Daphne. Doug had no idea where his daughter was--and wasn't offering much help to a furious Greg.

Nora begged for help as her contractions worsened. The cynical guards finally arrived, and took her to the infirmary amidst her pleas for them to call Doug. After several hours, she gave birth to a baby girl. Thrilled and certain that this new baby will have a good life, Nora didn't notice the pointed looks shared by the medical staff around her.

Episode #3.02:

After making love, Mike and Martina discussed the future. Marty surprised Mike by revealing her ambitions to become a high profile attorney. Mike supported her desire to further that goal, and the two spent the rest of the evening romantically. Meanwhile, in a car outside, a man watched them with increasing anger prior to driving away.

Rena and Greg continued to search for Daphne. After getting the name of Daphne's boyfriend from a nearly incoherent Doug , Greg called the number Rena found on a notepad. Not knowing Tyler's last name, he was dismayed when Charles answered the phone.

Hearing Greg's news about what happened with Nora, Charles was disgusted but tried to get Tyler to reveal where Daphne might have gone. Tyler only agreed under duress. Charles refused to let Tyler go with Greg and Rena to find Daphne.

Tristan spent the night driving, anger over his feelings of betrayal continuing to grow. He visited several different landmarks in town, all of which brought up memories of events that he was powerless to stop. Disgusted at how powerless he's felt his entire life, Tristan vowed "never again."

Charles spoke with Cynthia about having heard the whole Nora story on the TV news. Certain that the scandal would be terrible for the hospital, he asserted his determination to convince the rest of the hospital board not to let Doug back on staff. He also revealed his concerns about Tyler continuing to date Daphne, whose various traumas could distract Tyler from concentrating on college. Cynthia correctly guessed that Charles was thinking of his own experience with his first wife.

Later, Tyler--with Jason's help--snuck out of the house to search at the Falls--Tyler hadn't told Greg the whole truth about Daphne's hangouts. To their horror, Tyler found a scarf near the dangerous cliff ledge.

Around town… a desperate man driving in his car received a call from someone who said he'd "taken care" of business. The man tried to get assurances that he wouldn't be connected with the procedure… Frank spoke with Cahill about the Nora situation, and Cahill grew defensive over Frank's questions…

Bert visited Olivia, worried that his new boss would hold a grudge against him for the crimes of his sister Nora. Olivia enjoyed playing cat-and-mouse, and warned him that he'd be on probation while at OmniCorp. But in the end she softened, saying that she wouldn't judge him for Nora's behavior.

In the middle of their discussion, Frank called and left a message giving Livvy directions to his country home. Bert overheard, and made insinuations about Olivia's relationship with Frank, which Livvy denied--but also told him it's none of his business.

Having failed to find Daphne, Rena and Greg returned to the Cliffside Caverns hotel, where Greg lives. Greg was highly distressed, certain that Daphne had done something self-destructive--and Rena tried to calm him. She offered to call the police but Greg didn't want them involved. At last she convinced him--but as they went up to his suite, an exhausted Daphne appeared.

Episode #3.03:

Having stayed up most of the night talking to Daphne, Rena and Greg shared some fraught moments together as he made overtures to her. Rena insisted that he slow things down, much to his frustration. Later, Daphne appeared and astounded Greg by asking him if she could move in with him.

Back at his apartment, a bruised Jonnie remembered his conversation with Dean , in which the older man revealed that Jonnie's assault had been a setup to test his loyalty. Frank called him to find out what had happened. Pleased that Jonnie had an appointment later to meet a mob bigwig, Frank told him to keep in touch with the D.A.'s office, since he (Frank) was going away for the weekend.

After speaking with Jonnie, Frank started on his trip, remembering moments together with both his late wife, Natalie, and Camilla. Meanwhile, Ross Granger spoke with Jonnie and implied that even if Jonnie's new job entails some violence…he'd better do whatever's necessary to prove his worth.

In the infirmary, Nora was aghast to learn that she'd been medicated, which meant that she wouldn't be able to breastfeed her baby. The nurse wasn't sympathetic, but Cahill --who stopped by for a visit--offered slightly more compassion. She asked him again to call Doug and tell him about their daughter. Richard agreed, and after he left, Nora named her baby "Hope."

Tyler woke Jason, who had been having nightmares about Daphne, and informed him that Daphne was with Greg. Tyler was annoyed with his girlfriend for not having called him earlier, but Jason urged his brother not to tell Daphne that they'd gone looking for her. Tyler agreed, and the boys bonded in newfound friendship.

Elaine Wagner visited Doug, trying to offer him a sympathetic ear. Doug tried to avoid having his Narcotics Anonymous sponsor realize he'd taken medication the night before. They were both surprised by a phone call from Richard, who left a blunt message informing Doug that Nora had given birth. Panicked, Doug was desperately afraid of leaving the house and seeing his wife. But Elaine urged him to visit the baby, reminding him that he's the only parent the infant will have.

Episode #3.04:

Greg agreed to let Daphne stay with him temporarily--but only if Doug would agree to the arrangement. When they returned to Daphne's house to get some of her things, Doug was in a terrible mood--frustrated and tense, as is his normal tendency. Greg told him that Daphne wanted to move out, and the miserable older brother blew up. Doug tried to make Daphne feel guilty by telling her about the new baby, and Daphne considered staying. But Greg convinced her that she's doing the right thing.

The Granger family--Ross, Maxine, Ronald and Frances, with Lynn along as Ross's date--enjoyed their family brunch. They discussed Maxine's role in the Nora White situation, and she admitted to feeling remorse for having returned to Nora's life. Ronald asked her if she wanted to stay in town, and she agreed--but said it wasn't viable for her professionally. Ross said he'd try to come up with an idea to keep her in town.

Clark was also at the same restaurant, for lunch with his mother. Later, he ran into Lynn, and they chatted about her job at the Van Doren theater. She invited him to audition for the upcoming play, Ten Little Indians, but he didn't take her seriously. When Ross saw them talking, he interrupted their conversation and acted very cool to Clark. Lynn noted his rudeness and demanded to know what's wrong!

Jonnie was driven to the crime boss's house, and Dean warned him about the mystery man and his activities. When they arrived at the huge house in East Cornwall, Jonnie was taken in to an office…and was astonished at what he saw!

Upstate in the woods, Frank enjoyed working on his new cabin, which he's building in a clearing near a lake. After finishing laying the foundation, Frank then left to go for a swim in the lake. As he chatted with his dog, Baxter, he planned to head up to the regular furnished cottage to make things ready for Olivia, who would be arriving tomorrow.

Tired of answering reporters' questions, Olivia decided to leave earlier than scheduled, driving up to the cabin Frank told her about. Following the directions Frank left on her answering machine, she drove upstate, expecting a lush country home. However, a wrong turn and false expectations led her on a difficult journey--and she ended up dirty, tired, and ready to kill Frank.

Doug tried to gather the strength and courage to leave the house and visit Nora, as he'd promised Elaine. On his way out the door, he noticed the sleeping pills he'd dropped the night before. The temptation was too great… Later, Rich Cahill arrived at the jail infirmary and found Doug, clearly on some kind of medication, holding baby Hope. Though Doug tried to convince Rich that he was fine, the zonked Doug nearly dropped the helpless infant. Rich saved Hope and, furious, swore that Doug would only take Hope home over his dead body!

Episode #3.05:

Lynn continued to press the Clark issue with Ross, wondering exactly why Ross had behaved so rudely to the other man. She guessed that it had to do with Clark's sexuality, and expressed her concern that Ross was biased. Ross resented her implications, and finally admitted that Clark had asked him out. Lynn laughed and told him he should be flattered, not upset. After eliciting a promise from Ross not to treat Clark badly again, Lynn gave Ross a loving kiss.

While Lynn went to work at the theater, Ross met with Steve about Nora's sentencing hearing. Steve tried to convince Ross to recommend hospital time rather than prison. Steve warned that his expensive psychiatric expert witness would be very convincing. Ross was skeptical and didn't make any promises. The conversation remained friendly, and Ross asked Steve if his law firm would consider hiring Maxine as a freelance detective. Steve agreed to think about it. Later, Martina overheard their conversation and said that she had something to ask Steve.

Doug and Nora were shocked by Cahill's threat that Doug wouldn't get custody of Hope. Cahill was dead certain that Doug is unfit to be a sole parent to Hope. After Doug left, Nora claimed that she'd help her husband, but Cahill reminded her that she'd be spending her years in prison. Nora begged her former lover to let Hope stay with Doug. Cahill promised to think about it…but when he left, he called the Child Protection Service and asked for a case worker. In the evening, Doug was zoned out in front of the television thanks to some leftover pills. The doorbell rang, and to his shock he found a case worker and policeman ready with a warrant!

Jem asked Elaine to speed up the Rena Carlson interview. Elaine was surprised that he was in such a hurry for a mere human interest story, but she agreed. After hanging up, Jem had to get up the strength to make another mysterious phone call. Later, he went to a diner to grab a cheap meal, and was happy to run into Rena in person. Being as charming as he knows how, Jem asked her if she'd be willing to be the subject of a series of interviews. She was suspicious, but cautiously agreed to think about it.

To Jonnie's surprise, his first view of the dangerous crime boss, Endicott "Nick" Nichols, was of the older man playing with his young kids. Friendly and genial, Nick interviewed Jonnie and spoke about his love for his family. His dark side only appeared when relating a story about dealing with a kidnapper by breaking every bone in his hand…

After hiking uphill all afternoon, a grumpy and exhausted Olivia came across Frank and the beginnings of his new cabin. Assuming Frank intended her to sleep in the bare-bones cabin, she blasted him for lying to her and giving her lousy directions. Frank refused to drive her home, and decided to pay her back by not telling her about the cottage waiting for them uphill. Later, Frank directed Olivia to the glove compartment in his truck to get a flashlight. When she got there, she realized that this truck could be her ticket home! Laughing at Frank's naivete, she started the engine and prepared to drive away.

Episode #3.06:

In the woods, Olivia prepared to drive away in Frank's truck. But her gaze caught the pictures of Frank's wife, Natalie, and Camilla, and she froze. Meanwhile, Frank fixed Olivia's tent and made a fire. A sober Olivia returned, giving him back his car keys, and Frank made them dinner. Olivia learned more about Frank's wife, and asked him how he fell in love with Camilla after losing Natalie.

Nick invited Jonnie to dinner, since he wanted his wife, Hannah, to meet Jonnie. Expecting a pretty trophy wife, Jonnie was surprised to see that Hannah is a compassionate, smart woman in a wheelchair, who clearly has great affection towards her husband.

Rena and Marty spoke about Steve's invitation for her to join his law firm. Rena was surprised that Marty would consider giving up her father's practice, but Marty assured her she's still thinking it over. Later, Marty told Mike about the offer, and he was also taken aback by his girlfriend's sudden ambition. But he promised to support her.

While Doug was being interviewed by Alicia Vasquez, the case worker from Child Protection Services, Daphne came home and thought Doug had already found another mistress. The misunderstanding, and Daphne's screaming insults, gave Alicia the worst impression of Doug's parenting skills.

Back at Nick's home, Hannah gave Jonnie a private tour of the house. Jonnie asked her how she ended up in a wheelchair, and Hannah revealed that two years ago, their limo driver betrayed them and tried to murder Nick. Hannah leapt forward to save her husband and was shot instead--giving Nick time to kill their attacker. After their discussion, Nick offered Jonnie the driving job, and Jonnie accepted.

Lynn spoke with her older sister, Kaitlin, about Ross. Kaitlin was cynical about their relationship, not believing that Clark would have asked Ross out if Ross weren't really gay. Meanwhile, Kaitlin's fiancé, Joe Vasquez, got a visit from his sister Alicia. Alicia wanted Joe to give her the lowdown about his former student, Daphne.

Alone at Greg's suite, Tyler consoled Daphne, who was afraid about the possibility of losing baby Hope. Desperate, Daphne asked Tyler to run away with her, providing a family for Hope. Tyler was sympathetic but refused. Daphne decided that Tyler would change his mind if he had the right incentive. She began to undress and kiss him passionately. Just as things heated up, Greg walked in!

Ross met with Jonnie at the diner to debrief the younger man on his first meeting with Nick. Jonnie expressed his doubts that Nick is as bad as Ross was making him sound. Ross warned him not to get sucked in by Nick's charm, and reminded Jonnie to get as close as possible to the entire family in order to obtain their complete trust.

As they prepared to sleep in their individual tents, Olivia and Frank continued to talk. Olivia admitted that she nearly abandoned him earlier by taking the truck. He acknowledged her admission, and made one of his own--he gave her the keys on purpose to give her the opportunity to leave. He added that he was very glad Olivia decided to stay. And not just because he needed a ride home…

Episode #3.07:

Upstate in Shadow Lake, Olivia woke up crabby after sleeping on the ground in Frank's extra tent. Frank was busy building his new cabin, and she yelled at him for waking her up. Frank offered her a chance to help build the cabin, which Olivia mocked. But when she did give the sledgehammer a swing, she found to her surprise that it was cathartic. To Frank's amusement, Olivia began to enjoy herself.

After having been by Greg caught in the middle of a passionate embrace with Tyler, Daphne was furious and embarrassed in front of her uncle the next morning. He apologized for overreacting, and promised to treat her with more respect…as long as she behaved responsibly with Tyler. Daphne was convinced that after last night, Tyler wouldn't want to see her anymore.

Tyler told a jealous Jason how close he was to Daphne, and mentioned that he regretted not being able to help Daphne the way she wants him to (by running away together with the baby). Charles interrupted their conversation and had a serious talk with Tyler. He told his son about his concerns regarding Daphne's problems overwhelming Tyler. Tyler remained determined to stay by Daphne's side. Charles played hardball and warned an incredulous Ty not to see so much of Daphne.

Rena visited Tristan to patch things up between them, and to see how he's doing. Tristan was on his way to check out some rival restaurants and clubs, wanting to get some ideas on what he'd like to do while revamping Boondoggles. Rena was surprised that he was starting so quickly, but Tristan clearly was a man with a mission. He seemed unusually confident and determined to ignore the past. Rena wasn't quite certain what to make of this newly reinvigorated Tristan.

Later, Rena accompanied Greg and Daphne to the infirmary to visit Nora, who was set to return to prison today. Rena revealed that Jem had asked her to do an interview, and Greg was immediately wary. He warned Rena that Jem would try to dig up something negative, probably about Greg. Rena wasn't as suspicious, but promised not to reveal anything about giving untested medicine to Olivia. Unsatisfied, Greg demanded to attend the interview.

Continuing to work on the house, Olivia was surprised at how satisfying working with her hands could be. While resting, she asked Frank about his wife--whether Natalie had ever helped him build things. Conversation turned to Natalie's death, and Frank revealed tersely that she was killed due to gang violence. Olivia changed the subject to herself, joking that perhaps she'd open up a construction arm of OmniCorp. But joking around, Olivia caused an accident that left Frank wounded and unconscious. At first she thought he was joking, but it became obvious that it was actually something very serious indeed.

Episode #3.08:

Several Fiore family members attended a baseball game. Tom spoke with Mike, who was still suspicious about their brother Victor's fiancée, Laurie. To distract himself, Mike asked Tom about his plans now that he's staying in Schuyler Falls. Tom admitted that he wasn't relishing the idea of returning to teaching. Mike got him to admit that he returned to town because of a particular man.

Chelsea and Beth had a celebratory lunch in honor of their new partnership (with Beth working for C&B Department Store as a designer). Beth was nervous at being in public, but blithe Chelsea kept her entertained by talking about her sex life with Greg and Jem. Beth was disturbed by Chelsea's frank talk, and claimed that she'd never had a relationship that was merely about sex--the way Chelsea is with Jem. Chelsea revealed her ambitions where Greg are concerned, but also acknowledged that Jem is an incredible lover. But she maintained that while he's good in bed, he's not good for a long-term relationship…the way Greg would be.

Beth and Chelsea's lunch was interrupted by a lovely socialite whom Chelsea introduced as Danielle Nichols, an extremely powerful woman who has bought several of Beth's designs. Beth was impressed by Danny's confidence and charm, and felt awkward around her. Chelsea later revealed that Danny's husband, Cameron Nichols, owns many restaurants and nightclubs in the area. She assured Beth that with someone like Danielle as a fan, Beth could go very far--and take Chelsea along for the ride!

At the baseball game, Martina tried to patch things up between Laurie and Mike's family, by getting the other woman to understand their point of view. She also explained her own resentment at Laurie's nasty comments implying that the Fiores were biased against non-Catholics. Laurie refused to back off from her statement, and added that if Marty was upset about that, maybe there was some truth in the matter..and maybe her relationship with Mike isn't as solid as she'd like to think. Marty was able to stay calm, and threw Laurie's statement back at her. Meanwhile, Mike was thrown when he saw that Laurie's limo driver was none other than Jonnie Adair.

After Charles asked Tyler not to see so much of Daphne, the teen stomped away from his father, upset. Charles admitted to Cynthia that against her advice, he'd tried to warn Tyler off Daphne. She was sympathetic but worried that he'd made a big mistake. Charles explained that he's only trying to stop Tyler from messing up his life, the way Charles did with his first wife and child.

Greg and Rena took Daphne to meet her new baby sister at the prison infirmary. Nora was scheduled to return to jail today, but she was able to spend some emotional final moments with her two daughters. Daphne was shaken at how powerful her feelings for Hope were. Alicia Vasquez arrived, revealing that until a final decision can be made about Hope's custody, Hope will be taken into the care of family services. Horrified, Nora protested and started to threaten Rich Cahill that she'd reveal their affair, but Cahill was able to keep her quiet.

Later, back at Greg's hotel suite, Greg let Daphne take a nap as he insisted on accompanying Rena to her interview with Jem and Elaine. Tyler arrived to apologize for being caught making out with Daphne. Greg accepted the apology and warned him against taking advantage of Daphne's vulnerable state. He left the boy to wait for Daphne to awaken. But Tyler slipped into Daphne's room to watch over her protectively. Daphne woke and instantly drew him into her arms for a kiss…

Tom spotted Beth, who was extremely shaken at seeing him. He confronted her with his suspicions that she is sabotaging a renewal of his friendship with Clark. Beth denied this and demanded that he leave her alone. She asserted her beliefs that Tom is no good for Clark. Tom grew more upset, aware that something strange was going on with her. He suddenly had a realization: this wasn't about Clark at all. He asked a shocked Beth if this wasn't really about what happened with her in the past?

Olivia tried to help Frank, but it was obvious his head wound was much more serious than she'd thought. Unable to stop the bleeding, she ran to his truck to drive for help. To her horror, she discovered that she'd left the lights on last night--which meant that the truck's battery was dead. With increasing panic, Olivia returned to Frank's side, where he woke into semi-consciousness. She tried to keep him awake, afraid that he'd fall into a coma otherwise, and spoke to him about his wife, Natalie. When that didn't work, she started to leave to find help somehow. But Frank grabbed her hand and begged her not to leave.

Episode #3.09:


In the woods, despite Olivia's efforts, Frank's fever increased. Hallucinations led him to believe he was in the presence of his late wife, Natalie. He wept and desperately begged Natalie for forgiveness. Olivia tried to calm and comfort him by pretending to be his wife, and soon the moment turned passionate as Frank and Olivia kissed.

Tom accused Beth of still resenting him because of what happened the night of their high school prom, fifteen years ago. She denied that anything happened, but if it had, it was Tom's fault. Tom reminded Beth that she seduced her best friend's prom date, which made her the guilty one. He joked that he knew it wasn't particularly enjoyable, but surely she can't hold that against him. Unable to listen any more, Beth panicked and ran away.

Chelsea ran into a disturbed Beth and chastised her for behaving strangely in front of the Fiores. She warned Beth against acting out in front of customers, and gave the example of Danielle Nichols, whose husband owns the fashionable nightclub "The Lighthouse" (and who's bought Beth's designs). Reminding an insecure Beth that confident, stylish women like Danielle are interested in surrounding themselves with similar types, Chelsea fantasized that Danielle would take Beth to the top…and Chelsea with her!

Tom visited Clark's house, wanting to know if Beth had told Clark anything about their argument. Clark refused to discuss his sister, and demanded to know why Tom couldn't accept that their relationship was over. Tom revealed that he'd returned to Skyfalls because he was still in love with Clark. While Clark was still in shock from this revelation, Tom kissed him. Inside the house, Beth saw the kiss and, remembering her own closeness with Tom, grew physically ill.

In his role as limo driver, Jonnie picked up Laurie Nichols and her sister-in-law, Danielle. Danielle took an instant flirtatious interest in Jonnie, and Jonnie overheard her telling Laurie that she had plans for the evening that had nothing to do with her powerful husband, Cameron. Danny also told Laurie that she didn't approve of Laurie's engagement to Victor Fiore, but Laurie informed her that not only did family head Cameron approve of her relationship, he'd orchestrated it.

Chelsea slipped into Chicken Little's Diner to snoop on Jem and Rena's interview. Aghast to see that both Elaine and Greg had tagged along, Chelsea privately upbraided Jem for messing up their scheme. Jem ordered Chelsea to distract Greg, claiming that he'd have Rena eating out of his hand.

Elaine, meanwhile, went off to call Ryan, still upset over her argument with Doug. She told Ryan that Doug had relapsed, and guiltily revealed that she'd quit as Doug's sponsor. Ryan consoled her and offered to offer Doug a helping hand himself.

On his quest to find a new inspiration for the revamp of Boondoggles, Tristan visited the Twilight Towers restaurant out in Cornwall. Ronald and Francis showed up, and things between the former colleagues grew unpleasant. Tristan remained positive when speaking about his ambitious plans for his restaurant, and Francis told him to visit the famed nightclub, The Lighthouse.

Olivia was shaken by Frank's kisses, and also alarmed by her own eagerness to return his misdirected passion. She grew more upset when Frank lost consciousness. Despite her promise to stay by his side, Olivia knew she had to go for help.

Episode #3.10:


In an effort to rekindle Clark's feelings, Tom kissed Clark. Clark last broke away from the kiss, and blurted that no sane person would fall in love with a hurter like Tom. When Tom grew upset at these harsh words, Clark softened his tone and apologized, asking if they could just be friends. Tom agreed…but then took advantage of a casual hug by forcefully kissing Clark again. Clark struggled away and blasted Tom for being manipulative, just as Beth had warned. Before leaving, Tom accused Clark of letting his crazy sister's neuroses direct his feelings. Clark feared that Beth had listened to Tom's words, but checked her room and, since she seemed to be asleep, was relieved that she hadn't heard a thing.

After Jonnie dropped Danielle off somewhere for her mysterious night away from her husband, Laurie invited Jonnie into her empty house for a drink. Jonnie was suspicious that she had ulterior (sexual) motives for inviting him inside, but Laurie dismissed his concerns. She joked that the person he should be watching out for is her sister-in-law. Jonnie asked if she meant Danielle or Hannah. Laurie playfully said she'd let him find out for himself.

At Jem's interview with Rena, Greg continued to barge in on Jem's questions, taking offense at everything that might get Rena (and Greg) into trouble. Suddenly, another customer crashed to the ground and twisted her ankle…right at Greg's feet. To Greg's surprise (but not Jem's), it turned out to be Chelsea. Greg volunteered to take Chelsea to the hospital, leaving Jem alone with his frustrated quarry, Rena. Chelsea was far from frustrated as Greg carried her away.

At Elaine's request, Ryan visited a desolate Doug. Doug expressed his hopelessness and self-loathing for the first time. Ryan warned him that he'll always feel that way until he reaches out to others. Broken and defeated and unable to deny his situation any longer, Doug finally asked Ryan for help.

Tristan (following Francis's advice) went to Mystic Island, a small island some miles from Schuyler Falls, to check out the Lighthouse. Very impressed by the hot club, Tristan was even more impressed by a beautiful, flirty young woman sitting by the bar. There was instant heat between them, and a spicy mambo led to passion on the dance floor. The stranger invited Tris to join her in a room at the Lighthouse Inn. Tristan impulsively agreed. At last the woman revealed her identity: Danielle Nichols. Not recognizing the name, a captivated Tristan followed her out of the nightclub.

Upstate, Olivia went out into the rainy night, trying to find her way in the woods to the highway to find help for Frank. Instead, she ended up lost. Finding an old Victorian house, apparently empty, Olivia slipped inside to see if there was a phone. But as she warmed herself by a fireplace that was still burning, a hand clapped down on her shoulder. Exhausted and frightened, Olivia collapsed into a stranger's arms.

Episode #3.11:


Tyler and Daphne were making out on Daphne's bed when Tyler insisted they stop. Daphne, still thinking of her plan to seduce Tyler into running away with her and Hope, claimed that she was ready to make love. Despite her own fears, she was able to convince him. But afterwards, she was distraught, surprised at the pain of losing her virginity. She apologized to Tyler for ruining their special night together. But Tyler took the blame, saying he hadn't been gentle enough with her. He also took responsibility for being selfish, not realizing what she'd been going through during the past months. Finally, just as Daphne had hoped, Tyler promised to protect her, and to help her keep custody of her baby sister…even if it means running away.

Rena lost track of time while talking with Jem. Jem continued to charm her, and found himself warming to her as well. When he asked about her relationship with Greg, Rena denied that anything is between them, but he was able to get her to reveal that she's jealous of Chelsea. Unusually sympathetic, Jem told Rena that while Chelsea may be dazzling, Rena is a treasure as well. He even tried to kiss her, but Rena laughed at him, surprised that he'd try something like that with her. Jem apologized, and they continued to talk pleasantly.

At the hospital, Chelsea got her ankle bandaged. She apologized to Greg for ruining his date with Rena. Greg admitted that he's not sure what his relationship with Rena is. Though he's never been 'friends' with a woman before, Rena never seems to want to move past friendship. Chelsea told him that maybe Rena is the exception at last. Later, Chelsea guessed that Greg only gets involved with women at the hospital, and came up with the idea of volunteering. After Greg took her home to her apartment, he kissed her goodnight but left before things went any further.

Tristan and the woman from the Lighthouse headed over to her room at the Inn, where they fell into bed, making wild, passionate love. Later, self-consciousness Tristan admitted that he hadn't been with a woman in years. She assured him that he had no reason to worry, and they made love again. Tristan--who still didn't recognize the name "Danielle Nichols" -- was thrilled by her obvious interest in him. But when he fell asleep at last, she slipped out of the room and took the ferry away from the island, apparently shaken by what had occurred.

Upstate, Olivia woke up and was alarmed to be in a strange bed, in a candlelit room--with a handsome older man nearby. Grabbing a fireplace poker to defend herself, she demanded to know why she was only half-dressed. The man, Sebastian, told her that when she'd fainted, his housekeeper had removed her wet clothes and put her to bed. Eventually Olivia believed him. She then realized that Frank had been left alone and forgotten while she was asleep. Sebastian agreed to help her return to Frank.

Meanwhile, Frank had also awoken, and still delirious, stumbled through the woods thinking of Olivia, his late wife Natalie, and Camilla. Jumbling them all together, Frank was determined to find them somehow, despite the raging fever. When he had a flash of memory--in which he remembered kissing Olivia, or was it Natalie?--Frank grew confused and lost balance, tumbling down a ravine. Olivia and Sebastian found him lying unconscious. Olivia was aghast that Frank had been looking for help, apparently thinking she'd abandoned him. She wept in anger over Frank's low opinion of her.

Episode #3.12:


Sebastian offered Olivia comfort in the hospital waiting room. When Frank woke up from the coma, Olivia visited him; she was surprised by his immediate apology for his behavior the night before. Though he had been talking about the trickery regarding the cottage, Olivia assumed he meant the passionate kisses they'd shared. Hurt, she assured him that there were no hard feelings before walking out.

Sebastian provided Olivia with a sumptuous picnic breakfast, as well as her car and Baxter safe and sound. Despite her pleasure over his kindness, Olivia was still upset about Frank. She expressed her confusion about her feelings, since she and Frank have nothing in common and hardly know each other. Sebastian got her to admit that she cares for the policeman…but is afraid she won't measure up to the memories of Camilla and Natalie. Encouraged by Sebastian, Olivia promised to fight for Frank.

Greg got a phone call from Cynthia Stanford, who was looking for Tyler. Daphne assured both Greg and Cynthia that Tyler wasn't there, but was sleeping at another friend's house. Later, Greg revealed that they'd received another call--from Alicia Vasquez, who had placed Hope with a foster family. He tried to console a shaken Daphne by giving her the foster parents' address, and telling her that they can visit Hope once she's settled in the new surroundings. After he left, Tyler came out of hiding and promised Daphne they'd somehow steal Hope away together--this afternoon!

Tyler returned home to face his angry parents, who didn't believe his explanation of his whereabouts. Tyler remained stubborn, especially when Charles demanded that he keep away from Daphne. He insisted that his love for Daphne is more important to him than anything. Charles had to leave for Doug's suspension hearing, but was still furious with his son. Tyler hotly announced to his mom that he would be seeing Daphne later this afternoon, like it or not.

Privately, Daphne regretted having gotten Tyler in trouble with his family, whom he genuinely cares for. Her raw emotions, churning after having slept with Tyler for the first time, led her to decide that she can't ruin Tyler's life by asking him to leave town with her. Taking the address of Hope's new foster family, she left on her own.

Nick was helping Hannah with her rehabilitative exercises when Jonnie arrived, ready for a day at work. Nick had to take a phone call, and asked Jonnie to help Hannah finish up her stretching. Danielle caught them in this awkward moment, and insinuated that there was something between Jonnie and Hannah. Hannah refused to reply to her goading. Instead, once Jonnie left, she turned the tables on Danielle, warning her that playing around on Cameron would be dangerous to her health. Danielle promised Hannah that the one-night-stands wouldn't cause her any trouble. Hannah asked if she'd ever fallen for one of her paramours. Danielle didn't respond directly, but insisted that there was little chance of Cameron running into her lovers.

At the Lighthouse, Tristan ran into the owner of the nightclub, who recognized him (but Tris couldn't return the compliment). They spoke about their mutual interests--the other man explained that his company, Criterion, hasn't been able to make any inroad in Schuyler Falls due to Boondoggles. At last the man offered him a partnership. Tris was forced to admit that he couldn't remember the man's name. The man introduced himself: Cameron Nichols. Tristan was aghast, realizing that he'd just slept with this powerful businessman's wife.

Back at Nick's, Danielle noted how anxious her sister-in-law was about a new arrival. The doorbell rang, and Hannah went to open it, expecting Alicia Vasquez. To her surprise, instead of the social worker, her visitor was a teenager unknown to her: Daphne, secretly there to see Hope's new foster family--the Nicholses!

Episode #3.13:


After his meeting with Cameron Nichols, Tristan left the Lighthouse, distressed at meeting someone who might be the husband of the woman he just slept with. Convincing himself that perhaps Danielle's last name is a coincidence, Tristan visited the library to do some research. Unfortunately, Cameron's entry in "Who's Who" only confirmed Tristan's suspicions.

Cam, meanwhile, told the Lighthouse manager about the meeting with Tristan. The manager was skeptical about Tristan's value as a partner, but Cam felt he could use Tristan's background to his advantage. Cam then asked the manager some pointed questions about Danielle's whereabouts the previous night.

The hospital board convened for the meeting to determine Doug's professional fate. Ryan attended as well, as support for Doug. During a break in the meeting, Bert and Doug argued when Doug accused his brother-in-law of sucking up to Ronald. Bert and Ronald privately discussed their decisions to vote against Doug.

Marty was interviewed by the most powerful partners of the prestigious law firm, Blake, Geary, Wallace and Ashton. Things were going well until Marty clashed with one of the partners regarding the lack of women at the firm. She refused to back down, irritating the partner in question--but also managing to impress the senior partner.

Ryan took Doug aside and tried to calm him down, but Doug's stress only increased. Certain that his fate was sealed, Doug wondered what kind of job he could possibly get. When Ryan offered him comfort, Doug lashed out at him. Charles overheard their discussion and asked to have a one-on-one meeting with the former hospital chief. Alone with Doug, Charles shocked him by asking that he step aside on his own.

Daphne--who had ended up at Hannah's house in her search for Hope--didn't reveal her true identity to Hannah and Danielle, and panicked at the reality of the situation. Starting to leave, she nearly fainted, and Hannah had her brought her back into the house (despite Danielle's warnings).

Later, Alicia Vasquez arrived with Hope. Hannah left to have a private conversation with Alicia, and Daphne snuck into the nursery to see her baby sister. When Hannah returned, she was horrified to find that Hope had disappeared.

Episode #3.14:


Jem called Chelsea and gave her the details about his evening with Rena. Chelsea was annoyed that Jem seemed to find Rena so attractive. Jem, similarly, was jealous over Chelsea's success with Greg.

Clark ran into Lynn, who again asked him to audition for the community theater's latest production. Clark laughed her off until Lynn mentioned that Ross had agreed to audition too. Goaded by her words, Clark agreed to think about it.

Home for lunch with Beth, Clark discovered that Beth had heard the argument with Tom last night. Beth begged Clark to stay away from Tom. She also encouraged him to audition for the play. Clark asked his sister about work, and she went on in great detail about how much she admired Danielle, a client whom she met the other day. The comparison of her own personality with Danielle's casual confidence seemed to disturb her.

Olivia nearly spilled the beans to Frank about her true feelings, but Sebastian privately warned Olivia against being so upfront. She remembered that other efforts at being straightforward (with Tristan and Jonnie) hadn't had happy endings, and agreed to keep quiet.

At the hospital, Doug couldn't believe that Charles was asking him to step down, and refused to make it easy to get rid of him. But when Charles outlined, in blunt detail, exactly how Doug and Nora's deeds had affected the hospital--and the Whites' reputation--Doug realized he had no choice. To salvage what remained of his dignity, the troubled doctor resigned. Ryan later assured him he'd done the right thing, and invited Doug to attend a meeting at Narcotics Anonymous tonight.

Greg arrived late to the trustee meeting, which had already broken up after Doug's resignation. He was astounded that Doug had left on his own, and accused Charles of pushing his brother out. Charles warned him that he'd better worry about his own position. Later, Chelsea turned up and invited Greg to lunch.

A distraught Hannah told Nick that the mysterious teen disappeared with their new foster baby. Nick ordered his men to search for the girl, but wouldn't let Hannah call the police. Jonnie consoled Hannah, who was furious at herself and at Nick.

Cameron interrupted Danielle as she was about to take a bath. She deflected his romantic overtures…and his questions about her whereabouts the night before. Cam also visited his son, Ian, who was home from work due to illness. They bonded and talked about Criterion's latest activities. Later, Danielle and Cam argued over his continued questioning of her. Ian, bored by his father and stepmother's arguing, stared out at the gardens.

Tyler, ready to run away with Daphne, waited for her at the Cliffside Hotel. But Daphne was fleeing Nick's men, desperate to find a hiding place. She ended up on a different property in a huge garden, and broke into a small gardener's cottage, where she called Ty at last. He was upset that she'd left without him. Just as Daphne apologized, Ian entered the cottage--with a gun!

Episode #3.15:


Ian held Daphne at gunpoint, demanding to know why she and the baby were trespassing on his family property. Daphne claimed to be Hope's mother, on the run from the child's violent father. Skeptical, Ian threatened to call the cops, but was soon sympathetic to Daphne's vulnerability. He invited her to come in out of the cold, and she accepted--not realizing that he's a member of the family searching for her!

At the hospital, Greg prepared to join Chelsea for lunch when he saw Rena. The usually reserved nurse blasted him for deserting her last night. Greg realized that her behavior wasn't typical of someone interested in just friendship. Rena tried to deny her jealousy, but finally admitted her feelings. Triumphant Greg asked Rena out on a date, and--throwing caution to the wind--she accepted.

Chelsea--still pretending to have twisted her ankle--waited for Greg at a table. Charles appeared and demanded to know why she was having lunch with a man he despised. Chelsea pointed out that it's none of his business. Charles appealed to her vanity, chastising her for throwing herself at a playboy like Greg.

To change the subject, Chelsea revealed her volunteering plans. Her father was proud--until he learned that she'll be working in the psychiatric ward. Upset, he cautioned her that being around mental patients would only remind her of her painful childhood with her mother. Later, Greg and Chelsea commiserated over difficult family relationships.

Martina told Mike about her meeting at the prestigious lawfirm Blake, Geary et al., and admitted that she was tempted by the offer. But Mike caught her inner doubts about giving up a part of her past--the part that wanted to stay at her father's law office, independent. He warned her to think carefully before accepting.

On his way to pick Frank up at the hospital upstate, Mike asked Marty to come along--but she had to decline, having been invited to dinner by the senior partners of the firm. He was disappointed but understood. After he left, Marty walked home alone--running into Alex.

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