About Schuyler Falls: a web series
About Schuyler Falls: a web series

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Sorcery is ready to open, Ian Nichols thinks with pride. More than ready: the club should have launched last month, on the fifteenth, but obviously the events on Valentine’s Day made that impossible. One partner hospitalized and the other… vanished. Not to mention the several employees who were also at the wedding and suffered injuries too.  Worse than injuries, Ian acknowledges, thinking of one girl in particular whose losses have ensured her life will never be the same.

He shakes his head and looks around. The place seems all dressed up with nowhere to go. Spare yet beautiful. Ian is proud of how it’s turned out, even if the design was equally Tristan Campbell’s doing. But the premise for the dual restaurant—a coffeehouse by day, club by night and an interactive experience where guests will control the music via their playlists, texts, Tweets and of course a special app, plus a wall of monitors devoted to selfies and videos taken at the club simultaneously streamed on the web—that was all Ian. 

Ian’s phone vibrates and he pulls it out to glance at the screen.

Daphne White. Again.

Swallowing, he shoves the phone back inside his coat pocket. She’ll get the point eventually.

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"As brimming with life and lusty goings-on as 'The Spot' ever was...Schuyler Falls seems to be loaded down with secrets, not to mention mystery, and boy -- does it seem like fun!" ("Internet Tonight," TechTV)

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September 14, 2015

Ep. 6.07, "Via Dolorosa, Part III" has been posted. Ian attempts to ignore grim reminders of his trauma, and must reach out to a young woman living her own torment. Later he shows a harder side when confronted by a family victimized by his own, and he also clashes with Tristan over differing ideas about the club's future--and its employees. The Nichols family gathers in a rare show of mutual support as Adele reveals new depths of feelings toward her grandson. And finally, wracked with grief, Ian faces emotions he's spent six weeks trying to hide.

December 30, 2013

Ep. 6.06, "Via Dolorosa, Part II" has been posted. A battered Ian struggles home in fear of what he'll find there. Cameron discovers the extent of his son's injuries and vows revenge. Each in their own way, the women of the Nichols family try to relieve Ian's suffering--but only one manages to get him out of his sick bed. A stranger at a funeral reveals the terrifying possibility of an unheard-of enemy. Daphne learns of a sacrifice that puts her own feelings in perspective, while the reason for Ian's gift is revealed.

December 10, 2013

Ep. 6.05, "Via Dolorosa, Part I" has been posted. Return to the terrifying moments when Ian Nichols was caught by Tag Vaughan's men and forced to watch Daphne's shooting. As Ian's fate now takes an entirely different and grim direction from the other wedding guests, his father Cameron searches for his family and faces questions he's never been asked before. Can this powerful criminal accept having no control over those he loves? Can his son survive a battle of vicious mental and physical torment?

December 2, 2013: Ep. #6.04, "The Price of Gratitude, Part 2" has been posted. As the miniseries continues, focus remains on Daphne--who must juggle her father's growing impatience and determination to see his baby, her continuing attempts to get in touch with mysteriously absent Ian, and Tyler's condition taking a sudden shocking turn. Hints of other goings-on around town are revealed when Daphne spies a member of her family where she least expects it, and discovers another family dealing with the fallout from the church massacre.

Ep. #6.03, "The Price of Gratitude, Part 1" has been posted, continuing the "Six Weeks" miniseries. The POV shifts briefly to Tyler back on the day of the wedding, where his painful shock after his stabbing is worsened when he sees Daphne brutally shot and realizes his brother is inside the church targeted by untold rounds of gunfire. Doug and Charles find themselves, for once, communicating as they struggle with their fears over their children's fates.

Ep. #6.02, "Whom the Gods Love, Part 2" (Hannah) has been posted, continuing the "Six Weeks" miniseries as well as Hannah's painful journey during the first six weeks after the church massacre. She seeks strength from herself, her loved ones and her faith, despite her agony over the tragedy and her vigil waiting for more news about the remaining injured members of her family. Meanwhile, Hannah also gets an unwanted visit that instills dread for her future, Danielle offers sinister advice that Hannah tries to ignore, Ryan's help makes Hannah defensive, and an agonizing decision could rip the Nichols family apart forever.

Ep. #6.01, Season Premiere / Mini-Series: "Six Weeks - "Whom the Gods Love" (Hannah, Part 1) has been posted. In this, the start of ASF's first-ever mini-series and a new experimental style posted on our 16th Anniversary:

In the weeks after the devastating attack at Laurie and Victor's wedding, Hannah must gather all her strength to cope with the chaotic aftermath that puts her at odds with many of the other survivors.

New Backstage Blog: The most recent season has been split into two, meaning a Fourth and Fifth season! Season recaps are available for both.

New ASF Podcast Episode!
Listen to the 2nd ASF Podcast!

Ep. #5.28, Season Finale (Part 1): "Torn Asunder" has been posted. In this, the start of the two-part season finale--arriving just days after our FIFTEENTH anniversary online:

Daphne has one shot at proving herself able to handle a romance with Ian--but will Tyler protect her from this dangerous liaison, only to get hurt himself?... Tristan impresses Cameron by coming up with a plan to recapture the things he most desires... Simon discovers a new angle to keep Becca from winning her bet... Shaken by the ominous wedding gift, Jonnie begs Laurie to change her mind, little realizing the true reason she decided against running away with him... Becca overhears some startling information about Daphne that Danielle might find very interesting... Laurie confronts Adele about the threatening floral arrangement, but Adele's theories send her reeling... Dean's suspicions worry Hannah... Mike makes the same plea to Victor, hoping to scare him straight... Becca's scheme to embarrass Jason backfires... Martina makes a staggering discovery about her night with Alex... When Chelsea awakens from one nightmare only to find another, she lashes out at an innocent and plans to spill her secret... Doug and Elaine's closeness triggers Bitsy's worst memories and most destructive tendencies, and when her violent frenzy threatens to turn fatal, a shocking, long-hidden personality emerges hoping to save her victim ...And an enemy returns to wreak havoc on a despised wedding guest, putting everyone's lives at risk.

Ep. #5.27, "Throwing the Bouquet" (Part 1) has been posted. In this two-part episode:

The wedding album fills with snapshots of the invited guests preparing to attend Victor and Laurie's nuptials--even those who don't want to be there, including Jonnie and the Fiores. Daphne's thrilled to make her move on Ian, but realizes the cost might be breaking Tyler's heart... Jason is anxious about how Becca will behave, if she'll even notice him, as well as being worried about his sister's hearing... Nick wonders if he's found a new Skyfalls cop to "influence" now that Sheppard is dead... Julie tries to calm her family... and Frank tries to explain to a furious Mike what happened last night. Meanwhile elsewhere around town, Clark is shocked to learn Ross came so close to death last night, while Ross faces his conflicted morals over the many lies he's telling everyone and himself... Beth's birthday is spent in her first prenatal sonogram where she must decide how much to see, and how much to tell when she gets some strange news from her doctor... Doug gives Elaine a Valentine's Day gift she wasn't expecting, but the reaction is truly shocking... Laurie makes a decision about how to deal with Adele's gift of her mother's earrings, but later she and Jonnie--each very awkward around the other--discover a new threat that casts a dark cloud over the wedding day.

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